Serra Full Of Division Prospects But . . .

I talked last week about Serra having at least 12 Division I players in its 2014-15 classes. When 247Sports published its list of top recruits for 2015, Serra defensive tackle Rasheem Green is No. 32 and Serra linebacker John Houston is No. 34. So how did Serra not win that Southern Section title again?

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  • Helen

    I guess the coaches need to develop and coach the players too.

    • TDOG

      Not according to Wolf-Garg! If you are SC, you can recruit, coach, and develop players simply with the colors and the logo – unless, of course, you are Lane Kiffin

  • LamontRaymond

    “Only teams win.” – John Papadakis…. Talent does not.

  • Republicanslackfacts

    My brother was on chaminade. They had a better scheme then Serra and Serra couldn’t adjust. Plus adoree couldn’t cover the taller wide receiver from
    Chaminade at all. Also they finally stopped kicking to adoree which stopped his crazy return abilities.

    • Arturo

      The 3 PIs decided the game. Adoree was playing on one leg btw.

      • Republicanslackfacts

        Wideout was hurt too. And to his point, that still leaves 11 d 1 guys.

        I believe 3
        Points still counts as a win in American football.

        Serra was out coached and I think Serra expected to win after they dominated chaminade first time. Motivation was key.

    • TrojanFan3.0

      There is more than one side to the story!

  • TrojanFamily

    Did Kiffin coach them?

    • steveg

      Not to anyones knowledge.

      • Helen

        Not according to Scottie’s “sources”?

        I wonder if Serra deflated the footballs to slow down Adoree?

  • steveg

    Serra didn’t win the game, so they didn’t win the title. REAL SIMPLE WOLFY.

  • ProbationU

    I think you Trojans are off your game. Nobody has blamed it on the fact that the Serra Head Coach is a Bruin.

    • Republicanslackfacts

      That’s because Trojans don’t really care that much about ucla. Winning is expected. We don’t really care what ucla clowns are doing. Where a win agains us makes ucla have an amazing season.

      • B.Miller

        “Republicanslackfacts ” – DOPE!

  • Chandler

    As the Serra alum I am, I will ask you to never mention my school again. You have negative written all over you and it shows in your articles. Now hush.

    • TDOG

      You ever seen the Smurfs? Gargamel will capture your soul

  • B.Miller

    Maybe Coaching was the issue Wolf.. Just because you have a team full of great players, doesn’t mean they necessarily play well together…
    See USC 2012.. Coaching is 75% of the game