USC Is A Water Polo School

The No. 1-ranked USC women’s water polo team has scored 88 goals in its past four games at the UC Riverside Invitational. Granted, the opponents were Redlands, Fresno Pacific, Azusa Pacific and Cal Baptist.

Imagine how happy Pat Haden is as the Trojans cement their status as a water polo school.

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  • That’s what the CADRE has been saying for years!!!

  • LamontRaymond

    Scottie – consider that a school can be successful in multiple sports. So sure, SC can be a Water Polo school, a Football school, a Baseball School (hopefully, one day), etc. You don’t have to be an “X” school to the exclusion of “Y”.

  • ThaiMex

    Did somebody call me?
    fit Un!
    (and Scooter says he doesn’t read any Postings on this site!)

    • TrojanFan3.0

      Who in the fuc would be calling you at 3am? Your obsession with this blog has developed into a bad case of insomnia!

      It must truly suck to be you, dementia, insomnia and hung like a pimple, just to name a few!

      • SUCC de trop

        So says, SUCC’s official parasite.

  • john wolcott

    Quite Frankly, Scarlett, I do give a dam, and I’d rather be known as an academic giant

    • ThaiMex

      Shirley…you jest!……Academic giant…..yup…just like Arizona State!
      fit Un!

      • Academic Giant??? More like delusional midget!!! Um little person.

        Thai these last several years (aka the Golden Age of the Cadre) have taken a devastating toll on poor LJ!!! Good thing he’s an academic giant…HAWR-HAAAAWR!!

        • TrojanFan3.0

          Talking to yourself again, pathetic!

          You’re the one that sounds like a “delusional midget”!!!

          Did you know dementia is some nasty stuff?

      • Jack B

        Let’s have a big Sun Bowl 8-clap for the incessant trolling of Urine Boy and the land of the little gutties – where football conference and national championships never happen. So sorry. So sad. So traditional little gutty non-glory.

      • USC Domination

        Coward Mex, you couldn’t attend SC even with all of your ‘anchor-baby’ string pulling actions from Pelosi and Reid. Just accept the fact that you were a bRuin strictly from affirmative action quotas. And a lower echelon bRuin from your constant misspellings and mistakes.

    • anno nimus

      F A I L


    Ha ha, imagine you’re one of the girls on that team, and you work hard and do well, and finally you get a mention on a blog called Inside USC that is supposed to be all about USC sports, and the blogger just uses your success as an excuse to take a shot at the AD about football and men’s basketball! Ha ha, and you already know that USC fans care mainly about football, but what does your success have to do with other programs’ failures? Nothing at all, really! Ha ha, oh man, it must be great to know that your own school’s beat writer can’t even say something nice about your team without making a sarcastic comment about stuff that has nothing to do with you! Hilarious, right? Right?

    • UCLA Dynasty

      Never saw a post before where I thought “well, I got nothing to add here.” Mr. Wolf posted a fact, given one possibly two backhanded compliments and trolled his own board. All in two sentences! Just amazing work here.

      • TrojanFan3.0

        What dynasty?

        • UCLA Dynasty

          I said “Never saw a post before where I thought “well, I got nothing to add here.” Mr. Wolf posted a fact, given one possibly two backhanded compliments and trolled his own board. All in two sentences! Just amazing work here”

          Not sure why you said “what, Dynasty?” Seemed pretty clear the first time.

          • TrojanFan3.0


    • USC Domination

      I agree Rob, it’s a pathetic excuse for a so called ‘Beat Writer’ to diminish the National Championships of both Water Polo teams. The only thing I can add is that any decent minded person can recognize Scott’s gross incompetence and call him out for it. Have you seen Wolfe’s picture? I guess it must be tough for him to be a balding, overweight slob whose own version of athletics is lifting a cheeseburger to his mouth.
      We’ll take Vincent Bonsignore as Scott’s replacement any day of the week.

  • TrojanNation

    It’s known that no one at USC likes Scott. This is why he never has ANY inside scoops on USC athletics and is always taking these really amateur shots at Haden, USC football/basketball and his favorite, Kiffin. He’s not a USC beat writer, he’s someone that collects a paycheck to just a copy/paste other real website/journalists information on USC athletics.

    • USC Domination

      Scott Wolfe is incompetent in his field of reporting.. He was unable to get a job at the major newspapers and got stuck with the Daily News for years. Since he works for peanuts, he is content at his current stage of mediocrity. He is an embarrassment to the sports community and is a joke on the USC campus. Scott’s failure to get laid this Valentines Day, as with every other day, leads him to be perpetually pessimistic, and he lashes out at people who have legitimate lives by spewing his crap in this blog.
      Scott fails to accept the brilliance of teams that win national championships, not to mention our incredible coach.

  • timtrojan

    Daily News is number 86 in circulation around the country and dropping. You peaked a long time ago Scotty and now your headed straight for Senior Lifestyle Editor on the Daily Bruin.

  • ScottWolfSniffsHisOwnFarts

    Gargamel was the first journalist to be diagnosed with CTE.

    • gotroy22

      Golly-Nerd’s sock puppet always has such insight!

  • timtrojan

    Begin with your hands in the air above you. Wiggle your fingers (yes, its a part of it). Then slightly bend forward, towards the ground, with your hands in front of you facing down.
    Then ever so slowly begin to raise your hands towards the sky while similtaneously shouting “Aaaaaaah” (I don’t really know how to describe this part).
    Once your arms are straight above you, quickly bring your hands down in front of your chest and clap loudly 8 times.
    Now this is where it gets tricky. Pump your right fist in the air once and at the same time yell very loudly “U“. Clap three times.
    Now pump your left fist in the air once and at the same time yell “C“. Clap three times.
    Pump your right fist again with a loud shout of “L“. Clap three times.
    And now pump your left fist in the air and shout “A“. Clap three times.
    Actually this is where it gets tricky. The following is a little quicker. It’s basically pumping your fist in the air like above, just without the clapping. Pump your right fist with a “U“, pump your left fist with a “C“, pump your right with an “L“, and pump your left fist with an “A“.
    Then pump your right fist high in the air three times and yell “Fight!” for each pump.
    Yay Eight Clap!!(that’s not a part of it). This is done very rapidly so its a little hard to keep up the first time, but that’s part of the fun in learning it.

  • Greekgas

    I fail to understand why a supposed writer for USC would be so antagonistic and single minded as to consistently reduce his focus to back handed and irrelevant comments.
    It is more than biting the hand that feeds him, it is a lack of respect to a University overall that as an alum, I find difficult to justify.
    We should, quite simply, expect better.

  • Violet

    Scott, it pains me to agree with you. Baseball and basketball have been a disaster for years. And in football, Pat Haden thanked the coach who averted a total collapse of the team by running him out of town, and replaced him with a very mediocre Sark. I hope I’m wrong about Sark, but fellow Trojans should wake up and face reality. Even if the messenger has a sharp tongue.
    Fight ON! you too Scott.

    • Guest

      Chuckles, this post is just sad.

      • gotroy22

        You are sad Trojan Fan 6.9.

      • Violet

        I agree, it’s sad but true. That said I agree we should be proud of the Water Polo program. But I took that to be Scott’s point. Perhaps I’ve missed it.
        Got to get back to Bunco. Chuckles? The girls will crack up at that one.

    • USC Domination

      Violet, I completely disagree with you. I’m guessing you’ve never played competitive water polo, tennis, golf, track, or any sport OTHER than football or baseball? (And I’m guessing you never played those sports either). National Championships prove that a team is BEST in the COUNTRY, not just best in a geographical area. Don’t be a bandwagon Trojan fan, there are plenty of bandwagon bRuin fans and it is a pathetic site over in Westwood.

  • TrojanFamily

    I’m still trying to grasp how water polo success at USC is a point to troll. Water polo takes tremendous athleticism. The athletes who play and excel at the sport are extremely talented and dedicated. USC has had numerous water polo athletes win Olympic gold as well as all of the success at the university level.

    So can someone please explain why USC should be ashamed of its water polo success? I admit I just don’t get the point of Wolf’s troll post.

  • FreeShabazz

    I bet the basketball team would have a better record this year if the starting line up was made up of only women’s water polo players.

    • USC Domination

      Our women’s basketball team swept the bRuins female BB tearm right out of their garters, so SC continues to dominate the bRuins frequently and often.

      • FreeShabazz

        Did you even read my post? I was only saying that the sc women’s water polo players are probably better at b-ball than the men’s basketball players. It has nothing to do with ucla dude