USC Morning Buzz: Justin Wilcox On Recruiting Needs

NCAA football, No. 2 Oregon at No. 16 Washington

I asked USC defensive coordinator Justin Wilcox what the greatest need is from the current recruiting class?

“We need recruits who have cover ability at cornerback and the safety spot needs help,” Wilcox said.

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  • steveg

    So Wilcox has been warned: Give Wolf anything and he will run with it. I don’t think there is anyone who didn’t already know there is a dire need for coverage help, but you brought this to us first Wolf, great job.

  • The Capper

    What the he11 does this have to do with Alabama’s offensive coordinator?

    • Bestlakersfan


  • Arturo

    Two glaring areas of need I.D.’d- AJ, Juju, and someone like Baker would be ideal. Can Quick play some D?

    • JayT

      Baker and Quick are not coming to USC.

    • Trogan Fan

      You mean “Bubba” Baker? Haha, no way he’s a Trogan. Quick either.

  • JayT

    Plattenburg, Lockett, Johnson are in. JuJu, Adoree and Simmons may be coming in as well.

  • Trogan Fan

    Speaking of recruiting… where’s the guy who said Wadood was opening it up? From his twitter: @OGLeel_2: I WONT BE TAKING ANY VISITS TO USC OR ANY OTHER SCHOOLS, I AM A UCLA BRUIN.

    • Joseph B. Lowe

      Who cares?

      • Trogan Fan

        yeah, who wants one of the best safeties in the country? A local guy who just won SoCal player of the year? A guy certain trogan fans on this very blog were claiming was opening things up just a week or so ago. Who needs him….

        • FMUSC81

          He did and spoke with every coach who visited StJB FUNNY…HIS POST COMES AFTER SABAN VISITED !!!! I know you …your Ruins suffer from Paranoia… hence why you’re always here and not on your own Blog…. LOSER!!!!! Little Gutties.

    • FightON

      Hi SaferInWestwood! I have pwned you so many times on this and made you look so dumb, it makes my day that you continue to talk about it.

      In other news, I’m glad you are learning more about that team you claim to be a fan of. Haha.

      • Cheap seats

        Is it time to remove that screen name? I think so.

        At least Bucket is occasionally funny.

    • SaferInWestwood

      This rah-rah dummies have been crotch kicked so much their heads have finally caved in, got them seeing double, Ha!

      WARNING: Crotch kicks can lead to severe brain failure

    • Cheap seats

      What was your last screen name again?

  • Nigel Tottenham

    Professor Sanchez, a new symbol has joined the others — a simple upright rectangle with a circle at its center. In its lack of stylization, it somehow seems more literal than the previous markings. Perhaps it represents a place?

    • …so are vee schtill doink zee count down??

      Sree, two, vun!!! i am so rrready for zis!!

      i vas born to COUNT!!!

      AH! AH! AH!

      • Nigel Tottenham

        Indeed, there were eight marks below the symbols this morning. The mysterious countdown continues, and so far I can only connect it to the start of the pagan Imbolc holiday. Could the menehune be planning something for that date?

        • Vell, if zey are celebratink, just tell zhem to not dischturb zee Shinese, who vill be celebratink New Years!

          • Nigel Tottenham

            Good God! I have been so busy researching the arcane, the unmentionable, and the uncanny, that I did not even consult my own desk calendar! Could that be it? Chinese New Year… and a Celtic celebration of the coming of spring… It is as if two sinister planets will align on January 31.

            Perhaps the menehune will provide a burnt offering to the Kitchen God?

          • steveg

            pepperoni pizza lets hope

  • SaferInWestwood

    J.. Wadood wants no part of SC or any other second rate coaching staff… .FMC123PMS where you at!!!

    • FMUSC81

      You rang donkey ? I see my you need a another lesson…. I never said he was going to USC donkey… But it just shows the paranoia of USC… If you weren’t so busy wearing your USC gear a’la “Buffalo Bill” and staring at this Blog… you’d know countless of schools have visited StJB and all have talked with Jaleel Wadood…After being assured by UCLA they wouldn’t be taking another Safety…. Wadood isn’t afraid of comp by any means, but he understands numbers, and with all DB returning next year he understands playing time will be at a premium and doesn’t want to get lost in the mix… and compete with other top Freshman… this happens a lot at top school like USC , Bama , LSU… but you wouldn’t know about this..

  • David Keeling

    The man knows as we all know, the defensive backfield is and has been a big weakness on this team. Opponents have been more successful than not in passing on us. I’m anxious to see if Sarkisian & Wilcox really go after that position in recruitment.

  • Souzern Cal, plummets from Zee top 25 on Riwals UND Scout!!

    AH! AH! AH!

    Vhat so you sink of ZHAT, Vulfman??