Steroid Drum Major Backstory


During today’s media tour of Heritage Hall, USC senior associate athletic director Mark Jackson said the idea of the drum major statue was the brainchild of lacrosse coach Lindsey Munday. Among the ideas Jackson said were considered was suspending the drum major from the ceiling.

Other figures suggested included Tommy Trojan. One reason the drum major was selected was he would not offend any sport that was not included if, say, a football player was the center piece.  I offered that reason last week.

Still, with USC’s rich athletic tradition, a statue of two or three athletes seems more appropriate than a band figure. I’d favor something with Stan Smith, Parry O’Brien, Buster Crabbe, Rebecca Soni and Cheryl Miller if you wanted to be inclusive.

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  • steveg

    Wolf, great interview, heard ya on bleacher report. So the big three are definitely coming to USC!! Wolf says so. This is really getting scarey.

  • TDOG

    Oh ya great idea – a huge statue of Cheryl Miller – Wolf is so dumb it is unbelievable! And it is not a “drum major” it’s a mascot that usually is played by a drum major – what a small peepee Wolfy must have 🙁

    • The Capper

      I was hanging with you up until the peepee reference.

      • TDOG

        Haha sorry – this blog brings the strange and absurd out of me

  • Mr Jenkins

    Mr. Jenkins’s suggestion would have been a recreation of the John McKay booth at Julie’s, with life-size figures of the coaches, faculty and alumni McKay used to hold court with in the bar.

    • marvgoux1

      And Gentleman John Hall and Columnist Mud.

      • Mr Jenkins

        … and of course you, Marv! And Fertig & Levy!

  • WEB_Dupree

    I seem to recall that the readers, not Wolf, were the ones explaining that this was probably a neutral pick meant to represent all sports. Wolf just seemed fixated on the statue’s physique.

  • ScottWolfSniffsHisOwnFarts

    I’m going out on a limb here and guessing that no one in the athletic department really cares what AD Gargamel thinks is more appropriate.

  • Jack B

    Your suggestion Wolfie is beyond pathetic. How about a giant Anthony Munoz mingled in with much smaller statues of Fred Lynn, Bill Sharman, Sammy Lee, Roy Saari and as TDOG suggested, Cheryl Miller. Make Cheryl a giant too and have them all running in a close-knit pack from the Wild Bunch with OJ hiding behind some bushes nearby. Throw in six-time Olympian fencer Janice Lee York Romary for, just for balance. That’ll do.

    • TDOG

      Or how about suspending a giant Wolfy getting a wedgie from the rafters!!!

  • Larry Harris

    If the statue was to be suspended from the ceiling, I hope that the rope not be around the neck. Might give some the wrong idea.
    Steveg (below) posted that the Wolf said that the big three were definately coming to USC. Well, almost. Wolfie said that JuJu & Mama were DEFINATELY coming to USC. When pressured for where Jackson is going, he paused, pawed the ground several times, and then weakely said USC like he would have preferred to have a root canal. If you are a Wolfite you can take Smith & Damien to the bank, but Adorde?…with a grain of salt unless you have blood pressure problems. If so, 86 the salt.

    • TDOG

      Another soul captured by Gargamel – hide your face, dont look him in the eyes!!!

  • marvgoux1

    If they wanted to be PC and not offfend anyone, they should have moved the naked statutes from the peristyle end of the Coilseum to Heritage Hall.

  • TrojanFan3.0

    I’m glad they didn’t ask for your opinion!

  • WEB_Dupree

    There used to be a guy of indeterminate nationality who ran a hole-in-the-wall French sandwich place on Figueroa in 1994-95. I can’t remember the name; it was gone by 98 I think. A friend of mine used to go there a lot to get the soup. One day he orders the soup, and the guy says, “You like the soup?” “Yeah, I like the soup,” my friend says. “You LOVE the soup?” the guy asks. “Yeah, I f–kin’ love the soup!” my friend says, but he can see that the guy didn’t like that profanity at all.

    After finishing the soup, my friend gets up to leave, and the guy asks, “Did you like the soup?” “Yeah, I liked the soup.” “Did you LOVE the soup?” My friend, increasingly nervous: “Yeah, I loved the soup.” The guy: “DID YOU F–K THE SOUP?”

    I’d like to put up a statue of that guy.

    • well i think this guy moved over to Tommy Jr’s!!

      you may recall i told the story of how if someone ordered a burger with no chili, the guy yelled “one Pu$$Y, one fry, one coke!!”

      but i got nothing but snide remarks for that gem….

      • WEB_Dupree

        Where was this place?

        • the place was on the south east side of campus, must’ve been Gayley ave. it was right across from a Orthodox Jewish Frat house. (at the end of the long row of Frat houses on Gayley).
          i have heard it was shut down a while back, Tommy Jr did not get along with his dad and the dad shut him down from what i hear.
          i googled it and there are a few mentions of it. the kid i think stole the chili recipe from dad.
          the two times i saw the “pu$$$y” comments, both times it was Jewish kids from the Jewish House. maybe Tommy Jr was an anti semite to boot.

          • WEB_Dupree

            You mean the southwest corner? I seem to recall that there was a generic Tommy’s knock-off burger stand or “teriyaki burger” type place over that way back in the 90s. Not sure if it’s still there. By the time I was working in Westwood circa 2006-07 at my first law firm, they had built an In-n-Out burger over at that end of things.

            When I was at SC in the mid-90s, we actually did go to Westwood fairly often to see movies, but I don’t see much in Westwood that would draw SC students today. Half the theaters are gone, the record stores and headshops have disappeared, and some of the new restaurants are just too expensive for college kids. When USC finishes building the massive new mixed-use project north of the campus, I think that will be the end of SC students going over to Westwood. Downtown and Koreatown have changed a great deal, too.

          • nope, SE side. probably gone by mid90’s. in my opinion, the food was just as good as original TOmmys. i used to go to the one on Beverly late at night as a lad so i was stoked when i found the Jr while at UCLA.

            westwood has changed, but with all little rented out shops, they will always be in flux. i used to marvel at how many movie houses there were in such a small area back then. ran into Cher and Oliver Stone in the same night at one movie house.

  • FightON

    There are many statues of warriors (sometimes on horseback) slaying lions. I vote for a Trojan warrior sitting on Traveler slaying a bear that is lying helplessly on its back. That encompasses the spirit of “Fight on” and how pathetic our rivals are.

    Though, this statue would not be in the middle of Heritage Hall, because the gutties do not deserve the attention. It would, however, piss off their PC police.

    • that bear has clawed your behind for years in all 3 major sports “toots”!!!!!

      • FightON

        Lulz. O rly?

    • SUCC de trop

      That’s SUCC for you, killing a bear on its back from horseback with a spear. Very brave. I’m sure plenty of SUCC fans go fishing with dynamite.

      • FightON

        How’s hospice?

        • Cheap seats

          I didn’t go there.LOL.. It did cross my mind that he’s a guy with no teeth in a wheelchair wearing a bruins hat.

  • i like the fact the guy who posed for this muscle-bound Dummy looks like second runner up in the Mr Puniverse Tournament. (Jack B was the champeeeen)

    • Cheap seats

      You wanted your bosses’ washboard abs up there?

  • he certainly looks as big as a titan….Ti-Tend???

  • The Capper

    You know Scotty, there are some other amazing athletes from this century.

  • Ray Reyes

    This blog would be nothing without the trolls, which is why I think its the Daily News “marketing team” being the trolls.

    • TDOG

      Why dare show your face? Your soul could be captured by Gargamel!

      • well, he can’t show his neck….

        • TrojanFan3.0

          Must suck to be hung like a pimple!….haha!!

          • Cheap seats

            And only one can impregnate a woman.

            (hint: it’s not Bucket)

        • TDOG

          That’s not very friendly of you, perhaps you should apologize to the neckless gentleman. You should speak kindly, or not speak atall, dear lad.

  • ibraney

    I’m guessing everyone here, USC fan or not, is done with this story?

    Scottie! I think I just saw Lane Kiffin hiding behind a parked car on Figueroa…better go check it out!!!

  • rusoviet

    The should have designed an empty set of armor and helmet along with greaves and weaponry – arranged them as such are in museum depictions.

    That thing looks like a giant joke just like the clown walking out there already does – at a minimum why the heck isn’t something done with that ‘dust mop’ for a head dress?

  • Evil Robot

    Aside from your strange need to invent horrible nicknames that never stick anywhere beyond your use of them, I don’t get your whole “steroid” thing. I haven’t seen it in person yet, but it looks like a relatively normal sized guy wearing the breast plate that the drum major always wears. Good to see that your job has devolved into trying to rip on sculpture in an attempt to make yourself feel like the smartest guy in the room. Pretty sad.

  • tostevinUSC

    I am guessing the Wolf family couldn’t afford any musical instruments. Poor Scott going through life without Sax. He has to trumpet his own ideas and when asked he is told to beat it. He is not even a good beat writer.
    On New Year’s Day the band stands in the cold for about two hours before high stepping for five miles and then playing for pregame and half time of a game where the average player is on the field for less than twenty five minutes total. It is a fact that if the band didn’t play a few bars of ‘Fight On’ for every first down Scott would not know the ball had advanced at all. Is that athletic enough for you Scott?
    I really think the band should join Kiffin in banning Scott Wolf

  • B.Miller

    Wolf is jealous of a statues body! he would rather his look pregnant and bald…

  • JamestheFin

    Tacky. Just tacky. Why don’t they just put a tapestry of dogs playing pool or a velvet Elvis tapestry you can buy in Tijuana or better yet, one of those singing bass gifts you get from your dopey relatives from the Midwest. It reminds of that Direct TV commercial of the Russian Billionaire Oligarch who buys everything but still has no sense with respect to taste or style.

    “Opulence, USC has it!!!”