WR Shay Fields `Decommits’ From USC

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  • TDOG

    Any kid in the country with a slim shot at playing in the NFL should be ALL OVER an offer to go to SC and PLAY – isn’t that what every kid wants? Therefore, each available scholly should be used for top talent immediate playmakers only, and selected with the highest level of scrutiny based on needs and ability to contribute NOW – In the end, Sark will pull off a great class with limited schollys, most liklely one of the highest quality classes in the nation based on avg. stars – feel sorry for Shay, he probably will score a winning td against SC down the road, but business is business, and progress is progress.

    • Trogan Fan

      Sc is in the business of ruining NFL dreams since Pete left. Fact.

      • FMUSC81

        Really Nikel Robey turned out fine …so did Robert woods … Malcom Smith … Ryan Kalil, Tyron Smith… Marquis Lee looks all set….Oh I forgot ..Nick Perry too.. So to mention Barkley our of how many ? just 8 I mentioned …looks like typical bRuin Hatred … that is a Fact !

        • Trogan Fan

          “Turned out fine” is what SC’s selling now? Those guys made it despite SC, not because of it. Woods and Lee might have actually gone higher straight out of high school than after their years at SC. Robey didn’t even get drafted. The rest are just Pete leftovers.

          UCLA, on the other hand, took Barr and turned him into a Top-10 pick in 2 years. Fauria is a beast. Franklin. Coleman. Datone Jones. Zumwalt’s so tough he’s being asked to tone it down this week at the Sr. Bowl. XSF. Shaq Evans getting raves this week after suffering under the old guard. The list goes on, and it’s only getting better with Hundley, Jack, Vanderdoes etc. Face it, SC is where UCLA was with KD and Rick. Sell that!

      • TDOG

        You know what else is in the business of ruining dreams? Your FACE!

  • Nigel Tottenham

    Professor Sanchez, I studied what I thought were your coded messages over the long weekend, but either they are too cryptic for me, or you were merely bashing USC like a trollish simpleton. Please clarify!

    Meanwhile, I found the Polynesian symbols marked low on the fence along Howard Jones field this morning, still moving gradually to the south. They have settled into a consistent pattern now: Fire, Spearheads, Shark’s Teeth… and a set of “hash marks,” for lack of a better term. Three days ago, there were 13 such marks, then 12, then 11, and today 10. I can only conclude that the Menehune, or whatever creatures are leaving these symbols, have begun a COUNTDOWN. But a countdown to what?

    • TDOG

      Uhhh, I suppose it’s the number of school days prior to NSD?

      • Nigel Tottenham

        Hmm, but the countdown continued over the weekend, so that can’t be it…

    • Did somevun say “COUNT” down???

      AH, AH, AH!!

      I sink zey must be zee little Sasqvautches dink all zis writink!!

      hmmm. Manti Teo’s Birsday is Jan 26th…..zhat’s not it.

      • Nigel Tottenham

        Only one person on this blog has proven himself to be obsessed with sasquatches… and that man is YOU, Mr. Bucket!

        Did you think that I would be fooled by your disguising yourself as Kermit the Vampire, or whoever that fellow in the picture may be?

        Using multiple log-ins… How dare you?

  • SaferInWestwood

    Wolfman but the rah-rahs said it wasn’t true, by the way UCLA jumped SouthernCAL a few spots in the recruiting rankings with equal amount of recruits… .

    Warning: Crotch kicks can lead to severe brain failure

    • UCLA Owns the Rose Bowl

      Yes, amd UCLA just signed ANOTHER dual-threat QB in Aaron Sharp. That means Hundley in ’14-’15, Woulard ’15-’17, and Sharp in ’18 and beyond to keep running around pUSC’s less-talented defenses. The domination continues–but good luck, pUSC, with your slow-as-pudding pro-set QBs! It’s great to be living in 1977, huh?

      • JayT

        Ucla didn’t “sign” anyone. They don’t sign for a couple of weeks.

      • Trogan Fan

        don’t forget Rosen in the class of ’15 too.

  • B.Miller

    USC has a lot of “athletes” this recruiting class. they can play either WR or DB.. I think we should be fine there..
    too bad the kid could not stay on.. he has great potential in 2 years..