Colorado 83, USC 62

USC is 0-5 in the Pac-12 and has lost every game by at least 18 points. Maybe a better question than when Andy Enfield wins his first Pac-12 game is when he loses his first Pac-12 game by single digits?

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  • Arturo

    Couldn’t keep it positive too long right, Wolf?

    • SpiritsOfTroy

      Nothing to be positive about. That was bad.

  • Joseph B. Lowe

    USC 62
    Manhattan Beach Boys Club 60

  • john wolcott

    It is surprising that SC cannot field a good team after Galen Center was built. It is one of the best arenas for close-up action I have experienced (You can have Pauley Pavilion).

    I am not blaming the new coach, he inherited basically a one-man team,and that won’t win games.

    There are a lot of SC closet basketball fans just waiting for a good team to appear. Troy has had some good ones, but this program has to show up year after year if it ever wants to attract the local stars.

    Come on. Let’s get started

  • ThaiMex

    Seinfeld is getting close to delivering on his guarantee. The past is the past, and this year it looks like The Torgan Basketbawl team could go WINLESS in conference. Great hire, great strategist, this guy delivers (just like Pizza Hut!).
    Maybe the good folks over at Heritage Haul can come up with some kind of annual award for futility (kinda like the opposite of the John R. Wooden Award) and name it…”The 0-fer Enfield Award”. Instead of a Trophy or Statue…we can award a “Jack in The Box” like kids toy that plays Michael Jacksons “BAD” as you turn the crank!
    fit UN Torgans!

  • rusoviet

    Give it a year…give it a year…and once Enfield has studied what he needs and what he has then good luck ‘ucla my sucla’ i.e. there is no fire in Alford’s belly and the ‘bel-airians’ know it!

  • SamEGilbert

    Thai ex – UCLA basketball is the most hypocritical institution in the history of the universe. Remember what Bill Walton himself said – John Woodern turned a blind eye toward Sam Gilbert and we were able to get whatever or whoever we wanted.

    • ThaiMex

      it’s ThaiMex….got it?
      fit Un!