Pat Haden In Texas

Texas Christian University athletic director Chris Del Conte tweeted that he spent this morning with USC athletic director Pat Haden and gave him a tour of the school’s academic services center.

Hopefully, TCU football coach Gary Patterson was there too. Might be a good nonconference game down road.

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  • rusoviet

    Two thoughts –
    1. Yes it would be great to land a Big 12 OOC instead of the lousy two this year and for the past 4 years (since OH St.) and ….
    2. Love to see the Pac-12 expand and grab a school from TX – Houston and couple that w. BYU (I’m aware Stanford refuses to permit BYU for the smae reason TCU and Baylor stand no chance – opposed to religious schools as conf. members) or Rice – to get a foothold in-state for more exposure and recruitment

    • Golden Trojan

      Then they can name it the Pacific Southwest Conference!

      • Ben Factor

        It’s not a long direct flight, so Dallas, or Houston or both could make sense.

        • steveg

          Need to go to College station, Austin, Fort Worth, or Lubbock to find good teams. Rice and U of Houston so so.

          • rusoviet

            You’re wrong – Houston and Rice are in the 5th largest metro market – all you want is to entice the populace to ‘watch’…to attend the games… watch the other conference games – this is what shrewdly the Bog 10 has done consider:

            They now have an iron in the following top 25 markets:

            NYC-NY/NJ, Indianapolis-IN, Detroit-MI, Milwaukee-WI, Minneapolis-MN, Washingtn DC/MD, Columbus-OH, PA, Omaha-NE, Chicago-IL

            Pac-12 has:

            LA, SFO/CA, PHX-AZ, SEA-WA, DEN-CO, Port-OR,

            Better move by the Big 10 – increases their cable subscriptions – forces annual attention to their conf. champion just like the SEC has

    • Ben Factor

      I didn’t know that about Stanford. I had heard that some of the Presidents opposed universities that were deemed not sufficiently academic. So do you think Stanford would have ruled out Notre Dame? I tend to doubt that.

      Adding a school in Dallas and a school in Houston certainly makes sense in the world of TV economics. As you suggest, Rice seems to fit the bill for Houston.

      • steveg

        How about Texas Tech and Oklahoma or Oklahoma State.

        • SUCC de trop

          Oklahoma – yes; OK State – maybe; Tixis Tic – never.

          • FMUSC81

            agree…If they could somehow rope in Texas

          • SUCC de trop

            Tixis doesn’t want to share the profits of its Longhorn TV channel. Those profits give Tixis a huge montary benefit at the expense of other teams in the Big 8. The Pac12 requires all sports revenue be shared. That’s what screwed the original 16 team expansion deal the Pac12 offered to 4 of the big 12’s universities . Tixis simply refused to share its Texas TV revenue. I think Texas made a mistake and will regret their decision.

          • FMUSC81

            Yeah I know …They got a ND deal and rand with it ….just think how much the PAC would have made on the TV deal if it had both USC and Texas …They would have made more in the long run.

        • rusoviet

          That was that massive offer made two+ years ago just after Scott became AD – he offered membership to: OK, TX, TX Tech, TX A&M – this was after both NE (Bog 10) and CO (to Pac 12) had left. TX went back to OK and made nice – it is a shame the offer wasn’t made just to OK, OK St., KS St. and TX A&M.

      • rusoviet

        Heck yes they (Stanford) would per Notre Dame – so they play them every year it means nothing – it’s conference member that is the issue. And yes Stanford is specific in blocking any tender towards BYU.

        Only problem with Rice is it is very very small but it is a top 20 academic school and won the college world series not too long ago.

    • SUCC de trop

      The biggest prerequisite to joining the Pac12 is that any University joining must be considered a significant US & world-class research facility. The Pac12 definition for such a University has certain parameters I’m sure, but any Pac12 decision is probably extremely subjective. Cal, Stanford and UCLA would have huge footprints in admitting new Universities to the Pac12

      • USCs Troll Killa

        Says SUCLA, who didn’t even go to SUCLA. He was too rippled up on application day.

  • agent13

    Hopefully, Haden is doing his due diligence for his next job… the sooner the better… A ten gallon hat should just about handle the size of his mighty brain…