Quick Thought On USC Basketball

USC played one of its best halves of the season last night against UCLA and I wrote yesterday that this season is virtually meaningless because it is Andy Enfield’s first and he needs to upgrade the roster.

But USC made only 11 of 21 free throws and is 11th in the Pac-12 in free-throw shooting at 66 percent. I mention this because Enfield is supposed to be a shot doctor and it’s probably one thing that should be able to improve even this year.

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  • Punk City has ARRIVED!!

    The trOXans are SO USED to being in the toilet they consider this debacle a “honeymoon” period!!!

    The PAC 12 is the conference of Champeens, not the conference of chimpanzees!!!

    Clean up this mess our get out of the PAC 12 losers!!!

    • Marv Elapes

      Can you say, BUSTED! Don’t worry Chicken Bucket, we don’t judge here.

    • ThaiMex

      Chucker….what’s with those dumb SoCal head Coaches popping off all of the time? Big Mouthed “Gap tooth” comes in to town and is on pace to equal the U$C record…. for worst performance in conference. Why not win “SOMETHING” first? He now looks like Travelers “Rear End”,…just like The Cookie man, Orgeron…who said something about beating the little boys in short pants….and shortly after…got his butt kicked. With all the behavior problems brought on by all the “Special Admits” it makes you wonder if this isn’t a classic example of the tail wagging the dog. (conference of Champeens!!! hahahahahahahahahahahahaha)

      fit Un!

    • BruinInSeattle

      you don’t represent Bruins well when you post offensive crap like that, Bucket. You might as well be RuinsNation.

      • This is war. We need Cadre up on the wall defending UCLA. Who’s gonna stand up on that wall?? You, “Seattle Bruin”??

        Somewhere deep down, somewhere you don’t talk about at your coffee parties, you WANT us on that wall, you NEED us on that wall.

        I have neither the time nor the inclination to answer to someone who wraps himself in the very blanket of freedom I provide, and then questions the manner in which I provide it. I prefer you just say thank you and be on your way or stand a post. Either way I DONT GIVE A DAMN WHAT YOU THINK!!!

  • Gollum-Wolf

    Ha! Way to go, Gargamel. In one breath you manage to absolve Enfield of blame and concede the roster needs upgrading. Then in the next breath you blame him for not improving the free throw shooting of a roster you one sentence earlier said needs upgrading. Using your logic we are to assume that if the likes of a Shakespeare, Doestoyevsky, Poe or Hemingway coached you that you would amount to more than the grammatically/syntax/spelling/proofreading/editing train wreck of a “blogger” you are.

    • SUCC de trop


  • BearBryant3

    Good point, but there so much to fix he may have lost focus at fixing one thing at a time.

  • BearBryant3

    Plus they are playing better

  • john wolcott

    Once in a while you are creative, Ugly Bucket, but this latest diatribe smacks of nothing but ugliness, which is a topic you are well-versed in, to say the least.

    Why don’t you just jump in a lake and be done with it.

  • you are surprised that i am petty, childish, vindictive, supportive of the Gay community and insanely clever?

    do you find this be a contradiction? very well then i contradict myself. i am multitudes.