• well, for starters 7 Win Sark is gonna lose at least 6 games. so what do you think, wolfman??

    oh i get it, you are just setting the trOXans up for a brutal crotch kick!!!

    wolfman, you are one RUTHLESS VATO LOCO!!!

    i can’t help but chortle, remembering the trOXans in 2012 after the Pious Passer’s sails went flop!!

    and then the pain and agony when Kiff had his melt down in ‘2013!!! and then when Coach O was sacrificed by Hadden cause he was not garden party material!!

    the Sanctions excuse is getting OLD!!! even Penn State overcame thier penalties? can’t trOXans match Molester U??

    • Ray Reyes

      I love seeing Bucket post on here! Every letter he types is one second out of his pathetic life.

    • TrojanFan3.0

      What’s interesting, you forgot to mention the 10 wins in 2013!

      Dementia is some nasty stuff!

      PS…..go back to bed, no one gives a shlt what you have to say!

  • The Capper

    Every team has injuries, there is no getting away from this. Unfortunately, having a limited number of scholarship means Sark will have to use walk-ons. I say we all get our expectations inline and assume 8-9 wins will be a great season this year. 2015 is more realistic a goal for winning the PAC-12. Even PC didn’t win it his first year so don’t expect Sark to do better.

  • party_opponent

    You’re missing word in your sentence.

  • Golden Trojan

    Let’s win the division first before we think about the conference, beating UCLA and ND and 9 wins would be great season.

  • Arturo

    Of course. They’ll need some luck, the Oline to gel and the defense to come together but the talent is there.

  • rpalma

    looking at the highlight film.. looks a lot like dennis dixon (raw). Lots of speed for a bigman. Seems like Sark is throwing everything at the wall, to see what will stick… No doubt Baby qb backs out.

  • EncinitasBruin

    Great haul, but I believe SC is a recruiting class away from landing the depth they need to win the Pac 12. They closed very well with the big 3 “5s” this year, but depth could be an issue this fall due to sanctions thinning of the ranks. Their 2-deep at most positions is solid, but if the injury bug hits this year as it did last, it might be tough sledding. Kessler really came on strong, so having him–or Browne–the clear starter by opening day will help a great deal (Kiffin made many tactical errors, but I believe being coy about a starter was his biggest last season). Also, conference schedule with Stanford, Arizona, Utah, and UCLA away makes it tough, like UCLA having to play Stanford, Oregon and SC away this past fall. Buck Allen should be a beast this season, since Kessler and passing game will be more effective early, opening up the run. D is loaded. What about your O line?

    • ScottWolfSniffsHisOwnFarts

      Why would someone “down vote” this comment?

  • john wolcott

    “The sanctions excuse is getting old,” states the Ugly Bucket-Thigh-Mix Siamese twin

    What is also getting old is your boring “crotch kick” cliche, and your insincere worship of Wolf, you stupid fool

    Back to the subject, it is a harsh disadvantage to only have 75 schollies while everybody else has 85.

    Picking future stars out of high school is a crap shoot, and the odds are one is going to miscalculate on a certain percentage. Well, the percentages are far better with 85 kids than with 75.

    So thems the realities.

  • steveg

    This class will have great impact in 2015, and bring championship implications in 2016.

    • Joe H

      Sounds about right.

  • Fred Sampson

    Stop with all the scholarship limitation nonsense , that was that loser Lane Kiffins daily excuse . When Ed Orgeron took over you never herd him mention that at all , he just went out there and won football games !!! And I hope Steve Sarkisian doesn’t start wit that nonsense either , because if he does, it will reflect on the type of coach we can expect in the future .

    • Arturo

      For comparisons sake, neither Bama nor Miami recovered or even came close to do doing as well as SC has; their sanctions weren’t nearly as harsh either. I hear you about not making it an excuse, but the reality is that if affects practice, recruiting, and, of course, outcomes of games.

  • pactenman

    It’s proven that USC can overcome recruiting restrictions. Not sure yet USC can overcome its coaching limitations. I’m not going to blame recruiting if they don’t win the conf.

  • B.Miller

    YES.. if USC can avoid injuries, and / or play kids both ways.. Specifically on the DL, which is where fast tempo teams have the advantage..

    • CPEM

      Sorry, I didn’t read anything you wrote, I never made it past the picture.

      • B.Miller