Maybe USC Will Became New Home For Chivas USA

The MLS announced today it purchased Chivas USA and would sell it to a new owner. Part of the deal will include building a new stadium, changing the team’s name and remaining in Los Angeles.

USC’s previously discussed the idea of tearing down the Sports Arena and building a 22,000-seat soccer stadium. Now that it controls the Coliseum property, it can do whatever it wants. Does the university want to build a soccer stadium for an MLS team?

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  • TrojanFamily

    In reality they need to tear down the Sports Arena and build a parking structure. It would be a nice revenue stream and is desparately needed.

    • gotroy22

      You “desparately” need a dictionary.

  • rusoviet

    I’d like to see the university put in a multi-purpose stadium – for both soccer as well as baseball for the school’s teams – the band box they’re currently using and the limited seating cries for a new venue – if we build it we can ‘rent’ it out to other schools like ucla after the VA kicks them off the Sawtelle parcel.

    Make it dula purpose with an emphasis on soccer but a slight tweak towards baseball – bring baseball that much closer to where it once was 41st and Avalon.

    • Larry Harris

      One block off. The AAA Los Angeles Angels of the PCL played at 42nd and Avalon. No doubt the shift was due to that nasty quake in the valley.
      How often was Deadoux Field sold out…even in the good years? If the Gray Lady was good enough for the LA Aztecs and a few of the Mexican National teams, it should suffice for Chivas.
      I’m in lock step with ‘TrojanFamily’. If the SA is leveled, erect a parking structure in its place. Hate to see the old Sports Arena go the way of all flesh. It was run down, poorly maintained, and indeed in need of repair, but fantastic lines of sight for basketball. Far superior to the Forum, Pauley, or the worst of the bunch…Staples. Galen doesn’t count because it was built only to accomodate 5K or so less. the fact that at the Sports Arena, the hoity-toity turned up their noses at vino en la caja.

      • rusoviet

        “…shift in the valley…”? I remember the Baldwin Hill dam collapse. You ever had to exit a multi-story structure? I have – South Bronx right onto Jerome Avenue to get to the GW Bridge back to Jersey – you’re at the mercy of the slowest driver – just like the car-pool lane but even worse.

        I don’t think the Forum sight lines were that bad – I saw the last game the Lakers played there – getting eliminated by the Spurs in 1999 – the seats were so tight or was it I was getting fat? Probably the latter.

        • Larry Harris

          Sounds liike my son many moons ago after being stuffed into the back seat of my 911. “Dad, the seats are getting smaller”. Unfortunately he was serious. ..and they say mixups never occur at the hospital.

  • TDOG

    I’m thinking there’s a major QB dilemma, let’s take poll;

    Kessler or Brown or Grenew?

  • steveg

    Not a rock solid business proposition. Doubt the guys with the money would want to pony up for something that. Keep telling you Wolf, get a job in England, that would be a win/win for everyone.

  • Mike Van Raaphorst

    I’m surprised no one mentioned wolfie’s error.. Maybe USC will BECAME???

    • TrojanFamily

      It’s boring to point them out. He’s such an atrocious writer that it’s like picking on a child.

      • gotroy22

        It’s like pointing out your obscene posts Trojan Fan.

    • Gollum-Wolf

      Add it to the comedy of errors perpetrated by Smeagol on a routine basis…


      Now it’s Friday morning, and nobody even bothered to correct it.

  • TrojanConquest

    Well if this happens then SC should get a mens soccer team to play there.

  • JayJR

    USC tearing down the Sports Arena and replacing with a MLS stadium and team makes perfect sense. What a lot fail to realize is that USC has full financial responsibility for paying all of the bills to operate and maintain the Coliseum and Sports Arena. This is in addition to the $75 to $100 million in repairs and improvements to the Coliseum. These operating cost (electrical, water, gas, salaries of USC employees dedicated to these facilities, supplies, etc.) run around $6 to 10 million a year to USC. Soccer is huge in Southern California. In this part of LA a MLS team would sell out every game – with USC getting a good cut of the revenue (gate and parking) to help pay the Coliseum’s bills.