Former NFL Executive Gil Brandt Thinks Dion Bailey Should Have Stayed At USC

Gil Brandt was an NFL executive for years with the Dallas Cowboys and he wrote today that USC safety Dion Bailey should have stayed in college in a column for

“He was good but did not dominate at the college level and could have benefited by getting stronger and gaining more experience. He might have been influenced by the success of Bills rookie Nickell Robey, who left USC a year early and has played very well for Buffalo after going undrafted.”

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  • FightON

    Bailey did not like Kiffin and was upset O left. That played a major role. It was speculated that he was the one (or one of) the players that confronted Haden on hiring Sark.

    • Joseph B. Lowe

      Then get rid of him. Best of luck. Great player, but not running the program.

    • Gordo Albondigas

      You have more inside information than Scott Wolf.

    • Brad Hutchings

      Welcome to a good 5 years of “character issues” following him if he lasts that long in the NFL. Quitting on a coach (Kiffin) is not a good look for anyone involved.

  • USCs Troll Killa

    Wish him well. He is a Trojan. And if he can play in the league, he should.

  • steveg

    Wish he had stayed, I think he would have benefited from his senior year.

  • Ben Factor

    It’s not my impression that Gil Brandt has been especially prescient in recent times. He was a valuable part of the Tom Landry team, and that was long ago.

    Personally, I think Bailey will be fine. Bailey played a lot, he got hurt some, the regime was changing, he might as well get paid to deal with more change, and realistically, he will learn more and learn faster in the NFL. USC has some very talented and effective players, but it’s a step down from the pros in important ways. What does Bailey really need another year for?

    • Booyakasha

      …And if he has to learn a third system in three years, might as well get paid doing it.

  • rusoviet

    It’s easy to comment on someone else’s decisions (Brandt – Bailey) when the former is already 80 years old, retired (uhh working for the NFL is an oxymoron) and ‘set’ financially. Bailey will find out fast enough if he should have stayed once he gets into any camp – the money is there take it.

  • Evil Robot

    Selfishly, I wish he would have stayed at SC, but realistically, he’s not going to be a 1-2nd round guy and his senior year would maybe push him to the 3rd instead of the 4th or so. He’s already graduated, so he’s probably better off getting an extra pro year out of his body, as he’s already had a couple somewhat significant injuries. Sucks for SC, but it is probably in his best interest.

    But, since this is Wolf’s blog, I’m going to say that if he succeeds in the NFL, Kiffin drove him off and if he flames out Kiffin gave him bad advice. If he ends up middle of the road, you just have to think how good he could have been if he didn’t have Kiffin as a coach.