64 thoughts on “Former USC QB Max Wittek Talking To Texas, Louisville And Ohio State

  1. Amusing how consumed Southern Cal was with the last day of recruiting…..after all, 95% of recruiting was already done before Wed. a handful of prima donnas wanting their special day in the spotlight….okay I guess. But for grown men to spend the whole day hanging on the whims of some capricious 17 yr olds? I saw many squealing like 13 girls who just saw Justin Beiber walk into the local mall!! well to each his own, I don’t judge.

    The trOXans finished in the top 10. Okay I guess. Mora’s class last year was number 3. It’s not as if this guarantees any success. If recruiting classes equaled champeenships, Petey would have 5-6 crystal balls in his case…oh right he has exactly ZERO.

    And of course, Fla State’s class was #16 last year so a evidently, other factors are more important than the talent predictions of a bunch of burnt-out half-drunk ex beat writers.

    Fortunately, i HAVE a life!! good golly miss molly! Must suck to be a no-life trOXan!!

    For crissakes, man up trOXans, you are embarrassing yourselves!


    • YOU have a life? Is that why you post on a rival’s blog everyday, and countless times each day? Its “amusing how consumed” you are over USC.

    • You were watching though because you were in the live chat. I saw that you asked Scotty out on a date too. How’d that go?

      • Chuckie even lost out on the spelling bee winner prediction by Scottie, which Scottie gave to Petros!

    • Oh, come on. You’d have been happy too if the Bruins had had a CLEAN SWEEEEET of the Big Three!*

      *(Wolf’s trademark registration is pending.)

    • Dude,

      You post at 3:00 am. Your entire existence consists of trolling USC blogs.

      You have less of a life than any sentient being living on planet earth. And less of a life than a good number of dead ones, as well.

    • Charles, we get it. You are good at spinning the positive into Negative. But is this worth your time?
      You clearly have potential to do something with your life…god knows what…but please find whatever it is and move on.
      Or I’ll get rough.

    • “Fortunately, i HAVE a life!! good golly miss molly! Must suck to be a no-life trOXan!! ”

      You sure do, trolling this blog 24/7!

      Actually. it must suck to be you, embrace it!

    • Ohh….so this is the “there’s more important things in life” speech. And if public school had somehow had a top 10 class, and USC had struck out royally, the speech would have been how the bRuins ruled and USC sucked, right?

      But since the bRuins had a disastrous day, and were out recruited by not only USC, but by Stanford and Arizona State and several others in the PAC 12….now recruiting isn’t so important anymore to you.

      I mean stop with the obsession about USC. Public school was 6th in the pac12 in recruiting. You have 4 other teams to worry about, that recruited better than you.

    • Spoken like a kid who got socks and underwear for Christmas … which, like the good Mr. Mora says, does address needs!


      Your classy coach throws crap on his own recruiting class after he gets CROTCH KICKED by SARK and the 3 Five Star studs. ucla has no brand in Southern California. The kids laugh at Addias. Laugh at the panties hanging in Pauley. Laugh at the FB program. Last but not least, LAUGH AT YOU.

    • Sorry the little gutties flopped so badly on LOI Day. Mora was clearly feeling the pressure and you could see it all over his face. Since Pete Carroll proved Mora was unfit for the NFL, Mora has to deal with the Seattle crows realizing he couldn’t cut it. Sorry Jim. Plus, Mora’s wife hates L.A. So, she’s a prisoner here while Jimbo tries to find a way back to the NFL where he can prove he belongs with the big boys. Mora tries to hide the fact that he hates recruiting. It’s not working though and this year’s drop-off really upset him because he realizes he has to work harder at what he hates and in a place his wife is nauseated by. You love the Troll role so much, the least I can do is fill you in. Once again, sorry we took your best recruits yesterday. But that’s what Trojans do. We sign the best. You sign the rest. Go little gutties!

      • Well, Jack, that is one spin on it. The only one of the 3 that would have been a real help to UCLA is Jackson. Smith perhaps, but we are loaded in the DB area and have plenty of receivers. The other big miss was Malachi Dupre out of Louisiana as we could use a deep threat WR. We will see how former Trojan recruit, Eldridge Massington comes along.

        Next year is SC’s real opportunity. UCLA had 2 high volume classes under Mora, and even after taking only 18 recruits this year we will only be able to take 18-20 next year and SC will have 25. So it stands to reason that SC will have a higher rated class next year as well. However, the Bruins should be better on the field in 2014 than SC. 2015 is anyone’s guess. A lot depends on whether Sark can coach them better than Kiffin.

        It isn’t exactly time to break out the razor blades in Westwood and while we could have done better, calling it a disaster is a bit of an overstatement. See ya in November.

        • No spin here. You lost 6 out of 7 on LOI Day. Bad finish. If you didn’t need these guys you lost, why were the Bruins fighting to get them until the bitter end? Otherwise, your effort was very strong. USC will lose to UCLA in all likelihood in 2014, but by the 2015 season, we’ll have a much better footing with our first full recruiting class in years. Clearly, this Trojan staff can recruit and we beat you big on the L.A. supers. Sark obviously has a lot to prove but so does Mora, who has to show he can win against good ranked teams. He’s had his face shoved in the dirt big-time by Carroll and there’s always the chance he could be USC’s Larry Smith, who started fast and then disappointed. Both Smith and Mora seem a little tightly wound under pressure, though Mora is undoubtedly tougher. I never said your class was a disaster. No way. It’s a good class, especially on defense. But if USC had finished like UCLA, I’d be singing the blues for sure. Instead, USC’s was a big surprise upward. No way did I think they could pull in a top 10 effort with all their issues. I’m already conceding you the 2014 game at the Rose Bowl. One year isn’t enough to fix our problems unless you just blow it. Your team is loaded! See ya in 2015.

        • Smith could have helped you at WR big time ….just as dynamic as Dupree, but he was never going to be a Bruin especially when his cousin joined USC staff…. As for 2015 …I can say the Serra boys are locks as is Iman Marshall…. he is the big get … I can’t remember a corner so big with such fluid hips at his age and to be a shut down corner … The Orange lu ..kid …I have no Idea … he could go anywhere from what i’m hearing ..Scout reported he’s a life long Michigan fan since he was a kid… But Orange Lu kids have always come to USC…But flip a coin with that one…. Rosen is yours to lose, but Stanford is his top choice …I don’t think he commits until he knows if they pass on him and he goes to Michigan… While on ESPN on NSD. .they asked him about the so cal schools an which one he liked… He said ” It just happens that the schools i’m looking at happen to be in California … He didn’t say So Cal and the host was pretty specific about so CAL and gave a “So Cal “follow up Trying to see if he would slip up and say UCLA or USC…. Don’t see him coming to USC with Town committed
          …. and quite frankly, i would tell him not too. He also said the Rosen are a East Coast family …Now I can see why Michigan is so High on his List …His Sister goes to Emory in Atalnta, so his parents could be perching the ” Go away for college experience” i don’t think people really have an Idea of how big these Three recruits will have on SoCal recruiting landscape…. Kids are very impressionable and want to play with the best prospects they played against in HS… When a top recruit like Adoree and JuJu say they want to put USC back on top…it make an impression on kids.I don’t mean to sound like a punk, but an 11 win season by us is very possible with our schedule …. and we could easily take a top 5 class and take 20 of 25 top prospects coming out of of California…..

  2. Governor Sark disagrees. Talking about consumed your the President of UCLA honks consumed with a USC blog. Look in the mirror and try to see the little boy that had so much promise but ended up a Ruin lurking on USC board trying to make his life have meaning.

      • LOL. Now that was funny. Accounting major and always like numbers over words. Really should have paid attention in those classes. Although, my bank account says I did the right thing.

        • Glad you have a sense of humor. I know a multi millionsire that can’t spell squat. He can pay people to do that for him plus now he has spell check.

  3. LOL, I guess he wants to be a backup at other schools as well. Son, head to a FCS school, you might be able to beat out a second tier QB

    • Texas might not be a bad place for him. Case McCoy graduates and David Ash is not good. Last year’s QB signing, Swoopes, looks to be more of an read-option, Vince Young type. Doesn’t Strong have a more pro-style offense than what Mack used to run?

  4. Lose to UCLA and Notre Dame and then run the guy out of town. If that tradition keeps up I guess it’s “So long Cory Kessler.” Trogan for life unless you lose to UCLA.

    WOO! 14 – 35. It’s good to be alive!

  5. Not sure why my comment didn’t go through. So again:

    Louisville – not sure about their QB situation after Bridgewater left.

    Ohio St – Miller is back for at least one more year. Miller was injured earlier in the year and Guiton had a good run as backup, but Guiton is a senior so he is leaving.

    Texas – McCoy, the backup, is a senior and is gone. Ash may or may not return after his concussion issues. Strong’s Louisville offense didn’t require a dual threat (Bridgewater wasn’t one via his stats), but Texas recruited Heard who is supposed to be one of the top dual-threats.

  6. Read today Jay Leno told 800 OJ Jokes during his run on Tonight Show!! 6TH most joked about person!! the top 5 were mostly presidents!!

    more solid empirical data supporting the notion Southern Cal is a national laughingstock!!

      • obvisouly that was faux Bucket….on a more serious note, did you see where wolfman confirmed he feels Lance Armstong is NOT the legit Tour Champeeeeen?

        even trOXan brainsurgeons less bright than you understand what the logical ramifications of this statement are…

        Paper champeenship, bye bye

        • What are all these allegations of a faux Bucket? So, every time you get embarrassed on the chat, it’s always a “faux” Bucket?

    • What’s worse, 800 OJ jokes or the 4,000 crotch kick you’ve been the recipient of? Sound like a no-brainer to me

    • Empirical? You sure? You still have your eyeballs bulging out from yesterdays all time crotch kicks?
      You got Helen and her trainee Violet calling you out, you can’t respond? You guys have got nothing.

      • sorry, i HAVE a life….i have neither the time nor the inclination to respond to every crackpot on this blog who wrap themselves in the blanket of controversy i provide, and then question the manner i which i provide it….i would rather they said thank you and go on their way….EITHER WAY, I DON’T GIVE A DANM!!!

    • UMMM that would be UCLA can’t win on it’s home field in January cause it hasn’t since 1986 !!!! ALOMST 30 YEARS…. I’m gonna call you guys the UCLA CUBS !!! wait.. you are the bRuins !!!! Chortle!!!!! ahahaahhahahahah

  7. Scott those videos are so tacky.. Put some effort into making them interesting..
    your making a public appearance, make yourself presentable, you look like a college kids father creeping.

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