Can USC Keep Its 5-Star Streak Intact?

If USC fails to get commitments from Adoree Jackson or John “Juju” Smith, it will be the first time since 2003 the Trojans failed to land a five-star prospect in a recruiting class.

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  • ProbationU

    Mama is a 5 star on Scouts. He is a lock. The other 2, particularly Jackson are wild cards.

    • TrojanFan3.0

      Wolf doing another half as$ job!

      • ProbationU

        His predictions are usually way off…so now I think UCLA has a shot at Jackson because Wolf says we don’t.

        Should change both blogs to Outside USC and Outside UCLA because both of these guys are useless.

        • Jack B

          You have seen the light. Truth is, Wolfie knows as much as the average board reader and less than many here. The Bruin blog dude couldn’t possibly be worse in terms of program knowledge, could he?

          • ProbationU

            Jack, we don’t agree on much, mainly because we root for different schools, but both of these sites are bad.

            Wang almost posts nothing. Gold was very good and moved on. Wolf posts a lot but much of it is nonsense. Neither one has any “inside” info. They are bad for different reasons.

          • Jack B

            Ya, the nonsense factor is huge here and a big distraction. I wish Dohn were still covering UCLA actually. It’s been awhile, but I think he knew his stuff.

          • ProbationU

            I spend more time on Scout. I think some of the people on here are in middle school or stuck in middle school mentally.

            Look, I want UCLA to beat SC every chance they possibly can…and I am sure we could argue about the normal stuff incessantly…but it is repitiition…over and over again about Sam Gilbert…Marv Goux…Reggie Bush. Enough already. Stupid. Rinse. Wash. Repeat.

            And yes, I do think SC is an excellent school. A college counselor recommended my daughter apply because she probably would have gotten scholarship money and I told her she could apply if she wanted to…she just couldn’t root for the football team! She decided not to, but I would not have held her back. Sometimes it is just way too stupid to take it to that level. They are both great schools.

          • Jack B

            I was accepted by both UCLA and USC and given full rides, plus books. Would have been very happy at either and have enormous respect for both. It’s a magnificent rivalry and I’m sure the schools spur each other on to greater heights because of the measures each must take to be competitive with the other. I was at the Beban Bomb game as a kid. Prothro was magnificent as were Beban, Altenburg and Witcher. Still remember Garret slumped alone on the bench after the game. Lots of yardages – and fumbles too. McKay once said that his greatest regret at USC was not seeing Garrett play in a Rose Bowl for him.

          • ProbationU

            I heard that one on the radio. My first two games, and I forget the order, were the Norman Dow game and the OJ game with the 2 famous runs.

            Later on, I played golf with OJ on a few occasions and played 9 holes with just OJ and me. Was kind of fun then…after the games I saw and before he went crazy. Used to play a lot of golf with Tom Kelly and we would give each other crap for fun. One day he grabbed me after a round and I sat down and had drinks with him, John McKay and JK Mckay. It was priceless.

            It didn’t change my rooting interest. But I have gotten to know participants in the rivalry and they respect each other more than the fanbases do….and act a lot more classy.

          • Jack B

            I know a lot of Bruins and there are some very good ones, both athletes and regulars. Unfortunately, message boards bring out the worst and the results are predictable. There are many, many great Trojans and Bruins. No amount of blog banter will ever dilute that fact.

          • ProbationU

            My father played baseball at UCLA, so I was a Bruin at birth. My favorite Uncle went to SC and he was a season ticket holder. I even did a road trip with him for the Stanford-SC game as a kid. So, while there are Trojan fans that tick me off, they are probably in the minority..they just make the most noise.

            A lot of families are split that way. And although I get very fired up for the game against SC, it really doesn’t change my life either way…once I calm down!

          • Jack B

            Congrats on your dad playing baseball for the Bruins. That’s big-time. I became an SC fan while watching USC beat WIS in a late cliffhanger on New Year’s Day in ’63. Willie Brown, Hal Bedsole, Ben Wilson and Pete Beathard did me in. Just a kid sitting in front of the TV, somehow forever changed. Funny how these things get started. Whomever we root for ends up shaping our lives at least to some small degree.

          • ProbationU

            Thanks about Dad. He is 87 and had waited his whole life for a baseball NC. The wish came true for him. He was over the moon.

            He had been recruited by SC as well but Dedeaux was just an assistant at the time. He liked Dedeaux but not the head coach…or my life could have been totally different.

          • TrojanFamily

            Stop being reasonable! These blogs aren’t for reasonable discussion of USC’s college football. It’s about droning on about a high school kid’s twitter typo!

    • Ben Factor

      I enjoyed your exchange with Jack B. Having attended neither USC nor UCLA, I can see the obvious fact that both are very good universities. I like to see the respective fans conduct dialogue on that basis. Otherwise, the commenters lack any credibility, right?

      In addition, I do not think that Scott Wolfe’s every comment should be dismissed as uninformed. He does post too often about too little, and he does like to be provocative even at the cost of good analysis. However, I do think he knows some folks over at USC, who share confidential information with him.

      To Scott’s detriment, more than a few of his observations are tired and not well thought out. Still, I appreciate that he doesn’t play cheerleader, which is all too common and boring in sports journalism. And many of Scott’s observations are on the money.

  • wolfman, you are a 5 star beat writer, so Southern Cal has a twenty yr hot steak with you on the beat!!!


    • TrojanFan3.0

      You have to make posts like this to feel better about yourself, beyond pathetic!

      You truly have some mental issues to go along with your physical shortcomings….what a mess!

      • Joseph B. Lowe

        He’s a d bag

  • Wayne Lusvardi

    John Smith would be a loss because he was a USC lean; Adoree Jackson never indicated he was leaning toward USC even though that would be the best overall business decision for him in both football and track and media. Both Smith and Jackson would start at USC immediately and after a half dozen games under their belt would better understand the fine points of college football. Jackson plays picking colleges like he runs the football, full of jukes and fakes and deception. In Florida he would be playing only teams in the southeast; at USC he would be on the grand stage at Notre Dame, Boston College, Colorado, and Hawaii with upcoming scheduled games in Texas and elsewhere for cross sectional games. If you are seeking a Heisman or a Biletnikoff Award, USC has the venue for the votes for that. Track? USC was the number 1 school in track and it is going to have a track renaissance with Randall Cunningham III Jr entering their track program. USC has a lot to offer but once again watch out for that Adoree juke.

  • Joseph B. Lowe

    What did I tell you????

  • NotAFanOfYou

    Whitney Lewis and Reggie Bush were 5 stars in 2003. Once again WolfPutz with shlt facts.

    • TrojanFan3.0

      Dementia is some nasty stuff!

    • Helen

      One could argue that Whitney Lewis (in hindsight) did not deserve that 5-star rating.

      • sureshot32

        Yeah, most people would argue that Whitney Lewis did not deserve a 5-star rating. But of course, that’s not the point Scooter’s making. The star rating on these kids is merely a number attributed to these kids based on playing other kids. Nobody really knows how good they are, or will be, until they strap it on against the big boys.

        Good point by notafan though – as Scooter still can’t get the major details of his posts right. Why even say anything if it’s clearly not true? Once again, Wolf proves his worth.

  • Joe H

    I thought Scott preferred two or three stars.

    Carroll’s classes were unprecedented. Now Saban’s doing the same thing. And Kiffen’s classes were insane, at least prior to the implosion last year, even when judged against classes without sanctions. As much as Kiffen was hated by the fans, his recruiting will not be easy to follow.

    Carroll always closed strong with some huge signings at the very end. Let’s see if Sark has the same touch.

    • Helen

      I never understood what recruits saw in Kiffin as he comes across as aloof and kind of boring. Pete Carroll was just the opposite and I bet he won over the recruit’s mother too.

      • Trogan Fan

        There’s your answer – kids saw what they hoped was a continuation of Pete’s run through Kiffin. He let Coach O do the heavy lifting and rode with it.

    • Ben Factor

      Kiffin was a very good recruiter. He also said something that sticks in my mind: “It’s all about the W’s.”

      Add to that the greater parity in the Pac-12, and in other conferences.

      Those are the reasons that the 2013 class imploded.

      Those are the reasons that 2014 is not coming as easily as earlier years.

      Those are the reasons that one of the other “storied” programs in CFB, Univ. of Texas, has zero 5-star commitments and five 4-star commitments.

      Even Nick Saban feels the forces of parity. He’s got a phenomenal #1 class, but there are three SEC West rivals on his heels: Texas A&M, LSU, and Auburn. He will not win the SEC West on talent alone. That is why he “suggested” that his OC leave, and brought in Kiffin to bring more explosiveness to his offense (we’ll see if it works out).

      I believe that Sark is more “likeable” than Kiffin. I tend to like Sark’s young staff.

      However, there is only one way back to the top echelon of recruiting: “Just win, Baby.” Sark is going to have to find a way to beat ND, Stanford, and especially UCLA, even though his talent is only about equal to the talent of those schools.

      If Sark doesn’t find a way to beat them, there will be no more top-5 recruiting classes at USC. If he does find a way to beat them, the pundits will suddenly call Sark a great recruiter. Not atypically, the pundits will have missed the point. Sark will have proven to be great coach. And Haden to have made a great hire.

      We’ll see.

  • Joseph B. Lowe

    Attention everyone, there’s no problem. Anno nimus thinks we can have some “Scholarship PRODUCTIONS”!



    • Trogan Fan

      Well, he’s clearly wrong. SC had all those 5 star guys the past few years and got no PRODUCTION from any of ’em.

      • Joseph B. Lowe

        Had as many victories as your team PLUS won as many NC’s.


        Lose On!