14 thoughts on “USC Commit Bryce Dixon Dunks For St. Bonaventure

    • Don’t hold your breath. In the past 30 years there has only been Guenther (’03-’05). Greg shared the hardwood with Nick Young (Lakers) and Dupree (current Rodman N. Korea fiasco). Day in and day out Guenther would badger the coaches in HH to be able to play hoops also. They finally acquiesced, but nobody on the football side liked it…never have, most likely never will. This is not to say that there have not been many athletes who were more than capable of going both ways (Hoops/Football that is ). Track and Baseball, not so much of a problem. Assuming Dixon wishes to also play hoops.Sark/Haden will make the call. Past history does not bode well for it however. BTW, if memory serves me correctly, Greg was also a TE…so perhaps that aspect could come into play.

      • I seem to recall Ronnie Lott playing a little B.B. while at Southern Cal. He played B.B. with the “physicality” as Football. Kinda like a Bull in a China Shop.
        fit Un!

        • Excellent recall of some obscure USC hoops trivia, shows you’ve been paying attention for a long time.
          You love USC, don’t you?

          • I enjoy watching Train Wrecks….and over the years, I have seen the UCLA Men’s Basketball Team deliver regular BEATINGS to Southern Cal. Many years ago, at the Sports Arena, during another massacre, the SUC%s coach waived the white flag and brought in his reserves. Lott entered the game and immediately RAN OVER a UCLA Basketball player, prompting the announcer to comment…”He plays Basketball like he’s on the football field” or something like that. Somethings NEVER change…your basketball team still STINKS….only now…so does your football team!
            fit Un!

        • Ronnie Lott played in 1 or 2 games in 1980. It was Morrison’s 1st year as a coach. We split games that year…each winning at their home venue.
          Bull in a China Shop? Actually he was more out of control than that.

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