Ed Orgeron Update

Former USC coach Ed Orgeron is at the Senior Bowl and Sports Illiustrated did a profile of him.

Money quote: “Oh, I’m going to coach again,” Orgeron said. “I’m keeping my options open. I’ve had several inquiries.”

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  • Joseph B. Lowe

    He better get his rear back to the Big O car wash. The employees will steal him blind.

  • Trogan Fan

    Mainly from Sark. Please, pretty please…

    • TrojanFan3.0

      Dude, you try way too hard, we are all laughing at your pathetic a$$!

  • Marv Elapes

    I hear the Ruins are looking for a DC.

    • ThaiMex

      Better have your “hearing” checked.
      fit Un!

  • Arturo

    Inquiries don’t necessarily mean job offers. Any HC would have to be leery of hiring him

  • Helen

    Orgeron has pinned himself into a corner – he hasn’t shown enough to warrant a head coaching position and schools would be afraid he’d be circulating his resume if he was hired as an assistant coach. He should have taken the USC position when he had the chance as it will be the best one coming his way.

    • B.Miller

      He needs to work on becoming a Coordinator

  • rusoviet

    Mocking and/or commenting on what he should have done is easy esp. for those here who are very young – you’ve no idea of how difficult it is to get a job esp. when one has foolishly acted as he has – that is a huge contributing factor to his inability to secure a slot.

    So he’s looking for another shot as a HC while he’s an assistant – so what? Look at the carousel of openings every year as HC are fired/hired.

    I don’t know if Helton or Prendergast could have done what Coach O did – perhaps they could have – but I do know we all were blessed when he was named by Pat Haden as the interim coach – best of luck to him in his endeavors and here’s to Coach O – as we age the opportunities dwindle. Oh how they dwindle, when the next opportunity arrives, take it and build upon it.

    • Sportsblab Jones

      Had Coach O stayed on to coach the Industrial Lubricant Bowl I suspect more teams would be interested in him. As it stands, the man does not exactly project stability, maturity, grace under pressure and other things university presidents and wealthy donors look for in a head coach.

  • Yale O. Leftwich

    He did a great job as interim,showed he has plenty of potential to be a head coach,not sure his reaction to not getting the head coach job bodes well for him,he will land somewhere and be successful;wish he had reacted differently.

  • B.Miller

    I believe Ed O will coach again.. AS AN ASSISTANT! He should really try becoming a Coordinator first.. They seem to be getting all the HC Jobs..