• Sweeet Scooop wolfman!!

    I dint know that ugly asss statue was so big!!! Comical proportions!!!

    Don’t see any crystal balls, though, very QUEEEER, since the trOXans claim Petey was so DOMINANT!

    I guess he was, just not when it counted.


    • Jack B

      Let us know when Baby Mora gets past the Sun Bowl stage. Are you little gutties even counting that? That’s what I thought.

  • Nigel Tottenham

    Prof. Sanchez, I rose before dawn again this morning and hid myself to observe the Mudd Hall of Philosophy on this day of days, but so far, nothing all day. Prior to nightfall, I will hide in a lecture hall adjacent to the courtyard, from which I can spy through the window the fountain with its age-old inscription: O Stream of Life Run You Slow or Fast, All Streams Reach the Sea At Last. May this stream of mysteries reach a sea of revelation soon!

    My research last night revealed no explanation for a Polynesian connection to titans or “ti-tends,” whatever those may be.

    • while i am a highly educated man (home-schooled mostly) i am neither a linguist nor a symbologist…nonetheless i have to deduce this entire affair has something to do with the trOXans new Polynesian Ti-Tends coach, Marques “hot lips” Tuiasosopo!!!

      i reckon the dirty phone calls to UCLA linebackers could start any minute….but fear not, the Cadre has hepped the dudes to this new trOXan threat!!!

      Nigel, is THIS what you are trying to warn us about???

      • Helen

        Home-schooled – that explains a lot.

        • Ray Reyes

          Nothing wrong with home schooled. Remember Helen, this is a fake account “person.”

          • dont push me Rey Rayes…have you decided on a number yet?

      • Nigel Tottenham

        Ti-Tends? Is that really an American football term?

        But the idea that all of this — the symbols, the mysticism, the Menehune — has anything to do with college football is absolutely preposterous! How much importance do you really attach to that silly rule-choked cousin of rugby? Am I the only person posting on this blog who is not madly obsessed with it?