USC Morning Buzz: A Coaching Omission

COACHESThis is a coaches’ tribute at Heritage Hall. An obvious omission is men’s basketball and any mention of someone like Bob Boyd. The display apparently only includes coaches’ who won national titles but the title is “A History Of Leadership,” not “National Championship Coaches.”

But this is why basketball’s often been referred to as the step-child sport at USC. Boyd was the coach the last time USC defeated a No. 1 team in 1970, when the Trojans upset UCLA,  87-86. It was the Bruins’ second loss ever at Pauley Pavilion. Boyd also defeated No. 1-ranked UCLA in 1969, the Bruins’ first loss at Pauley Pavilion.

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  • ScottWolfSniffsHisOwnFarts

    Another day. Another thing for Gargamel to complain about.

    • gotroy22

      Another Golly-Nerd sock puppet checking in with their trademark “Gargamel” nonsense.

  • Helen

    Wolfian logic strikes again.

    IF “display is of coaches who won national titles” AND “Boyd did not win a national title” THEN “Boyd should not be on display”

  • Evil Robot

    First of all, you talk about “someone like Bob Boyd” but then go on to whine about him specifically and nobody else. If you’re going to walk through a newly renovated building and nitpick anything you can, I’m not going to feel bad about mentioning the grammatical low bar you set on a daily basis.

    Secondly, your “step-child sport” argument doesn’t hold much water, when you’re talking about a display that includes women’s golf, swimming and women’s basketball. The fact is, the basketball team is just the weak link in the athletic history. Despite having a relatively good run, I wouldn’t expect a Tim Floyd tribute.

    • gotroy22

      Robots have feelings?

  • Joseph B. Lowe

    The BB program has been awful over decades.

    • rusoviet

      Agreed but this is bel-air tech’s sole item of relevancy and they have little to show for it.

  • Sweeeet scooopin’ wolfman!! But don’t forget the trOXans are ALSO laughing stocks in baseball as well as basketball!!

    The PAC12 is the conference of champeens, not the conference of one-sport schools!!

    Clean it up Hadden! TrOXans are an embarrassment!!

    • Helen

      Baseball? Really? The USC Trojans are the most dominant program in the history of college baseball with 12 baseball national championships. USC is far and away the leader in that category; no other school has more than six. Get your facts straight.

      • Are you so ignorant, you don’t know how crappy your team is??

        Princeton won over 20 football chapernships in the prior century, you don’t hear them claiming to be a football powerhouse!!

        TrOXans haven’t won so much as a Regional game in over 10 yrs!!! That means you SUCKK!!!

        Last place every year in PAC 12, ugh you are st-st-stupid!

        • Jack B

          Little gutties won one. USC has 12. 12-1. Landslide victory for Trojans. You are a very challenged person, Crotch Boy. What is USC’s overall baseball record vs the little gutties? Dare you to print it.

        • B-rad

          USC baseball has been pretty weak lately, but USC has had a national championship in baseball more recently than UCLA has had a championship in basketball. And then it was decades after your other basketball championships. It kind of seems like the USC baseball and UCLA basketball have similar histories.

  • lbc trojan

    What about “Filthy Ron” Dadeaux? He taught MacGuire and Randy Johnson all he knew….about cheating and doping. Not to mention the scandals and payoffs. The 70’s were wild times, but his filthy legacy still stinks up HH.

    • Joseph B. Lowe

      At least he didn’t live in smelly lb.

      • lbc trojan

        Tell it to Bruce Gardener….as you know Filthy Ron Dadeaux was implicated in his suicide note.

        • Joseph B. Lowe

          So says the King of Ripples

    • Joseph B. Lowe

      “Gardner was a star at Fairfax High, student body president and was chosen “student mayor for a day” of Los Angeles. It was reported that the White Sox offered him a $50,000 bonus, a lot of money in 1956, but his mother refused to sign the contract because she wanted him to go to college.”

      His MOTHER>

      • Joseph B. Lowe

        Here’s his note:

        I saw life going downhill every day and it shaped my attitude toward everything and everybody. Everything and every feeling that I visualized with my earned and rightful start in baseball was the focal point of continuous failure. No pride of accomplishment, no money, no home, no sense of fulfillment, no attraction. A bitter past, blocking any accomplishment of a future except age. I brought it to a halt tonight at 32.

        What about Rod?

        • lbc trojan

          “The next morning, a groundskeeper at first thought the body on the mound was a drunken student sleeping one off. Then he saw the blood, then the suicide note, which was addressed to his mother and Coach Dedeaux, and said, “This is what I think of your USC education.”

          Dedeaux blew his arm out from over using him. he blamed Dedeaux. You can’t count on the USC Media book for all your knowledge.

          • Joseph B. Lowe

            Wasn’t SC Media book. It was online. What a chicken S way out. Blame everyone but himself. And you buy his bull S. He had nobody to blame but himself. A loser that couldn’t take the fact it was his own fault. Killing himself was C. S.
            A typical H.S. a hole that peaked in H.S. and can’t stand the fact he was a failure in life.

          • rusoviet

            I remember that day like it was yesterday – 43 yrs ago this June – the fog hadn’t lifted from the campus and still using the old ball field with that huge sycamore that hung over the west side of the park. The story rolled through the campus early that morning before classes – I was up in Touton Hall on West 35th and it was already on the transom before 8:00 am. We all tried to ‘see’ the site but it was cordoned off. Lots of typical dark humor – at that time all of us thought he had recently failed in the majors.

          • Joseph B. Lowe
    • Mike 70

      the name is spelled Dedeaux. His first name is Rod, not Ron.Before you shoot off your uneducated mouth at least learn how to spell. There is NO implication of Rod Dedeaux in this man’s death. I played for Rod and he was anything but a cheater and a doper. He only won 12 NCAA baseball championships., as many as Papa Sam could accumulate with his abortions etc. What scandals and payoffs? You are an idiot!

    • rusoviet

      Troy Glaus?


    What a rouges gallery.

  • FightON

    USC doesn’t care about basketball. I recall an assistant official in the AD pushing to make waves with a shiny new hire years ago (right after Bibby I think, but that may be wrong). He was let go and is now working at some school who is a perennial powerhouse in basketball. The school puts more effort into letting football shine.

    • gotroy22

      We did back in the early 1950s when we made the Final Four with Bill Sharman and Wooden was just a new hire across town.

  • Marv Elapes

    Nice to see that Jess Hill is recognized. He doesnt get a lot of attention, but nobody has a better resume. Fight On Jess!

  • Larry Harris

    ** Boyd was the coach the last time USC defeated a No. 1 team in 1970, when the Trojans upset UCLA, 87-86.**

    Not close…No cigar, cigarette, or chaw’n tabackee.
    The last time USC defeated a No. 1 team (Arizona) BEBHDBMF (also known as Bibby) was the coach. Venue was the Sports Arena. The court was stormed. Thanks to Jarvis Turner I was not trampled during the melee. I learned my lesson.