Malik Dorton Update

St. John Bosco defensive end Malik Dorton told recruiting services today he is wanted by USC. That would mean one less scholarship is available because USC had backed off Dorton and his teammate, wide receiver Shay Fields.

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  • Helen

    Wolfian logic strikes again.

  • rusoviet

    Ok so time to call someone’s bluff right? BTW I don’t see anyone doing what Dorton has for bel-air tech – why is that?
    Truly – WHY IS THAT?

    ucla – relevancy – nil – legacy – well I guess 1967 (Heisman) and 1954 (NC) – man even Auburn has met that – – –

  • ProbationU

    There is another angle to the question that goes beyond these 2 recruits, and that is the future relationship between the coaching staff and St. John Bosco. The 3 high schools in LA that come to mind for recruiting are Bosco, LB Poly and Serra. All 3 schools provide top notch recruits and a lot of schools, including SC and UCLA battle for these players. So, Sark may have more long-term thoughts on his mind with these 2 recruits plus trying to work within the scholarship limitations. It may be a bit more complex than presented here.

    • USCs Troll Killa

      Astounding Gilbert! You are Captain of the rhetorical. Without your neutral, conciliatory contributions to this website, relations between USC and UCLA bloggists would be hostile. Thank you for caring so much about USC that you dedicate so much time to following us. Fight On!

      • Trogan Fan

        Us? You’re a player on a trogan team? Or a writer at the DN? I’m confused here – who exactly do you think you are?

        • USCs Troll Killa

          Glad you have made time to remind US how important in your life.

      • ProbationU

        Sorry that actual thought and opinions are anathema to your existence. Get back to your legos son!

        • USCs Troll Killa

          Captain Rhetorical! Gilbert

      • Larry Harris

        We all know about Sam Gilbert. Give it a rest. It is becoming a broken record. It has no bearing on what this blog is ostensibly attempting to achieve. Casually perusing your past posts reveals nothing more than ‘vengeance
        toward the infidel’. T’would be nice if there was at least a modicum of
        data/opinion present regarding USC sports. Alas, this does not occur. At least ProbationU pretty much sticks to pigskin
        insights and is quasi-respectful when in another’s house. Having a ‘hissey fit’
        every time someone remotely smells of blue and gold does not feed the bulldog. Suck it up! I look forward to you eventually making a substantive contribution to this forum.

        • USCs Troll Killa

          I’ll be kind to you Larry. This is a USC blog. If that bothers you, then perhaps you should mediate someplace else. You’re feedback is uninteresting and certainly not contributory to USC discussion. I am sorry that Wooden’s deceit and charade of reverence has struck a nerve with you.

    • tim chaney

      man, I’ve been saying the same thing for 3 weeks…

  • gillyking

    I’ll still be surprised if Dorton and Fields end up at SC.

  • B.Miller

    Shay Fields has Decommited!