Keary Colbert Joins Lane Kiffin As Assistant At Alabama

Former USC wide receiver Keary Colbert, who was at Georgia State, will join Lane Kiffin at Alabama, probably as a gradudate assistant, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Colbert was a GA to Kiffin at USC. He wanted to be the wide receivers coach but Kiffin went elsewhere to fill that spot.

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  • wolfman, you KNOW i hate to step on your SWEEET SCOOOPS, but take a knee….I GOT THIS!!!

    TrOXan Fred Davis is BACK ON THE PIPE!!! and this time, it’s for GOOD!!

    “WashingtonRedskins and Southern Cal tight end Fred Davis was
    suspended indefinitely for violating the NFL’s substance abuse policy, a league representative said Wednesday. The suspension begins immediately.”

    another day, another crotch kick to Southern Cal’s “reputation”….if you can call it that!!


      The peace pipe?

    • Larry Harris

      Oh pseudo contrite one…Your post last Monday in the session with Scott got me all weepy-eyed.

      ***Scott, I want to apologize to you and all the Trojans on your blog. I’ve been a complete idiot and am truly sorry.***
      by Charlie Bucket

      We concur that you have been a complete idiot and are glad you are truly sorry, but how ’bout taking it down several notches more? Who knows? You might actually make a worthwhile contribution.
      All your Trojan buddies are pulling for you.

      BTW…To respond to an earlier request of yours…BRONY stands for BRuins are Obnoxious Narcissistic Yelpers.

      Snuffy S

      • Sorry to break it to you Snuffy, but that was a bucket imposter (and a pretty transparent one).

        I remain unrepentant. Nice try on the brony explanation by the way.

        Lastly, your reign as Top ‘Stache on the blog may be in jeopardy with the emergence of FTFO4life.

        • Larry Harris

          Imitation is the highest form of flattery. Actually, I did wonder why your avatar was not on display. I stand corrected. It saddens me though. I was all set to throw your (someone elses?) comment back at you ad infinitum. If that were to occur then ‘Vd es me ramera. Alas, I am relegated to biding my time.
          If you haven’t already noticed, my stache pales by comparison with that of Snuffy.

  • rusoviet

    Relevant? Yes! Amazingly Colbert chooses to re-join Kiffin w. Saban @ AL. GA St. joins the Sunbelt this Fall which will have 11 schools playing after hemorrhaging: FL Atl., FL Intl’., N. TX,..

    Sunbelt will have: ID, NM St., AR St., LA-Monroe, LA-Lafayette, So. AL, Troy St., GA So., GA St., Appalachian St. & TX St.

    Why the long discourse per the Sunbelt? ‘Because’ some believe the conference is ‘better’ than the new revised ‘Conference-USA’ which currently has 13 members but a year hence (2015) will have another NC-Charlotte.

    Colbert ‘may’ be of gain to AL. Best to him as well as Kiffin and smart move by Saban – now he has two ‘cut outs’ he can have his flunkies leak to the press are ex-USC.

    Funny that one never sees any ex-bel-airians moving up….