Should USC Take Fred Warner Or Lamont Simmons?

With limited scholarships and USC waiting to hear from the big three (Adoree Jackson, Damien Mama, John Smith) there could be some hard choices in the next week. One could be whether USC takes linebacker Fred Warner (a midweek visitor) or cornerback Lamont Simmons.

Does USC need a four-star LB more than a three-star CB? That’s the dilemma.

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  • Ray Reyes

    I have a feeling if Adoree comes aboard, he will play both ways. So thats a CB spot. I would go for the linebacker, since there is only one LB in this class at this point.

  • TDOG

    I have a feeling Wolfy can go both ways – although I appreciate the relevancy of this post

  • Nigel Tottenham

    Prof. Sanchez: As so often proves to be the case, rising before dawn and lurking about in the dark has paid great dividends! Yesterday I eluded my pursuers and then hid safely at La Barca restaurant among the burrito-eating police — but not before getting a good look at said pursuers, a pair of large, dark-featured fellows.

    Surmising that the symbols would appear this morning, the final day of their countdown, on a wall of the Mudd Hall of Philsophy, I hid myself in adjacent shrubbery before the sun rose. The same two stout men appeared just after dawn and approached the symbols. Crouched, I crept closer via the cloister, until I could hear “tomorrow… sacrifice… for the blessing of the titans.”

    Titans? What could they mean? Most peculiar of all was the pronunciation, closer to “ti-TEND.” Well, what in heaven is a ti-tend, and what could it have to do with a mystical Polynesian ritual?

    • Helen

      Get a room.

    • sorry, Nigel, your efforts are wasted on these trOXan dumbbells.

      with a Sothern Cal edjumacation, how can you expect them to appreciate such finely constructed parody of late 18th, early 19th century literature?

      you might as well recite Chaucer in Middle English to a troop of Chimpanzees.

  • B.Miller

    Lamont Simmons can be a Blue Shirt (preferred Walk on, who earns a scholarship)
    Fred Warner would be a legit pick up!

    • Larry Harris

      Red shirt, Gray shirt, and now Blue shirt?
      How about a Pink shirt? At least it would indicate our stand against women’s breast cancer.
      A Brown shirt could identify those recruits who will be the 1st to be dropped if need be because they are perceived as being borderline caca.
      A Green shirt would indicate those recruits who are abnormally envious of the current starter at their position.
      Then there is the Purple shirt for those recruits bringing some baggage with them…the ones who were royal screw-ups at their high school.

  • Helen

    If we have a mama onboard then I’d add a budda.

  • FMUSC81

    Simmons ! Kid has tons of upside… Raw talent and has only been playing ball a few years …. Will only get better with his big frame… has all the tools and natural ability to turn into a shut down corner.