Baby Quarterback Update

David Sills, still committed to USC, sent out this tweet today.

I wonder if he knows Ricky Town visited USC on Saturday.

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  • JayT

    Of course he does. I hope Sark can sign them both. Sills is very mobile.

  • Helen

    Seems like a prelude to decommitting.

    And why would coaches waste these last weeks on 2015 recruits?

    Sounds pretty fishy.

  • FightON

    His Twitter status about being committed to USC has been removed.

    I see him decommitting soon for several reasons. First, he is very close with Kiffin. He has been vocal about not liking spread offenses. He has also complained about not getting too many offers – some coaches backed off of him because of his USC commitment, so he may decommit in hopes of luring more offers. Plus, he has apparently underperformed against some of his peers like Rosen on practice days from what I’ve read.

    • ScottWolfSniffsHisOwnFarts

      It would be nice if the Baby Journalist could provide this same context to his blog posts, rather than make a foolish comment and require a reader to fill in the details.

      • Helen

        “Baby Journalist” – I love it.

  • B.Miller

    Why don’t you reach out and ask him.. Instead of Copying and pasting his tweet?
    Just a thought?