More NFL Draft Guru Mike Mayock On Marqise Lee

NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock said wide receiver Marqise Lee was one of the players he was most interested in seeing at the NFL combine. Mayock said the New York Jets, who need receivers, “can’t go wrong with Marqise Lee.”

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  • B.Miller

    WAIT FOR IT… NEXT WILL BE A POLL ON IT! Like the Adoree Jackson wearing No. 5

  • gotroy22

    Sanchez to Lee! Touchdown TroJets!

    • SUCC de trop

      Right, the second coming of Joe McKnight.

      • TrojanFan3.0

        Why are you full of so much hatred?

    • Jack B

      Wow. You can be proud of yourself for coming up with something for six year olds. Maybe you can catch some old Romper Room episodes and reaffirm your wellness.

    • Jack B

      Romper Room alert. Skirt Boy tried to make a funny.

      • gotroy22

        Poor Archie B is mad about being called out for his racism. Oh Archie!

        • Jack B

          You don’t have the power to make anyone mad. You’re a harmless see-through weakling and always have been, Skirt Boy. It’s like you’re my little puppy, following me around. Boo hoo. Sorry USC didn’t hire your favorite coach. You lose, again.

          • gotroy22

            That’s funny Archie B, you’ve had many meltdowns on this blog. You are a bigot and a disgrace to USC.

          • Jack B

            You wouldn’t know a bigot if he crawled up your skirt, punk. Poor Skirt Boy. Didn’t get the coach he wanted. Little sniveling weakling that you are – you think you could cause someone to have a meltdown? Try again creep. You are disgusting and only a crybaby pimple on this board. You’re my little puppy following me around. Now heel punk.

  • FightON

    Too bad there is no decent QB to throw to him.