What Will Happen With Quarterback Ricky Town?

TOWNQuarterback Ricky Town of St. Bonaventure is committed to Alabama. But USC waited too long last summer to offer him a scholarship because Lane Kiffin would not let Clay Helton offer him immediately. It was confusing especially after he was ranked as one of the top two quarterbacks in the 2015 class.

Now Town’s position coach at Alabama would be Kiffin, the guy that waited so long to offer him at USC. Steve Sarkisian likes Town and USC will recruit him. Now the question is whether Town will stick with Alabama and play for Kiffin?

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  • Wayne Lusvardi

    Scouting services say Town is a pocket passer but ESPN states he runs the 40 in 4.6. That is much faster than Jalen Greene, a scrambling QB at 4.9. Town could fit in with Sarkesian’s eventual transition to a spread offense with a mobile (if not running) QB. Would he rather play at home and stand a good chance of being the QB at the advantageous time when USC is replenishing its roster? Or go to Alabama and risk being consigned to the role of pocket passer when even the NFL is moving to mobile QB’s? Could he find himself aced out of a higher draft pick and more signing money because he was a QB in a predictable drop back passing game? No wonder this blog raised the question of whether Town is in play for USC. No matter what reservations USC fans have about Sarkesian, Oregeron may not have moved USC to a spread formation, and Sarkesian plans to eventually do so. This gives USC some interesting enhanced attractiveness to players who are seeking to play in an up tempo offense (Arrion Springs, Adoree Jackson, Ju Ju Smith, Miciah Quick, and more).

    • rusoviet

      Great analysis Wane – yeah this specific blog topic by Wolf is very relevant esp. for the QB Town. He’d be a fool to play at AL with Kiffin even if Kiffin realized the errors of his way – it still would be anything but seamless once the first blip popped up.

      I’d bet Kiffin is hoping Town doesn’t come.

      • Wayne Lusvardi

        One of the problems that Kiffin had was no confidence in young players like Cody Kessler. He played Max Wittek over Kessler with mediocre results (not to say the Wittek could not be a starting NFL QB some day).

        Kiffen failed to play a talent such as Javorius Allen. Looked what Allen did when Kiffen left.

        If I was Town I would take a second thought with his family about Alabama even if he still decides to go there.

        Kiffen is an X’s and O’ clip board strategy kind of guy, not necessarily a good judge of talent or able to instill high morale in his players. Look what happened with Coach Orgeron who knew how to let his players become leaders. It then didn’t matter so much about a spread formation or not becuase the players became very cohesive and each player didn’t want to let down the team or the coach. But it is the players who work the miracles and the coach merely facilitates it. USC still has a core of very athletic, gutty players, especially on defense. They are the leaders. Interesting that the players didn’t look at young QB’s as leaders last year.

    • FightON

      Orgeron talked about implementing a spread, but I know some inside sources had him back off for various reasons. Traditionalists like the pro-style USC has and did not want that tampered with (though Sark is going to change this).

      Some recruits were wary of the spread too (see Sills and even Mama who later backtracked this). Also, people behind the scenes did not want Ed thinking too far into the future. He was advised to work on the here and now.

    • Cheap seats

      Is the NFL really moving toward mobile QBs? Or will it be a fad that soon goes out of style?

      I think RG3 and Trevor Pryor showed the risk that the run-first QB comes with. The game evolved from running QBs to pocket passers for good reason.

      Even Kapernick has done less running as of late. Many NFL teams had an answer to the read option: hit the quarterback.

      People forget mobile QBs have been in the NFL for a long time now: Cunningham, Elway, Young, Gannon, McNabb etc. They’re only successful in the long run if they can THROW.

      I haven’t heard Sark indicate that they will be a “pure spread” team ala Oregon or Baylor. He’s said on many occasions that the will be “multiple”. If anything has been clearly stated, it’s that the shotgun would be used on almost every down.

      Vainuku asked Sark if he planned on using the fullback and he said “yes.” While that could’ve been Sark simply being a politician, I’m sure Sark knows lots of the USC die hards (myself included) wants to see SC win using a pro style offense.

      • anno nimus

        Terelle Pryor, not Trevor Pryor.

        • Cheap seats

          Pretty sad that I don’t even know his name….and I’m a Raider’s fan.

          Lance Kiffin….Lane Kiffin…same thing.

  • WEB_Dupree

    OMG Wolf, did you even consider that maybe Jack Del Rio’s son (the one leaving Alabama) might get in touch with Town and warn him about Kiffin and all the stuff Del Rio probably said to his son after visiting Kiffin at USC?!

  • Trogan Fan

    Yes, it’s down to Bama and SC! Lol.

  • steveg

    Town coming to USC with a lot of hype could undo everything poured into Kessler, Browne, and Wittek. Not to say it isn’t a good recruit, but if they are going to go after him perhaps Wittek needs to seek a future elsewhere.. Perhaps Browne may need to look elsewhere. I want to say that any guy with under 5.0 speed would be great, but to be a real weapon they need more than just speed. Vision, balance, instinct, quickness, and determination all come into play. This could get interesting.

    • Helen

      USC will always bring in the top quarterbacks so those already onboard better not feel insecure. Browne was the top-rated QB last year and I didn’t see Kessler or Wittek freaking out.

    • Moises Rosiles

      oh you mean someone like Brett Hundley!!! lol Go Bruins!

  • SaferInWestwood

    Wolfman how about some BREAKING NEWS:

    Scene 1: OGRE – FAIL x2
    Scene 2: Tosh – FAIL Sanctions of course!
    Scene 3: Salave’a (WSU D-line coach) – FAIL No thanks!
    Scene 4: B.Davis (Texas D-line coach) – FAIL Uuh nope!
    Scene 5: Wilson (UGA) – Soon to FAIL deal far from done..

    Oh man its Christmas all over again, now boys there’s plenty of candy cane to go around.. .

    • steveg

      5. Done deal. Get up to date. Appreciate your vital input, for whatever it’s worth. Troll on.

      • SaferInWestwood

        So was Bo Davis OOOohh.. .and that my friend is a crotch kick!! Man is this what right feels like I never wanna be wrong PUH-POW

  • The Capper

    Wolf, I’m impressed with the non-TMZ post. Why can’t you do that with all…or at least 50% of your posts?

    • Cheap seats

      It still is a TMZ post. It was another reach to write a story related to Lane Kiffin.

      • Helen

        Very true. Since this is the “Inside USC” site, a better angle might be could USC flip Town now that Kiffin is his position coach at Alabama.

        • The Capper

          He might as well switch to the Smurf way of communicating. The headline would read “What will Kiffin with Ricky Town now that Kiffin has Kiffined to Alabama.”

  • FMUSC81

    Nothing as of now ! Town spoke with kiffin about offense concept, and Town was told ” It still the same Pro- set with a speed tempo.” Town is Happy with this since it’s the same concept at St Bonv…. His words.