Commitments Mean Nothing

Lane Kiffin, Todd Graham

Before last season Lane Kiffin said he did not even get excited anymore when a recruit committed to USC. Ricky Town proved why again today with his decommitment from Alabama.

Kiffin is currently trying to flip wide receiver Travis Rudolph from Florida State to Alabama and Rudolph’s only been committed for a little more than three weeks. The truth is Town’s switch had a lot more with wanting to go to USC than Kiffin being at Alabama.

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  • Helen

    Thanks Scottie for your honest assessment regarding the Town decommitment. The thought of the Browne & Town training moving through USC is exciting.

  • Joseph B. Lowe

    Not everyone can be as committed to something, you know like Wolf being committed to COVERING SC.

    • Ben Factor

      Actually, Scott and Kiffin are right. It’s meaningless until NSD, and we’re talking about NSD 2015 in this case.

      And even then, it’s not very determinative. Everyone is talking about Town, at the same time that they don’t expect Browne to displace Kessler, who is not a great passer at all.

      It’s great to be the next big thing, not the last big thing. How silly.

    • B.Miller

      Now thats a “crotch Kick”..

  • ProbationU

    Seems like Wolf is a little late to the party on knowing that NOTHING counts until signing day.

    Right now it looks like the current momentum is for Towns at SC and Rosen at UCLA. It could prove to be very interesting down the road.

    • FMUSC81

      If Stanford passes on Rosen… which is a big if, but hey you never know … Than you’ll land Rosen… Right now Stanford is his top choice.

      • ProbationU

        Actually, what I read is that UCLA is currently his top choice and he may be committing fairly soon. We will see.

        • FMUSC81

          It is out of schools who have offered … So we shall see… Stanford, for some Stanford likes a students SAT/ACT done before they offer… and I understand to a point since they don’t bend on their admission standards… But an Athlete/QB like Rosen doesn’t come around very often…. From what he’s said to other athletes at camps is, he loves Stanford for Academic Reasons and would like to get away from Home, but if he did stay local… UCLA would be first and USC second.

          • rusoviet

            If that’s your argument then understand the competition isn’t for Rosen – it’s Rosen himself – where does he want to go and is there interest at USC to take him? i.e. Would Rosen be willing to go up against another like Town ‘head-to-head’ or is Rosen like the vast majority – move on to a program that gives him the # 1 slot rather than have him fight for it – this is all on Rosen and I’m betting if USC lands Town, Rosen books real real fast!

          • ProbationU

            Rosen has not been considering SC. He was originally considered a Stanford lean but the current word is that he has favored UCLA for quite some time. FM81 is working with some older information.

            We will see how it all plays out. After all, these are 2015 kids…over a year away.

          • FMUSC81

            Nope.. my information is up to date… I was the guy that called on Town making an unofficial visit and about his meeting with Sark …. before it hit any news wire… i’m pretty tied in to the recruiting scene…. Like i said …up until today.. SC was number Three on the list …. I’m telling you….if Stanford offers he’s going…. Trust me… I’d love for him to stay in LA… and make the rivalry like it was with Beban and OJ… But a recruit will do what he wishes, and if he wants to leave home… than so be it.

          • FMUSC81

            What i find odd is that UCLA was expecting Rosen to commit this weekend from what I’ve been told… but a friend up north told me that Shaw was trying to reach out to Rosen…whatever that means…. I just found this out 10 mins ago… If Stanford sleeps on this Rosen will commit to UCLA with the Town locked in at USC… but like you said …kids are a year away from putting pen to paper.

      • You always take the best player you can get.

        • FMUSC81

          Agree, but Stanford has very high admission standards and doesn’t
          deviate from it for any athlete.

  • FMUSC81

    No Matter what Happens in Football… Their’s only one Marching Band in LA… Once again … USC marching band invited to Open Kings vs Ducks… and lead the Teams out!!!!

    • rusoviet

      Ok then tell me when the ‘(*&^’ is the school going to ‘trim’ that clown’s helmet? Once again the stupid faded maroon ‘feathers’ look like they were shoved into a microwave oven – when did this moron marching like some stooge leading the band begin?

    • ThaiMex

      Way to RAH RAH!…I’ll bet you’re an old baton twirler!

      • FMUSC81

        What ever you say Child Rapist !!!

        • ThaiMex

          I kinda like it when you call me DADDY!
          fit Un!

  • Kiffin’s finally helping USC …

    … by driving recruits from Alabama.