Pete Carroll On Richard Sherman Outburst

When I mentioned last night the Seahawks’ win brought back memories of the Pete Carroll era at USC, so did the Richard Sherman outburst. Carroll defended Sherman today, telling Seattle station 710-AM:

“You’re talking about a guy in a warrior’s mentality in the middle of everything. He’s a fiery guy. That was Richard being Richard in a moment where you would like to pull him to the side and take a knee for a while, then we’ll talk to you.”

That was also a part of the Carroll era. Remember the taunting at the Rose Bowl game against Illinois in 2008? Or Rey Maualuga’s little dance behind an unsuspecting Erin Andrews at the Rose Bowl? Some things never change.

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  • ScottWolfSniffsHisOwnFarts

    Are you suggesting that a bunch over-testosteroned, 20-something year old, alpha males acting like over-testosteroned, 20-something year old, alpha males is specific to Pete Carroll teams? If so, you are once again proving that you are a buffoon.

    You don’t have to like Richard Sherman’s post-game comments to realize that that mentality and braggadocio is present at every level and by every team.

    • FightON

      You pointed it more eloquently than I could have.

      How much control does Scott think coaches REALLY have? At the end of the day, the guys do what they want to do – especially when they have been pampered and babied their entire lives and especially when they make plays.

      The announcers complained about Harbaugh’s team being too rowdy during games, but this is not specific to Harbaugh. Mora defended Jack getting kicked out of practice for fighting – he claimed it was nice to see the team’s energy up. Literally, it happens EVERYWHERE. We can talk about it not being classy, but are we really expecting class from footballers?

      • rusoviet

        Well said ‘FightON’ – this is where we are in 2014 and where we are with certain personalities that feel a need to act ‘gangsta’ – remember that dawg exhaust that played for the Raiders in the early 80’s who flashed crip signals?

        fast forward 30+ years – the denouement of Hegel looms just over the next horizon that the artisits depict today.

  • rusoviet

    Well he did go to Stanford right? This is what it takes to be a Stanford Man – just like the same at Vanderbilt and let’s not forget Notre Dame – in other words Sherman got taken out of Compton but Compton ain’t outta’ Sherman and in the end so what?

    It all began when that original back end of a donkey Cassius Marcellus Clay burst on the scene with his arrogance and became the role model for all things in the ‘all about me’ land.

    Unless Sherman gets popped for sexual assault or popped on a ‘B&E” bust if you don’t like it then take his back end into the school house and beat his you know what two weeks from now – I swill say someday Sherman will meet his own Leon Spinks and instead of it being ‘…the launching of the first black satellite’ it’ll be a take down of another ‘brutha’ that can’t control his own emotions.

    Charles Barkley, Michael irvin, Larry Bird, Sugar Ray Leonard, Howie Long – just waiting for Manziel’s moment of humility.

    • Independent_George

      I have no idea what the last paragraph means.

  • Fred Sampson

    It just simply amazes me that everybody is making a big deal about a football player talking Smack to another player . Richard Sherman didn’t even use profanity …lol ! But people want to criticize him . Michael Jordan and Reggie Miller have been doing it FOREVER !!! BTW .. Did you know that ESPN’s Ray Lewis was investigated for a murder ? And he really wasn’t completely cleared , and guess what ? He is a hero to many ….lol What a hypocritical society we live in , so keep on thinking Sherman is the worst person in the world . Get my point ?

    • rusoviet

      Fred you’re right – forgot all about ‘Ray Lewis’ – watched him on a cable feed talking abut ‘the Lord’ and ‘faith’ and thinking “…what’s wrong with this picture?”

      • Saul Goodman

        Stop that right there! Ray Lewis is a great man who has won 2 Super Bowls. Everybody is so PC these days. Like you haven’t covered up a murder or two. 2 Super Bowls trumps 1 murder. Everybody knows that

        • rusoviet

          Oh that’s a good one!

    • Cheap seats

      Jordan and Reggie never pulled that stunt after winning a big game. Ok — actually Reggie did several times — including the “chokers” remarks toward the Knicks. =)

      Bottom line is that it was entertaining and stirred things up. People will talk about it and find something to argue about just like anything viral.

      However, if you dig deeper, you’ll see the pattern of Sherman’s behavior. I’m hoping that at some point, he grows out of this. I’m sure he doesn’t realize that all of this “I’m the best” crap actually points to how INSECURE an individual is.

      • Cheap seats

        gotroy – it won’t let me respond to your reply.

        Nice find. Actually, I think he showed better composure on that clip than the interview that made him famous!

  • Joseph B. Lowe

    So what?

    • TrojanFan3.0


  • Patrick Corbett

    yeah but Rey’s dance was awesome..who wouldn’t want to grind on erin andrews???

    • Saul Goodman

      We all want to grind on Erin Andrews, but we ALSO want her to want us to grind on her. That’s the difference between all of us and what Ray did. Sexual harassment is wrong even when it’s our team doing it

      • doctorjohnholiday

        I love Erin Andrews and Rey is probably my favorite Trojan ever, but that was a NO class move…

  • TrojanFan3.0

    You’re still butt-hurt about something, what is it?

  • steveg

    In my opinion, Sherman ran his mouth without thinking it through, seeing himself as in a position where he could say anything and it would be okay. Still, no class, no matter how good he is or where he went to school. It’s about the game, not the individuals. Sometimes silence says a whole lot more than a big mouth.

  • Helen

    Scottie: you’re comparing a player talking smack after winning the game that put his team in the Super Bowl with a player dancing behind a beat reporter – really?

    I would not respect Pete Carroll had he not defended his player.

    The REAL STORY here is that Sherman, who doesn’t talk to his old coach Harbaugh, and Smith, former USC LB, sealed the game with the pass deflection and interception and allowed Carroll not Harbaugh to go to the Super Bowl. Revenge is sweet!

  • timtrojan

    Scotty you’ll never change, just keep bringing up the drivel for all little trolls

    • rusoviet

      Uhmmm – this is all over the landscape amigo ‘and’ PC and his success at USC were noted by Terry Bradshaw last night right after the game. Lastly PC felt the need to address this – this is relevant

  • john wolcott

    That was Carroll being Carroll–sticking up for his guys, right or wrong.

    Isn’t that what family does? Any family?

    As for this cat, Sherman, who I had never heard of until his post-game rant, he is the poster boy for all our young athletes who are not satisfied with just winning the game, but also feel compelled to really rub it in.

    Oh well, who said sports breeds good character? What it does produce, however, are “characters.”

    • sureshot32

      How had you not heard of the best cornerback in the game? A guy who played against USC for four years while at Stanford? A guy who grew up a stone’s throw from USC and went to Dominguez High? A guy Pete Carroll tried like heck to recruit to USC (but ironically, Sherman didn’t want to come to USC because he didn’t want to play cornerback)?

      You seriously hadn’t heard of him? Do an internet search on his feud with Tom Brady… or better yet, with Skip Bayless. If you dislike Skip as much as I do, you’ll love it.
      Richard Sherman: “I’m better at life than you, Skip.”

  • RIP Lane Kiffin

    Carroll’s Team leads Harbuagh’s team 23-17. Harbaugh’s team Driving for the Winning TD. Pass into the Corner of the End Zone. Richard Sherman makes the Big Play and his team wins. Deja Vu 2007…./…

  • B.Miller

    Comparing Sherman to Manualuga? your as bad as this UCLOWN’s on here ..
    Great write up.. coming from a person that has probably never played a competitive sport in his life..

  • UCLA Owns the Rose Bowl

    Good job, Wolfie, pointing out Carroll’s immaturity. Talk about “emoting” and having the EQ of a 10 year old. Mora looks like Bill Moyers compared to Cheaty Peety. And let’s not forget that little arrogant smirk we wiped off his face when we dashed all chances of a BCS return in ’06!

    • Independent_George

      Carroll will coach a Super Bowl team. Carroll coached teams that wons NC and Rose Bowl games.

      Mora will never coach a Super Bowl team. Mora will never coach an NC team. Mora has never coached in the Rose Bowl.

      “Cheaty Petey” = infinity. Mora = the null set.

      • UCLA Owns the Rose Bowl

        Mora is undefeated against your second-tier program. Win a rivalry game, or even a division title, both of which Mora has done, then we can talk.

  • john wolcott

    Well, I could not tell you the name of most any lawyers I have to go up against in Court. They are invisible,and all the same, which works for me

    And I am not a big pro football guy, so beyond the quarterbacks, running backs, and a few of the receivers, I am a total idiot about any of the other pro players.