USC Morning Buzz: Steve Sarkisian-Ed Orgeron Part II, III, IV . . .

Photo/Image of Sport-USA Today

Photo/Image of Sport-USA Today

Steve Sarkisian said he spoke to Ed Orgeron again after Bo Davis quit Monday. Asked if Orgeron was interested this time around, Sarkisian said, “you would have to ask him.”

Sources close to Orgeron said he was not interested. What seems most doubtful right now is that USC will hire a “big game” replacement or someone even as well regarded as Davis within coaching circles.

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  • rusoviet

    I believe that’s the third time Ed has been offered a job back with USC. It’s obvious he has no interest and whether it is due to what went down after the UCLA game or any other issue people it is over.

    This drama is closed. The good thing for USC et. al. is that Ed was offered as many times as he was – this is Ed’s decision and now all can go their separate ways.

    Having him back would have been awkward at best and Lord knows where it might have taken the whole program.

  • gotroy22

    That had to be agony to have to go on bended knee to Ed after Bo bailed on him. With all the NFL firings there should be some good candidates for DL coach available.

    • Ben Factor

      I agree with those who assert that Haden miscalculated.

      Nothing wrong with begging. I’d beg louder, and offer more concessions. Fill the need; forget the pride.

      But I agree that Scott’s being too pessimistic. Identify the best candidates, and make them offers they can’t refuse. Fill the need; pay up, Haden.

      • HeySuxx

        Like Sark?

  • timtrojan

    I love how Scotty always says “somebody asked” or “was asked” never “I asked”. I guess that happens when you lurk in the back of press conferences never saying anything in fear of being noticed. His life is so parallel to the little bruin hacks that visit this site everyday they make such a lovely pathetic couple.

    • B.Miller


    • Trogan Fan

      yet here you are.

  • HeySuxx

    So Sark gets hosed by Davis and then Sark approaches O, who rebuffs Sark’s limp offer. It appears that the Captain is about to go down with ship.

    • realtrojan

      However, I’m quite sure that he’s in a MUCH better position than you, bRuin humanoid. lmao!!!

      • HeySuxx

        If you say so.

    • Joe Blow

      F O….he’s a hotheaded baby. Nobody else is offering a HC job. He’s STUPID. $3k a DAY!

    • Jack B

      OMG. Without Davis, who coached at crappy Texas last year (big help he was), USC is doomed. What will we do? I’m thinking our DLs will completely forget everything they learned from Coach O. Them’s the breaks!

  • realtrojan

    I think it’d be almost shocking to see Orgeron coming back as an assistant for USC, even though I’ve seen some truly shocking things in my life.

  • OMG!! Just when you thought Limbo U couldn’t get any lower, they surprise you yet again!!!

    I’ll say thus for the Boozy Elf Hadden, he is not constrained by shame or any professional pride whatsoever!!! What an advantage in life that must be to be able to grovel with no hesitation!!

    trOXans seem to all have this innate skill.

    Fit UN trOXan!!

    • Joe Blow

      Gee, I actually agree.

      • the one thing we do agree on is that Garrett had some cajones!! he wouldda fought the NCAA to the end, but got chopped off the ankles before he couid mount a counter attack!!
        Lil’ Pat just rolled over and set the tone for being Missy Conboy’s patsy!!

        • Joe Blow

          Agree. Maxie The Greek cares more about having the largest ENDOWMENT ever than USC. Patty doesn’t want his golfing buddies mad. Garrett had, HAS, balls.

          • Jack B

            Whatever size Garret’s balls were, they were dwarfed by his arrogance, stupidity and complete lack of managerial skills. I never heard one person in the entire USC athletic dept ever say a complimentary word about Garret, who put USC on probation with his one-man compliance dept. Haden was stopped by the BOT from being more aggressive with the NCAA. Fact.

          • Joe Blow

            Jack A, you’re full of crap. I’m personal friends with several Sr. AD’s. You don’t know what you’re talking about. Patty Boy was a Trustee and pals with those guys. FACT. Your full of it. FACT BTW, I’ll bet Garrett would give you the time of day. FACT

          • Jack B

            Who would want to spend a second with Garrett? He’s pathetic, a total idiot and now has the crap job he always deserved. I couldn’t care less who you say you know or what you think. And by the way, everyone knows Pat was on the BOT, idiot. That doesn’t mean he calls their shots, because he doesn’t. You wouldn’t know that. Several people I know directly under Garrett intentionally did their best to avoid him because they disliked his demeanor and style so much. ADs from other schools used to constantly laugh and snirk behind his back about his rude ways and obnoxious, over-aggressive behavior. FACT.

          • Joseph B. Lowe

            I WOULD. You know zip. Go ahead, get my twin banned. You’re an old SOUR pu$$.

            I was at the CAL game and they, like you, sux. Get me banned again, I’ll be back and that’s NO BS

          • Joseph B. Lowe


  • Oh, and wolfman…that’s some sugary Sweeet Scooopin’!!!!!


    • TrojanFan3.0

      Stroking the ego, pathetic!

  • Helen

    As much as I love Orgeron and think he is a top-notch DL coach and recruiter, adding him to the coaching staff would result in a less effective staff due to the history.

  • Booyakasha

    This is getting embarrassing.There must be other DL coaches in the country. Ed doesn’t want to come, get on with it.

    • Joe H

      No need to panic. I read yesterday that Ohio State just hired its D-Line coach, same thing with Alabama.

      • Booyakasha

        Exactly. Why waste time calling a guy we know will not come.

  • SaferInWestwood

    Scene 1: Fire Lane
    Scene 2: Lanes 1st replacement Ed O.
    Scene 3: Fire Ed O.
    Scene 4: Lanes 2nd replacement Hazelton
    Scene 5: Demote Hazelton
    Scene 6: Lanes 3rd replacemnt Sark the Shark
    Scene 7: Ask Ed O. to come back
    Scene 8: Ed O. replies bish paleezzz!!

    LMAO!! Man its Christmas all over again, now boys there’s plenty of candy cane to go around.. .


      Who is Hazelton?

      • TrojanFan3.0

        His daddy!

        • SaferInWestwood

          I see you have your momma as your avatar!

          OOOooh… .all them crotch kicks has her taking a shiiiiit hahaha.. .just mind yo business.. just mind you business.. .

          • Joe Blow

            I was going to have your old lady as my avatar, but I didn’t want my unit in the photo.

          • aww how cute, sticking up for your boyfriend!! what is Lolo, i mean Jojo gonna say??
            i thought T-Fail was Fit Un’s squeeze?

          • Joe Blow

            Just sticking IT up your old lady.

          • TrojanFan3.0

            FU!!!!!…….go back to bed!

          • SaferInWestwood

            Awe how cute, how that song go “stand by your man”.. .lol

          • TrojanFan3.0

            It’s bucket’s wife, she sent me a selfie!

      • FightON

        I think he meant Helton. Yes, he is an idiot and doesn’t realize that a) the guy’s name is Helton and b) the guy was interim with Sark having already been chosen. He supports UCLA – don’t expect insight.

      • SaferInWestwood

        It doesn’t matter who he is Jabronie!!
        Do you think there’s a possibility Ed O. rejects SC for a 3rd consecutive time???

    • Cheap seats

      You forgot:
      Scene 1A – Troll USC board
      Scene 2A – Troll USC board
      Scene 3A – Troll USC board
      Scene 4A – Troll USC board

      Scene 9 – Troll USC board

      Then pretend how great life is as a UCLA fan. Something is wrong with this picture.

  • colonelkilgore

    This has been a strange hire from the jump. Not sure bringing back Orgeron would be wise anyway… a lot of players wanted him to be their head coach. Bring him back now, there’s a very good chance you split the locker room between Sark guys and O guys. Also, been told my numerous people that O doesn’t like Sark.

  • anno nimus

    It’s good to see that Ed Orgeron does have dignity after all.

  • Brad Hutchings

    I think USC might be onto the future of football. We could just dispense with all the linemen and play 6 on 6 passing league touch football.

  • FightON

    The USC blogs are reporting Georgia’s D-line coach, Wilson, is coming to USC. They have been posting this within the last hour.

    Reports yesterday say he turned down the job.

  • Larry Harris

    Coach O was the reincarnated Marv Goux.