USC Hiring Of Steve Sarkisian Ranked 10th By CBS Sports

CBS Sports columnist Dennis Dodd ranks all 19 college coaching hires and places the hiring of Steve Sarkisian as the 10th best.

“Sark will be able to coach/lure quarterbacks. Restoring USC to a championship level in a vastly improved Pac-12 is a taller order.”

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  • Ben Factor

    The Jim Mora hire was judged as a poor hire.

    No one knows. I guess Dennis Dodd needs something to fill his column. So does Scott.

    Sark is here. He’s personable. He and his staff are hard at work.

    In writing about Sark, wouldn’t it make more sense to comment on his explicit actions, or failures to act?

    Why hasn’t Sark kept touch with Rosen since being hired?

    Was Josh Shaw promised to play only at safety if he put off the NFL for a year?

    I liked the blog entry about Wilcox, stating that there are issues at safety. I would not have thought that. What are the issues, with Cravens, McQuay, Bowman, and Shaw available? Seems pretty deep, and deep in quality.

    • Independent_George

      Bowman is hurt a lot. Has never really been able to contribute, and may never, so the coaches proabably don’t expect much. Shaw is the best cover corner on the team, he probably will be asked to play it. Need to play a lot of 5 man DB sets in the Pac-12 with DBs who can cover and tackle in the open field. So safety is a posiiton of concern.

      Still don’t get all the James Franklin love. The teams Vandy beat last year went an impressive 25-71 with wins over 0-12 Austin Peay, 1-11 U Mass, 2-10 UAB, and 2-10 Kentucky, with a rousing win over 4-8 Florida that lost its last seven games in a row, and a win over a Tennesse team that went 1-6 in tghe SEC East, the weaker of the two SEC divisions. Only beat one team that went to a bowl game, Georgia, a team that was decimated by injuries to its skill players.

      • Jack B

        Good post. Rational thinking like this will upset idiot Wah, Wahs like the ever-stupid babytroy22.

        • gotroy22

          “Logical rah rah” is an oxymoron, especially from a retired DMV clerk like you.

          • Jack B

            Cry-On weakling. Poor babytroy22. You’re a wah, wah who ain’t happy with the USC football coach. Get used to it punk. The only think good about Kiffin is he’s gone. Too bad you’re not gone too, you weakling. What’s with your DMV fascination? I figure they don’t let you drive your sorry self around.

      • Joe H

        Agreed, Franklin is all sizzle, no steak.

        Petersen will do well at UW,

        I like Strong, though expectations at Texas are unrealistic.

        What’s funny to me is that at UW Sark is considered a great coach, while at SC he is average. And, going from 0 to 7 wins is much easier than from 10 to 12. I like him but if he can’t consistently deliver top 10 recruiting classes next year and forward, he will not last. We will see how he finishes this year.

      • Ben Factor

        If Shaw agrees to play DB, he is making an error regarding his own career.

        I think that Vandy was a bigger challenge than UW, but I wish Scott could see that it doesn’t matter now. What is Sark DOING, and does it seem smart and well thought out? That’s all that is interesting at this point?

    • FightON

      I hope Scott does more live chats because he does delve deeply into these questions and gives nice tidbits when prompted. He gives a lot more context to the situation too.

      • gotroy22

        Wow, a positive post about this blog from a rah rah- alert the media!

        • FightON

          When you post something coherent and intelligent, I’ll alert the media. In the meantime, you will keep following me and reading every single post (and I will keep pointing how obsessed you are with me).

          Legit question: does USC make you buy two seats? Wouldn’t want to ruin the experience for those unfortunate to have to sit next to you.

          • sureshot32

            Technically, he’d need to buy three. Two seats would spare a fan to the left, but what about the right? (unless it was an isle seat, of course)

          • FightON

            Yes, aisle seat.

      • Cheap seats

        Agreed. More reason why I don’t think Scott is doing all the blogs.

  • B.Miller

    OH NO! I guess this story is relevant!
    More Copy and Paste stories!
    They all said the same thing about PC!
    Ill wait before passing judgement.
    Great story Wolf!

  • Henry Bibby

    Dennis Dodd is just like Scott Wolf, an inconsistent flip flopper. Dennis Dobb wrote an article 2 weeks ago that “Penn State cannot hire James Franklin. Can’t even begin to think about it, actually.” And only 2 weeks later, Dennis Dobd writes, “Penn State is the big winner.” Tweedledee and Tweedledum.

  • sureshot32

    Dodd’s list is laughable. Franklin and Petersen? Home run hires, IMO. But most of the others ahead of Sarkisian (especially the slimiest of the slimies, Bobby Petrino) are just silly. Unless he’s comparing the hire to who he thought the school could get. If he’s saying the a top tier program at USC should only hire top tier coaches like Jon Gruden, I guess I could see where he was coming from. But if USC had hired Bryan Harsin or Bobby Petrino, the media would have ad a conniption fit.

    Sark is a very good, not great coach. I was opposed to it at first, and still have my reservations. I am very pleased, however, at what I’ve read since his hire. I’m optimistic that when given USC resources, he will be a regular double digit wins coach, with the occasional National Championship run thrown in.