USC Morning Buzz: Monte Kiffin Sticks Up For Lane Kiffin


Shocking news obviously when a father defends his son but Monte Kiffin spoke about Lane at the Senior Bowl practices this week.
“Lane has taken a few knocks here and there along the way,” Monte told “I know him pretty well. A lot better than most people. I know down deep he’s a good person, contrary to what people might think. Coach Saban wouldn’t have hired him if he didn’t feel the same way.”

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  • Helen

    “Inside the Kiffins”

  • timtrojan

    Let just let the Kiffin’s move on. Your the Richard Sherman of sports writing minus the good at the trade part. You have all the class of the Manager of the the UCLA bookstore.

    • Independent_George


      Best. Comment. In. A. Long. While.

  • gotroy22

    A great example of nepotism.

    • Walt Hazzard

      Why are you still here? You are a complete piece of GAAAAHBIGE!!!
      Troll on

      • gotroy22

        Why are you still defending Lane Kiffin when anyone with half a brain will admit he is indefensible…besides his father Monte of course.

    • Jack B

      You’re a great example excrement.

  • Who is this “Lane Kiffin”?


  • WEB_Dupree

    He’s Lane’s dad; what’s he supposed to say? “I can’t believe my son keeps getting these amazing jobs! Come to think of it, I can’t believe I still have my job!”

  • the amusing part of this is that Petey and Kiff both used Southern Cal as a launching pad to better jobs and left the place a shambles!!!

    now Petey’s in the Bowl and Kiff may well be coaching for the Natty next season!!

    meanwhile the trOXans continue to stew in a bitter cauldron of regret and envy.


    • Arturo

      if you call what Coach Carroll did- the most successful program of the BCS era- shambles, then you don’t know what you are talking about.

      • TrojanFan3.0

        That’s for sure!

    • B.Miller

      Kiffin might not have been the best HC,, but USC did have two 10 win Seasons, and all winning seasons..

    • TrojanFan3.0

      No one gives a shlt what you have to say! Once the punchline, always the punchline, embrace it!


  • Arturo

    Neither Kiffin was a good match for a three year probation plagued program- albeit a marquee one like SC. But, who is? Kiffin made some mistakes but also did some things right. Scott has misdirected anger that should really be aimed at the real culprit, the NCAA.

    • Helen

      Right on Arturo. Kiffin did many things wrong and didn’t have the skills to coach a major program, but one thing he did right was set the blueprint for dealing with major NCAA sanctions that were there to cripple the program.

      I have more anger directed at the Bush family, with the NCAA a slight second.

      • B.Miller

        Two 10 Win Seasons under sanctions..!

        • gotroy22

          7-6 and unranked and a loss in the Sun Bowl is unacceptable at USC.

          • TrojanFan3.0

            Fuc dude, does it kill you to say something positive?

          • B.Miller

            BUT! 2 10 wins seasons under sanctions.. IS ACCEPTABLE!
            All 3 win seasons.. with HARSH sanctions..

  • Fred Sampson

    Yeah , I’m sure “Deep Down” Lane Kiffin is a good person too . But why do we have to look “Deep Down” ? We shouldn’t have to look that deep with a Head Football Coach to a major University like USC . That’s the problem with that arogant clown .

    • gotroy22

      Oh no you just offended the ruin Walt Hazzard!

  • B.Miller

    He is supposed to.. Its his Son! Real news would have been if he did not stick up for his son..
    But wolf will post anything that he can find and copy and paste to this site!

  • Caster Troy

    I sense some bad karma coming your way Scott Wolf. Keep trying to make a name for yourself by continuing to bash a man who is no longer involved with USC, and who is old USC news. You truly are one ugly man both on the inside and out.

  • Yale O. Leftwich

    I agree with the elder Kiffin,& I think they are both nice people,not perfect ,but who is.LK is a very good position coach,and someday he will be a fine head coach,as he is a recruiter.M.Kiffin is a fine defensive coach for pro ball,college is very different,but soon the pros will include some of these spread -options.

  • TrojanFan3.0

    Get the cranium checked out!