USC Morning Buzz: Adoree Jackson, John Smith, Damien Mama Edition

If you read the post below, you know I’m predicting USC will land the Big 3 on Wednesday: Adoree Jackson, John Smith, Damien Mama. But this is not a lock. Jackson is doing a great job keeping everyone guessing while Smith seems to have a late infatuation with Oregon. Only Mama seems firmly secure right now.

So I’m going to rank them in order of how committed they really are:

1. Mama. Looks locked down for 8 a.m. hour announcement

2. Smith. Oregon’s in the mix but USC is the favorite

3. Jackson. Some believe Florida could be leader but has to be USC’s to lose.

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  • Arturo

    Rather have Jackson over Smith. I could see Smith wanting to play offense at Oregon and following Mamba. If Jackson bolts, he’s got SEC written all over him.

    • Trogan Fan

      Arturo, you are a wise man re Adoree over Smith. JuJu is good, no doubt, but he’s not a game changer like Adoree.

      • TrojanFan3.0

        Jackson is playing mora like a fiddle…hahaha!

        • Helen

          Chortle, chortle.

        • TDOG

          Mora looks like a blonde chimpanzee – kinda like curious george, nobody takes that clown seriously, how could you?

        • Trogan Fan

          Yes, and Sark has him right where he wants him! LOL.

        • ProbationU

          The kid is playing everyone like a fiddle. SC thinks he’s theirs. Fla thinks they have him as does LSU. There are those that think he joins his Serra teammates at UCLA. Someone will be happy tomorrow for good reason.

          The truth is that none of us know and clearly Wolf doesn’t know. Take your guess….you have a 25% chance of being right.

  • realtrojan

    Of course these three guys are not being recruited by Seattle Seahawks, but if USC lands more than two of them, we should all thank Pete Carroll for advertising the program in national spotlight during the Super Bowl season. I think his winning the Super Bowl as well as the former Trojan Malcolm Smith winning the Super Bowl MVP are the biggest national campaign for us Trojans of all in the last few years.

    • TDOG

      Always will love Pete and USC – always will hate the NCAA and sUcla

  • Isaiahdolan

    I hope for Jackson but I doubt it.

    • TDOG

      Jackson’s parents are in LA now, but Florida has the track and field edge … Its a coin toss but I say its USC

      • JayT

        USC has a Top Ten track program and consistently produces Olympians. The track coaches need to deliver here, and not hope football does all of the work.

        • TDOG

          As I said, the edge in track and field goes to florida for their coach and current ranking BUT when you put it all togther … Definitely NOT ruinville!

  • Fred Sampson

    Doesn’t Damien Mama weigh 345 plus at the age of 18 ? USC is starting to gain a reputation of producing 4 and 5 star flops with their offensive linemen selections . What ever happen to the highly decorated Zack Banner ? Why hasn’t Andre Walker lived up to his 5 star reputation ?

    • SaferInWestwood

      Not that low lets keep it real, 370+lbs.

      • JayT

        He’s already started losing weight. Walker was coming on strong late last season. Banner needs to stay healthy. Likely going to be a very young line this season. Wheeler, Turk, Rogers, Lobendahn and ?

        • Booyakasha

          As we approach signing day each season, we forget about the previous years’ recruits. I look forward to seeing how Hutchings, Falah, Powell, Rodgers, Bigelow, Hawkins and Mitchell can contribute this year. They were all highly rated recruits in a small star filled class.

          • JayT

            Yep. Each of those guys will be expected to contribute this season. Falah will be the only one who may need more time.

          • Booyakasha

            Why do you believe Falah needs more time?

          • Trogan Fan


  • Alfred Rowe

    Is Mama going to qualify. For admissions to usc. That’s the question

    • JayT

      Haven’t heard of any issues here.

  • Joseph B. Lowe

    This is a post from Scott for the following reason:

    We all know SC will NOT get all 3. So then Scott can write a negative column on why we didn’t get all 3.

    • Golden Trojan

      Good call, Wolf caught me off guard with his positive attitude on these last two posts.

    • TrojanFan3.0

      Where is wolf’s creditable “inside info”?

      Is the janitor on vacation?

  • Tom Oday

    prediction: an informed/educated guess or opinion. LOL!!! Seriously, I really hope this is based on “inside usc” info.

  • FightON

    English next time, okay?