Xavier Grimble-Ed Orgeron Follow Up

If you read former USC tight end Xavier Grimble’s comments to Fox Sports yesterday, you saw a confirmation of the frustration some players felt when Ed Orgeron was bypassed for the head-coaching position.

But his comments also demonstrated the bitterness Orgeron felt toward USC over the situation, which was conveyed to the team during the emotional meeting they had with Orgeron the afternoon he left the campus.

This all just showed once again why Orgeron was never a serious contender to return to USC as defensive line coach under Steve Sarkisian.

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  • LamontRaymond

    “This all just showed once again…..” So you’re reporting – reporting – that if Coach O told the players that Haden never considered him for head coach, then, in fact, Haden never considered him for head coach? No scrutiny at all on that statement, Scottie? Perhaps an unreliable source on that “fact”? Let’s round out that coverage a bit, my friend.

  • Helen

    Wolfian logic strikes again!

    Just because Orgeron was disappointed he was not offered the head coaching position does not mean Haden never gave him consideration.

    Haden offered Orgeron the defensive line coach position so he was a serious contender – in fact, he was the only contender.

    Orgeron was the sentimental favorite but luckily Haden chose who he believed the best coach would be and not who everybody wanted the coach to be. And the last person we want selecting the next coach are the players (besides Scottie of course).

    • rusoviet


    • gotroy22

      No the point was that Ed Orgeron never considered returning as a mere DL coach under Sarkiffian. It didn’t matter what Haden wanted. Once he was passed over for head coach he was gone.

      • Helen

        And how’s that workin’ for Orgeron?

        • rusoviet

          Double amen!

  • rusoviet

    Helen has it right – Ed Orgeron did all of us a huge favor by the way he chose to react to: 1. not being offered the HC job and 2. his anger at Pat Haden being hurled at the players.

    Had Pat chosen Ed there would already be grave misgivings over that selection based on how he is unable to rein in his emotions.

    Then what? He would have been given minimum a three year deal possibly more but doubtful – half-way through next season and losses stacking up (Stanford, AZ St. and possibly UT) disappointment growing over the lack of a coherent game plan and recruits having no idea as to what their roles are aside from what they brought with them from their high school.

    Loved your passion Coach O but your departure was all on you – the one most miserable in early December was Mora.

    • pactenman

      You think there would have been more grave misgivings about O in the job than there are about Sark? O is the only USC coach to be replaced while doing well….. He was not a Tolner or a Hackett. You think 3 losses next season would look worse on O than they will on Sark?…not a chance, huge pressure on Sark to get wins. Don’t know if O could have gotten USC in a rose bowl…but Sark needs to do it within 3 years probably. Because there are huge misgivings about the Sark hire….and rightfully so.

      • SUCC de trop

        Right on the essential points. Excellent post.

        • TrojanFan3.0


          A dripping clam and out in left field, you’re a mess!

          • SUCC de trop

            Thank you for responding to a dripping clam. Never quit posting your splendid, concise arguments.

        • Jack B

          Very telling that UCLA cannot get to the Rose Bowl ever, yet Sark has to get there in two, something Mora didn’t come close to doing. You’re a classic little gutty Troll parasite, a person who would demand of others what you could never do yourself.

      • Cheap seats

        Do we land Town, Juju, or Jackson if Coach O stayed on?

        • rusoviet

          Sad to say but I’d guess not very likely

  • UCLA Dynasty

    “Two things disappointed Ed Ogreon was not named coach at SCCC.”

    “What is Randall Grumble and UCLA fans?”

  • tostevinUSC

    Over and done with. I miss Orgeron, but not enough to call in an investigation by Wolf. Ed lost the coin flip it’s that simple. Move along there’s nothing more to see here.

  • TrojanFan3.0

    Water under the bridge, move on! Get us some info on the upcoming spring practices

  • EncinitasBruin

    What makes Coach O such a wonderful assistant coach and recruiter also makes him less suited for a head coaching position–his raw passion. In a professional setting, you mostly just hurt yourself (and your career) when you emote in the wrong way at the wrong time to the wrong people (Ed to players). Sarkisian will turn the SC program around, and will do it in short order. His surprising effectiveness this recruiting season makes this UCLA fan wish Orgeron had kept his temper and somehow landed the SC HC position.

    • USC Domination

      Spot on, I always enjoy fair analysis from my fellow football fans.

    • Jethro G Sabbath

      Keep this up and rational conversation might start to gain some headway here.

    • rusoviet

      Very objective

    • Jack B

      You’re way too smart for the other parasitic little gutty Trolls who hang here every day. I commend you on your insight.

      • EncinitasBruin

        That’s appreciated–and sad, actually. Funny thing is, I was fortunate to graduate from an L.A. all-boys Catholic school with a 3.4 in ’81: at that time (before the AP phenomenon) that GPA guaranteed a California resident acceptance to UCLA. Remember the days when kids could get into UCLA and USC with a B+ average? Now? My niece got rejected from both schools with a 4.3 and 2300 on the SAT!

  • Marv Elapes

    I got nothing but love for Coach O, and how he turned a lousy season around. But He wasn’t the right guy for the job, plain and simple. It’s funny how it felt like the entire media was pushing for USC to give the job to Coach O, But now that he didn’t get it, I don’t see the media pumping him up to anyone else.

  • Jethro G Sabbath

    When coach O was starting that run I thought if he beat Stanford he had to be given serious consideration for the job and if he then beat UCLA he had earned the job.
    We all know what happened and the correct decision was made.
    There was probably nobody who could have done as good a job as he did in the interim but that doesn’t mean he would excel as a full timer.

  • Isaiahdolan

    Time heals all wounds.

  • Ted

    I think SC as big time program deserved better then Ed Orgeron or Sakisian. I think PH should have gotten a big time coach like Urben Meyer or even Jim Tressell. Someone that won a national title. CEO or Sarkisian are hire fit for middle of the road programs like Cal, Washington, ASU or U of A.

  • Cheap seats

    Something tells me that if Orgeron were the coach today, Wolf would be complaining we didn’t get someone like Mike Riley or Petersen.

  • agent13

    Wolf… Objective achieved… You’ve picking at an old scab… I believe that Coach O was the right choice for the present situation BUT the “Rhodes Scholar” with the giant brain thought different… Fine… Sark is the coach and I support SC period.

    BUT, Sark and by extension Haden better deliver on minimum 10 win seasons [the team did this 2 of the last 3 years] and carry on the swagger that returned this past season. After getting UW on the right path, Sark wasn’t able to get them over the hump the ;last 2 years – so I’m not sure what he is really capable of.

    If the team doesn’t meet last year’s totals, Haden should resign if he has any integrity. Given that he took 2 months of intensive research to come up with Sark, while, the majority of the other AD’s found a “comparable or in most cases superior” replacement in 1 or 2 weeks, somebody may be out of his element.

    • rusoviet

      Yeah you’re right – uhhh let’s see Mike Garrett didn’t consider PC it was Daryll Gross the assistant AD who convinced him to hire PC.

      Mik’es picks for mens basketball we’re ‘spot on’ almost as classy as firing Gillespie and hiring that dolt Chad Krueter

      You have no idea of the skill set Haden has brought to the school – Garrett was loathed by all that had to work with him or worse under him. Nikias was quoted as saying the first thing he was going to do after replacing Sample was to fire Garrett – done and done.

      • agent13

        It seems my first reply was censored. [I thought the Soviet empire collapsed… LOL] Here’s we go again [with many gems lost because of my poor memory].

        I could care less about Haden’s predecessors. I care about who is running the show now.
        Firstly, PH’s people management skills leave something to be desired. How can he support Kiffin 100% until he doesn’t. This logic escapes me. Based on Coach O’s reaction, the question begs – did he clearly state what it would take to win the HC job, if he didn’t – shame on him; if he did, then Coach O has no leg to stand on.
        Secondly, his job is to make the HC’s job easier. This could’ve been accomplished if he had a winning strategy in dealing with the NCAA over sanctions. Other ADs [see Ohio State, Miami, UNC, etc] seemed to have gotten slaps on the wrist compared to SCX. Yes he inherited the sanction but he could’ve taken the NCAA to court, it never hurts to buy time.

        Finally, USC is a brand name. Why does he keep on aspiring to be like ND?

        • Jack B

          Haden wanted to take on the NCAA big-time. Unfortunately, his wishes were not allowed to become policy. Fact. I can’t address his saying that ND was the only true brand in college football, or something to that effect. That was mind-boggling to me and I have no excuses for him in that regard. But I do know he was not allowed to take on the NCAA much more aggressively by people more powerful than himself at USC.

    • Helen

      Your coaching replacement scenarios aren’t really fair. Kiffin was fired mid-season and Haden waited until the season was over to name his replacement. The other AD’s you compare to USC’s case were looking for their replacements after the season ended. Haden respected the other programs during the season and didn’t allow the search to be a distraction to them.

    • Brad Hutchings

      Haden’s sarcastic comments about how he hopes Coach O will prove him wrong are what are going to seal Haden’s fate. The bar is high. If Sark wins fewer than 10 games in any of the next three years, Haden will be on the hot seat, Sark probably gets 5 years regardless, unless someone awesome wants and seeks out the job.

  • B.Miller

    Can we move forward now?