Juju Smith Will Start Out Playing Offense

Steve Sarkisian said today that John “Juju” Smith will start his career on offense, which means wide receiver. Sarkisian would not comment on whether Adoree Jackson will play offense or defense because his letter of intent did not arrive.

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  • JJ Griffiths

    Hes going to be a nice big target to throw to out there. Great stuff!

  • rusoviet

    I just hope there is true competition for the ‘qb’ position just as there was last year and should have been the year before – Kessler looked real bad against UCLA regardless of his play against Fresno St. and he looked real bad against Notre Dame – an untried replacement for the Irish starter and Kessler still couldn’t win.

    We need to see competition true competition for ‘qb’.

  • B.Miller

    Play him both ways..
    Play many of these guys both ways.. that’s why they are athletes..
    Will help with depth in the secondary..