Adoree Jackson Visits USC

Serra wide receiver Adoree Jackson was at the McKay Center tonight making an unofficial visit before Signing Day. He is expected to visit UCLA tomorrow.

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  • Trogan Fan

    Hanging with Sark for a few or with UCLA all night…you be the judge!

    • Marv Elapes

      Point is that he cut into his ruin visit because he wanted to be there for the HH opening. Not too many football trophys at ruinville.

      • Trogan Fan

        Lol! Maybachs rolling in Westwood last night – ALL the bling is at UCLA now!

        • Marv Elapes

          “Bling?”, What bling? And where did it come from?

          • SUCC de trop

            Merv, when you get your Yugo off the blocks and you fill its tires so you can push it, we’ll talk.

          • TrojanFan3.0

            What’s your excuse for pedaling around on a Barbie Princess bike?

            Your obsession with this blog is beyond creepy!

            PS….still have the newspaper route?

          • Marv Elapes

            Don’t you have an intern you should be stalking SUCCLA

        • FMUSC81

          What ??? Last time I checked …. Ruins drive HONDAS!!! and a lot of pre-owned C-classes … but they’re Certified

    • Jethro G Sabbath

      Do you guys sign out and then give your post an up vote?

      • TrojanFan3.0

        That’s exactly what they do. waste bucket is notorious for doing it, pathetic!

      • wow, great minds DO think alike! (see below)

        • Jethro G Sabbath

          I notice you didn’t deny it.

    • TrojanFan3.0

      You try way too hard! Relax, there is more important things in life.

      It must suck to be a ruin troll!!!!

      • Trogan Fan

        Only thing worse is a guy who argues daily with a Bruin Troll! LOL.

        • TrojanFan3.0

          Only thing worse is a ruin troll obsessed with a USC blog who posts lame as$ coments 24/7!

        • Larry Harris

          Now you guys are starting to get it. Let there be light.

    • TrojanFan3.0

      You try way too hard. Relax, there is more important things in life.

      It must suck to be an obsessed ruin troll!

  • rusoviet

    1. 80 yd. field….
    2. >1.5 hr. to ‘home stadium’….
    3. Friends can’t visit because no parking anywhere
    4. Current coach was replaced in SEA by former USC coach.
    5. No guarantee of athletic facilities expansion
    6. You couldn’t take the pressure of competing sooo
    7. You play for ucla –

    • Trogan Fan

      35-14 and Seven-win Sark! Choice is easy!

      • TrojanFan3.0

        No BSC wins
        No conference titles since the 90’s
        28 years since your last Rose Bowl win

        ….and the list goes on and on, pathetic!

        So what exactly has you feeling all tingly?

        We are all laughing at you, troll on!

        • anno nimus

          35-14…nuff said. Moron.

        • Wop

          Is that a pig in your profile pic?

        • Trogan Fan

          You keep pretending that history somehow trumps today’s reality. Those responsible for 50-0 are long gone. Those responsible for 35-14 are here and improving every day. Adoree was at 35-14 and celebrated with the Bruins! Remember on!

    • anno nimus

      What an idiot:
      South Central vs. Westwood.
      Playing for a coach that can’t win more than 7 games vs a coach that owns L A..
      playing for a coach that’s never coached in the NFL vs a coach that has 25 years coaching experience in the league.

      • rusoviet

        Ah gee Wally can’t you say somethin’ nice?

        Mora? Hmmm well hey how’d that first (and last) year at SEA work out for Jimmy? I’m guessing Mora (and especially you snookums) are ‘hoping’ for a DEN victory this afternoon considering his (Mora) getting the old ‘heave ho’ twice like Pete did – Mora’s biggest disappointment was seeing Kiffin sacked and then Orgeron quit –

        I teach in So. Central – have for over 8 years now – I’ve seen the effects of lib policies from such as bel-air tech and the wreckage they leave – union activists (better get ready for those wonderful govt pensions – something the rest of us will never see – no just like Obamacare – we have ours and you poor souls will pay for it – oh yes you will!

  • ProbationU

    Jackson was at both schools on Saturday. Was he there to seriously consider them or just to say goodbye before he heads off to Florida? We will see Wednesday.

    And Soviet, if you think it takes 1 1/2 hours to get to the Rose Bowl from Westwood ornthe Westside…then I can suggest a better route for you for November if you plan on seeing the Bruins complete the trilogy. I seem to get there in 30 to 35 minutes.

    • rusoviet

      Maybe but the rest of my retort stands as is

      • ProbationU

        It may stand, but it is inaccurate currently.

        1. There is less competition at SC right now because of scholarship restrictions. Much easier for a kid to step in and play right away, particularly at DB, receiver and OL.

        2. The money for the facility is moving along nicely and it will happen.

        3. Parking is not a problem for visitors. Plenty of parking for that. Parking shortage is for students.

        4. You can actually leave campus without worry. Only problem is that Westwood and Santa Monica are full of Trojans escaping their campus.

        5. Even Lou Saban was replaced by someone in the NFL. He has done pretty well since.

        6. 80-yd practice field is more symbolic than real. Not a real issue unless you are trying to recreate 95 yard pass play from John Barnes to JJ Stokes.

        • rusoviet

          Yeah ok – believe your own tales – traffic on the westside is near gridlock save for a small window 9-3 – that’s it. Santa Monica used to be a 15 minute drive – now it’s over an hour thanks to those fruitopian byciclists.

          Saban? Same with Spurrier – read today’s – couldn’t do it.

          Money for your facilities ‘moving along nicely? sounds like the same about the NFL returning save LA has value as a lever whereas UCLA is what it has always been – a ‘laboratory’ for macro-socialist economics – “No money for men’s tribal sports unless the GLBT get a ‘BIG’ cut or we’ll ‘occupy westwood w. ot w.o. Seegar!”

          Only a fool, birn and raised in CA would go and play in FL but I did sense you’ve already ‘feel’ the match ain’t for bel-air.

          • ProbationU

            I live in Santa Monica…and that is accurate on weekdays. Given that most of the games are on weekends, it is about 30 minutes.. Friday night’s a problem for fans…but so would the Coliseum.

            Facility funds being raised privately as is the case at SC. And I don’t think you get Jackson either, but nobody really knows. You may get all 3. We will get Budda Baker and will pull Malachi Dupre away from LSU. As I have said previously, both schools will recruit well.

            But since this started about basketball, do you even care about BB?

          • rusoviet

            Not much due to no legacy and thanks to the Pac-12 network any interest is slashed for next week’s game at Galen – I’m on Direct TV. Enfield has this year to work out what he needs to do for the future.

            I lived in Santa Monica until1979 when Ruth Yanatta and her bolshevik minions convinced the ‘hoi polloi’ to vote in rent control – moved to NY – 2 yrs. later back to Santa Monica and finally in 1989 – good bye. Watched my landlord and his wife who couldn’t do a thing with their property – home with two units in the back. Only ones who gained from rent-control were sharp lawyers and swinging singles.

            A sweet little town that has been turned into a lab for MSNBC addicts as already noted – I never go anywhere near the west side of the county – born and raised there – good riddance to it

          • ProbationU

            Still a nice place. Ruth Yannatta Goldway is gone…vacancy decontrol took care of a lot of things with rent control. When you have 70-80% renters, the demographics lead to rent control.

            Not so much the “people’s republic of Santa Monica” anymore. Still a liberal town to the degree that a traditional liberal is considered a conservative. Business is good here and a much more pro-business attitude than in 79. I have served multiple terms on Board of Chamber of Commerce. A big change with the City.

            Difficult to beat the weather in SM. Was lucky to get a house here over 30 years ago…because with all the entertainment people and tech people, property values just keep going up and could not afford it now. Will be a nice nest egg if I decide to move.

          • WEB_Dupree

            My wife and I were in a condo in Ocean Park for over a decade (she bought it in 1998), but we recently moved to Mid-City (L.A.) to get an actual house. You will have a nice nest egg indeed if you sell someday. The prices in that area have gone completely insane; we were shocked at what people were willing to pay for our condo. Buying that place was the best decision my wife ever made.

          • rusoviet

            Are you nuts? 70-80% ‘…lead to rent control’? Why? Because your activist mindset claims it does – no serious study of rent control has ever benefited the people the left claims it shall – never. I saw first hand what it did to that couple – couldn’t rid themselves of the greedy professional who made 3 times what the landlord did – love to control your business, your salaries, your interest earned on investments – not just the taxes levied – flat out prevent any issuance to you after you made an investment.

            You are an amazing fool – you truly are – there is no way a self-made businessman would ever countenance any price control – they help no one but the elite that are connected just as they always have in socialist experimental tanks – you truly are an amazing fool.

          • grave soul

            Rus, I have to be honest, you sound like a bitter conservative when you spew your acerbic bluster onto this blog.

            “What’s your deal!??”

          • rusoviet

            Oh now you’re PC?

        • hah you must be an OG….you keep calling Nich Saban “Lou”…i’ve done the same thing numerous times…..”they’re killing me Whitey, they’re KILLING ME!!!”

          • ProbationU

            Nice catch…like JJ with Barnes. Now edited.

          • TrojanFan3.0


        • TrojanFan3.0

          Wrong blog, go see wang and take waste bucket with you!

    • FMUSC81

      I bet this kid goes to Tennessee !!! Hearing good things on the Louisiana Boys !!! Looks like you guys are the Lean…. Dupree is a Marquis Lee with Size…If you don’t sign him…Don’t worry Next year the West will be it’s deepest in over 10 years… To give you an idea… Look up the Class 03′ we brought in … It’s the perfect storm

  • Ben Factor

    Of 9 uncommitted prospects among 247sports’ top 50, 3 of them are from So. Cal.

    Regional character?
    Parity in So. Cal?

    • rusoviet

      Can’t beat the weather – earthquakes and drought well that’s another time and another day.

  • B.Miller

    This kid is really Milking the recruiting process.. Bet he is loving the attention..