• TrojanFan3.0

    Hey wolf, when are you going to resign?

    • Joseph B. Lowe

      No such luck

    • steveg

      He will, as soon as someone offers him a job that

      includes a paycheck. Daily News keeps him on because he is the worlds oldest intern.

  • steveg

    That was when you thought Kiffin should have been fired, perhaps Hazelton would still be around if he had.

  • rusoviet

    He got out of University Park before Kiffin’s paranoia drove him to sack him – Papadakis said it right after Kennedy Pola was fired “….Kiffin’s just shot himself with that move…”

    Listen all be grateful that Haden let him return to never ever have any allusion of just what damage Kiffin was capable of – better to have a brand new coach having survived three coaches before Sark’s arrival – sweep all the players wanted while UCLA got what they deserve – average – and press on.

    Kiffin will rue the day he chose to jump right back into a coaching position – he has learned nothing and he won’t have the strength when the harpies throughout the SEC come for him