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As a follow up to this morning’s recruiting post, one thing to mention is Adoree Jackson used to come to USC and perform track workouts last year with his high school coach . Just another reason why USC was always the frontrunner.

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      • You’re talking about 45 years ago? Just wanted to be sure. You have anything like that in this century? I can’t wait to hear about UCLA paid for a recruits horse boarding during the Victorian Era.

        • You just tipped your hand. You must be a recent grad. All you know about is the last two years. And as such, SCOREBOARD, Sonny. Enjoy your 30K a year. Yes, UCLA has a dirty, deceitful past. Be proud of your heritage while you charge up your credit card trying to keep up.

          • I was there when UCLA stud LB JaManfred Jackson knocked out your beloved QB Frode, so i you can “sonny” me when I already “sonned” you in a previous post.

            Back to the topic at hand, you keep mentioning Gilbert and I say tell me something that happened after the LBJ administration.

            I mean, if you want ancient history didn’t Mark Goo pay players in the 70s? Your beloved Fat Man beat for the Rams and you get hammered by the NCAA? But I mention that only if you want ancient history.

          • Excellent work on Google, Sonny. If you focused more on your career, you’d have Gilbert-quality scratch.

          • “UCLA Dynasty” has been posting the same drivel here for three years. He better hope he’s a recent grad, because anything else would be pathetic.

            What’s all this talk about UCLA constantly needing to injure the other team’s players? Because they can’t win talent to talent? Ouch.

          • “Wah! We can’t beat UCLA in football, so let’s claim they’re a bunch of meanies.” Didn’t hear you complaining when your main Malaluga was bringing the pain. Sorry UCLA is tougher and meaner now then your softies.

          • Except it’s become a pattern with your team. A pattern when your team is about to lose. Sounds like the truth hurt someone’s feelings. Need a hug?

          • Losers always whine when they get punched in the teeth. And, um, I’ll pass on the hug. The mighty troggies now being bullied by the better, tougher, superior Bruins. Poor little pUSC.

          • Where did your information come from. I notice your accusations weren’t attributed, and you obviously you don’t use Google. So, where oh where is your information coming from. Be specific will ya killa.

          • They have NO response for “scoreboard!” because every time they face the Bruins in the two sports that matter, they get beat by double digits. Thus, the reversion to past accomplishments, and name-dropping Carroll, Bush, Leinart, Palmer, etc. Funny how you don’t see the name Kessler on here.

      • You forgot Walton – good ole’ Bill stated he made more scratch playing for UCLA then he did his first year with the Celtics…..

        The stench that is woodie

        • Yet SUCC has suffered sanctions and UCLA won 10 BB NC’s the hard way, in tournament competition. As opposed to SUCC’s voted, and therefore suspect FB NC’s that SUCC fans constantly snivel & rant about. Remember SUCC fans, votes can always be purchased.

    • hahahahahahaha!!!! Typical bRuin….Must suck to be full of hate and envy !!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Don’t be mad Adoree didn’t idolize Tyler Ebell

  1. So all Sark has to do is leave the gate unlocked and allow high schoolers to come in and run around the track and they’re locked in? Now that Scottie’s let the cat out of the bag, Mora is gonna do the same thing. Jeez Louise.

    • The UCLA track facility doesn’t need heavy duty security fences or locked gates. In fact there are numerous signs that say HS track team members are welcome. There’s no need to sneak at UCLA.

      • So it sounds like you’re saying Adoree Jackson chose USC over UCLA because it is a better school and not because he was allowed to run track on the USC campus.

  2. I’m just glad no one at Heritage Hall believes this. USC being USC puts them in the game but closing belongs to the coaching staff. Only a true idiot would believe a recruit comes to USC just because it’s USC.

    • This.

      USC recruits itself…to an extent.

      Lane Kiffin is proof of a coach mucking things up. We had commits that dreamed of attending USC from the time they were little, only to be turned off by Kiffin’s terrible attitude. Sark seems far more personable and is able to close. Time will tell if he can close like Pete did.

      • It’s several factors.

        In a way, LA teams recruit themselves. Kids currently in the area want to stay in the area. Out of area kids are seduced by a trip over here when they see the weather, our women, the lifestyle, the beaches, etc.

        USC is icing on the cake. Throw in the media attention we receive (even during subpar season) and you have a no-brainer.

        Even the team that so-called “owns LA” doesn’t receive a fraction of the media presence after games and practices. They will always be Honda and USC will be Ferrari.

        Of course, it’s not for everyone. People like Dwight Howard and Petersen don’t like the spotlight and the scrutiny that comes with it.

    • I recall seeing Scott interviewed shortly before NSD. When asked to make predictions, he DID forecast that Jackson, Smith, and Mama would choose USC. However, in addition, he added that Jackson was hiding his intentions, and that the selection could go either way. Now, “USC was always the frontrunner.”

      If it was as close a call in Jackson’s mind as it was in Scott’s mind, should we not assume that relationships with Tee, Sark, etc. very probably mattered…A LOT?

      Plus, as it turned out, Smith almost selected Oregon. Again, should we not assume that relationships with USC coaches very probably mattered a lot?

      I’m not one who endorsed Haden’s search methods, or even Sark’s hire. But Sark, Tee, Helton and others did a very good job with recruiting, given all the circumstances.

      In addition, it’s early to assess the colleagues who accompanied Sark from UW. I was impressed by his outside hires for OL and DL. So, I’m not complaining about his staffing, either.

      As time passes, there may be a lot to question/criticize. No need to jump the gun. 🙂 So far, Coach, nice work!

      • This is a great post! Fair both toScott and to the staff.

        I’ll say it again. Being USC puts the coaching staff’s foot in the door. It compels recruits to take visits. It doesn’t close.

        I don’t know if it was Sark, Tee, Helton, Ed O or who who closed. Sark’s actual impact remains to be seen over several years. But it wasn’t just the university that brought these recruits. Anyone who thinks USC can just rely on its past to get recruits will be out of a job very quickly.

        Kiffin could recruit. We should acknowledge that. I gave no idea why he was so good, but he has been at every stop,

        He just can’t coach.

        • Well based on two years ago at this time and last year at this time Kiffin was fast exhausting what skill he had – he was alienating: HS coaches, players and their parents. He was heavy handed in toying with the power of a scholarship and forcing a decision upon a potential recruit by mandating a decision in a matter of minutes.

          The best thing Kiffin did was finally wake up Haden the increasing number of HS players not committing to USC during the first 3 games of this past year’s season – that was the major issue that made Haden throw him out – there was no future with Kiffin at the helm. It’s also the reason Mora praised him.

        • Gilby! Gross. Please dispense with your disingenuous euphemisms and go back to antagonizing us behind a facade of detente. It reminds us how much we remain relevant.

          • Probe – aka ‘The Amazing Fool’ Troll Killa got you on that one i.e. your ‘nuanced’ “…oh can I join? I just love to share the bouquet from this carafe…”

            You always start out as a ‘unknown’ actor in a Woody Allen film and then, w.o. fail, go ‘hall monitor’ if any discussion begins to get ‘bitchy’ towards bel-air tech.

          • Gee thanks…I hate Woody Allen films. Didn’t realize you were fans of the “Wanger” on the UCLA blog. He certainly doesn’t get any carpal tunnel from posting…and’s ugly.

    • LOL.

      Actually, in Scott’s case, and to Scott’s point, USC brings traffic to the Daily News!

      • Burfict – but I don’t think his grades were up to the SC level at the time. Don’t quote me on that.

        • Thanks…yes — Burfict. If I remember correctly, he felt more “at home” with ASU and USC seemed too intimidating.

  3. True Story Scotty USC name does recruit for itself. Also true that baby blue looks great on 2 year old boys and stuffed bears, not so much on football players.

  4. When the class is good, ALL the credit goes to USC recruiting USC. When the class is bad, it is the coaches fault.

    Come on Scott, it can be all one way and then the other…

  5. so Wolf just like most of the press develops and a story that never existed. If USC was the front runner run with it prior to LOI day, not after.

  6. Question SUCC historians: How many times in the last, say twenty years (1993-2013), has the SUCC men’s track team been victorious in a dual track meet with UCLA men’s track team?

      • Easy Cheap Lies. SUCC I believe, est’d its college in 1885 or so. UCLA was est. in 1919 and didn’t field team sports until 1930. UCLA’s men’s track team was trounced by SUCC the first twenty dual meets. According to #32 above, SUCC still leads the series 42 – 38. It seems the SUCC track men’s track team doesn’t do well against quality competition. This is particularly the case with the SUCC BB team. SUCC is good at pounding novice sports teams but then loses significantly when competition is equalized. Just check the SUCC’s overall Men’s BB record against UCLA and then do the math since 1954 against UCLA. I think it’s safe to say SUCC sports teams don’t like real, actual competition.

    • Looks like USC leads the overall series 42-38 but has won only 4 times since 2001.

      On the women’s side, ucla leads 22-8, but USC has won 5 of the past 6.

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