Should USC Quarterback Max Wittek Transfer To Texas?

USC QB Max Wittek visited Texas this weekend but why does this make a good fit? Someone in Wittek’s position needs to go somewhere where he is pretty much guaranteed playing time. That is not Texas.

It might be Louisville. Or Texas Christian, which promised 50-plus passes per game. And it’s almost certainly Hawaii. But Texas means competition, which is not what a transfer should seek. Ask Mitch Mustain.

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  • ScottWolfSniffsHisOwnFarts

    This post says so much about Gargamel. Afraid to compete. Wants something guaranteed. Afraid to fail. Hopefully, Wittek doesn’t take his advice.

    • Ben Factor

      Wittek said explicity that he wanted to transfer to a school where he could play/start. Scott didn’t mention it, but that is what Wittek said.

      I think Wittek’s chances of starting at UT are worse than at any of the other schools named. So, if starting is a big deal to Wittek, UT is not a natural choice.

      Perhaps becoming a starter is no longer at or near the top of Wittek’s list? Could be.

      Based on your “don’t fear competition” theory of decision making, I guess you would advise Wittek not to transfer at all. Is that correct?

      • ScottWolfSniffsHisOwnFarts

        Nope. Wittek can do whatever he likes. But taking advice from Gargamel is foolish.

  • 22

    Another factor for Matt is he will not be able to participate in Spring practice, so he will need to win the starting job in Fall practice. It will be a big task to learn the play book and run the plays with a new team over such a short period of time. If you don’t win the starting job as a junior, its an uphill task to win it as a senior because most coaches want more than a one year quarterback. Playing under Norm Chow could definitely open up some interesting possibilities.

    • TrojanFan3.0

      His name is “Max”!

      • 22

        It sure is. Bad mistake on my part. I hope he does great, wherever he goes.

    • steveg

      If Wittek went to Hawaii it would be like a qb trade.

  • Ted

    I thought Fresno State would have made good sense. QB friendly system with starting QB that is leaving…

  • TrojanFan3.0

    Why don’t you try to get an exclusive interview and be the first to break some relevant news, instead of being the last…….just a thought!

    • ThaiMex

      Your less than refreshing posts seem to be deleted with regularity…..
      Thank goodness, the people in charge are not from your family tree.
      fitUn knuckleheads!

      • USC Domination

        Lick it, 3rd world clown head.

        • Arturo

          TM is a disgrace to the developing world.

      • TrojanFan3.0

        When you’re in charge of the button what can I say!….nice try!

    • B.Miller

      Because Copy and pasting is so much easier

  • Arturo

    Wittek the businessman networking with two schools with ALUMNI CLOUT. Smarter than I thought as he sees life beyond football.

  • ProbationU

    As a Bruin fan, I would love to see him start at Texas.

    • Ben Factor

      Because that would show that he did beat out Kessler?

      Because it would help UCLA recruiting?

      The HC and staff are new. How will UCLA be helped?

      • ProbationU

        Because we play Texas next year in Dallas.

      • ThaiMex

        Benny Boy….What he’s saying…is …Wittek was RUINED by the $UC coaching staff….He’s DAMAGED GOODS…We’d like to see Wittek start because UCLA opens next season against Texas. We kicked his rear end two seasons ago…and would love to do it again!
        fit Un!

        • USC Domination

          don’t you have your momma’s basement to return to?

          • TrojanFan3.0

            ….and the walls could use some paint

      • Cheap seats

        Do you really think he beat our Kessler?

        • Ben Factor

          I didn’t know that UCLA played TX next year, and didn’t see why ProbationU cared about Wittek starting at TX.

          I don’t think Wittek beat out Kessler. I’m not a fan of Kessler as a passer. and it’s a shame that Wittek is streaky with ball placement, and too daring with his arm. But that’s Wittek at this point in time.

          I always found Wittek matter of fact and articulate, and I hope he does well.

          Does Kessler seem bright to you?

          • Cheap seats

            I watched several of the practices on the baseball platform and in every session, everyone around me thought Kessler was the clear-cut winner. It didn’t matter if it was full 11-on-11 or 7-on-7 drills.

            In practice, he’s much more steady and accurate than Wittek. He reminds me of a west coast offense-type QB that can pick you apart with 3 step drops.

            Even since his Mater Dei days, Wittek has thrown almost a 1/1 TD:INT ratio even with Blackwell.

            To answer your question, while I think Kessler is “bright”, he doesn’t seem to possess the borderline “cocky” attitude / swagger needed to become an elite QB.

          • Ben Factor

            Your observations about the competition fit in with others I have read or heard.

            Re Kessler, I’m a little OCD, and replayed a number of his successful and unsuccessful passes over and over, and:

            1. I don’t see the arm strength to DRIVE the ball for throws involving ball flight of more than 20-25 yards;

            2. I don’t see pinpoint ball placement beyond 20-25 yards of ball flight;

            3. He gets rattled when he’s hit a few times, and thereafter becomes inaccurate even when given time;

            4. He throws late too often;

            5. Too many times, he doesn’t see the right target;

            Give him a 5-yards-per-carry running game, and he succeeds. But he can’t open up the stalled running game.

            I don’t know anything about QB development, so maybe enough of that can and will get fixed. But Scott echoed my tentative thought: it will be comfortable to start Kessler, and the path to a strong November probably runs in a different direction.

            What did you observe about Browne in practice? Is he much less than it appeared when he was in HS? What are his particular challenges? I can’t believe he’s the downtrodden underdog to start. Palmer, Leinart, Sanchez, or even Barkley, is not playing next year. It’s KESSLER! What’s the issue with Browne?

          • Cheap seats

            I can’t really say I’ve seen much of Browne because he was really never in the running. (although Kiffin said some PR things to make it sound like there was “open competition.”)

            If you’ve been to practice before, you’d see that there a main practice field where the 1’s and 2’s play under the baseball platform and a far field to the left when viewing the field.

            Midway through spring ball, Browne was off on the far field while Wittek and Kessler were on the near field.

            Even when Browne was on the main field, there really weren’t enough reps to go around to tell who was better than the rest.

            Back to Kessler, I really hate his deep ball. There was a throw in the Stanford game where we could’ve really pulled away for good and it was a dead duck.

      • FightON

        Because UCLA plays Texas next year.

        Edit: Oops, didn’t see ProbU’s reply below.

        • ProbationU

          Love it when a Trojan has my back. Now…just wait for all the stupid, middle school comments on that line!

  • Ben Factor

    We all wish Max well. He needs to find the source of his inconsistent accuracy and correct that, learn to control the arc he uses on longer passes, and learn to resist the impulse to throw where his current accuracy will not carry him. If I were he, I would be asking who could help me most with those things, and transfer there. He’s NFL material if gets beyond that.

    The NFL doesn’t care about your alma mater all that much. It does care about your accuracy, whether you know what kind of pass is needed and can deliver it, and your judgment. It will hurt him not to get a lot of playing time, to demonstrate his improvement.

    Max, you’re getting your degree. Good! Now overcome those weaknesses, and become a pro QB!

  • Helen

    Max couldn’t get better media exposure than at Texas with their first new coach in decades. Of course he would need to take advantage of the spotlight and play well.