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If Ricky Town commits to USC, what happens to QB David Sills?
USC will drop him   USC will take him   Sills will stick with USC   Sills will choose another school     

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  • TrojanFan3.0

    Polls are lame!

  • FightON

    I don’t know if he gets dropped outright (I say USC keeps him for now knowing Town’s interest could change at any minute as happens in recruiting), but he is definitely looking at other schools. USC was not as impressed with his performance and he was apparently outplayed via what analysts are saying.

    His whole school situation harmed his football career too, as did committing early. Other schools have not been offering him partly because of his commitment to USC. That’s why he has kept quiet and is going to work out days in order to land more offers and have more choices.

  • Arturo

    I think it depends on what Max Wittek does, what Cody Kessler does, what happens to Max Browne, Jalen Greene, and if Towns commits. There will certainly be a lot of schollies open. A last factor might be If the offense is successful without a true dual threat running it but if Sark decides to go more in the direction of a true dual threat, Sills might be out.

  • Chandler

    Now that Ricky Town has committed to SC, there is no way Sills is coming. After all, his offer was from Kiff. So we won’t hear about the guy anymore, except when Wolf wants to drag Kiff through the mud again. But what else is new?

    • Arturo

      What timing!!

    • FightON

      So…does Sills pick up an offer from Bama?

      • FMUSC81

        I’m guessing he does….

  • Marv Elapes

    Ricky Town Commits to the Trojans.

    • ibraney

      Shhhh!!! Scottie’s sleeping!

  • The Capper

    From what I’ve read, Sills has gone down hill and really isn’t a strong D1 QB anymore. It’s probably unlikely he will end up going to a top school. He could always go to Westwood though.

  • B.Miller

    Why don’t you reach out to Sills and ask him where he stands with USC?
    Oops.. that actually involves you doing work and not copy and pasting..
    I’m sure the first report about Sills that comes out you will copy and paste to your stories..