Incoming QB Randall Cunningham Status

According to a USC spokesperson, if quarterback/high jumper Randall Cunningham plays in a game for the Trojans, he would count as a football scholarship. So he can be on team next season and compete on the track team.

Cunningham is currently on a track scholarship.

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    So that’s USC’s plan to get around the sanctions… giving out “scholarshups”.

    • JJ Griffiths

      except for the fact the kid is a world class high jumper…oh, and SC doesn’t need more quarterbacks. This is a win-win for both sides.

    • steveg

      They cost less, Sucla has been using them for years.

  • ScottWolfSniffsHisOwnFarts

    Does Gargamel pruufreed his blog posts?

  • Helen

    Does anyone know when the sanctions officially end? Does that mean USC could offer more scholarships the next day to someone like Cunningham?

    • old_trojan_93

      June 2014

      • Helen


        • Arturo

          I think walk-ons don’t count against the 75 but do against the 85.

          • JayJR

            Not sure what you mean by “count.” Last season we had 110 players (scholarships and walk-ons) on the roster.

            As of last weeks signings; 71 scholarships have been spoken for, which includes all 15 (plus 4 unused from the 2013 class and given to early enrollees) allowed under the NCAA sanctions.

            I believe that Max Wittek’s scholarship will become available in the summer, and could go to a “walk-on” already on the team and in school. I also believe that the same is true of any of the 71 become available, they can go to walk-ons.

    • B.Miller

      Any scholarships given will go against USC’s 25 scholarship limit for next year

  • Marv Elapes

    So Cunningham and the Hawaiian kid will probably get scholarships in June.

  • tim chaney

    i’m confused. if he has a track scholarship, couldn’t he just walk on to the football team? Adoree has a football scholarship. if he runs, does that count as track scholarship?

    • TDOG

      If you rub the Wolfman’s bald head just right, you can get that answer!

    • Helen

      Short answer – no.
      Long answer – NCAA.

    • B.Miller

      According to the NCAA. If he plays in any actual football games he will officially be changed to a football Scholarship..
      He can play on the practice squad..

      Personal opinion I would like to see the kid play ball

  • TrojanFan3.0

    What? ……You’re all confused! Please get the cranium checked out

  • FMUSC81

    He can’t Play in a game for two years….after that he can play and it will be a okay….So HE can redshirt to learn to play WR or improve as a QB.

  • Toejam For Life

    Where is the extra scholarship?