Sammy Watkins No. 1-Ranked WR For NFL Draft But Who Was Ranked Ahead Of Him In High School?


The NFL combine starts today and the mock drafts list Clemson wide receiver Sammy Watkins No. 1 at his position. But Watkins was the No. 3 receiver in the 2011 class by

Who was No. 1? USC wide receiver George Farmer.

USC’s Victor Blackwell was No. 18 and former tight end Junior Pomee was No. 23. No. 2 was Oklahoma’s Trey Metoyer.

If you wonder about Marqise Lee, he was the No. 3-ranked athlete because he could play offense or defense. But Lee was just four-star recruit while Farmer and Watkins were five stars.

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  • john wolcott

    I saw that Watkins kid a couple of times last year, and he looks like a man among boys. I don’t know how big he is but I would guess 6’3″ and 225, which seems to be the right size to bully defensive backs.

  • Arturo

    Wolf, having graduated from a prestigious college like SC, you should have done better than writing a half hearted, ill – witted, non- insider blog. Farmer has been oft- injured. What’s your excuse?

  • UCLA Dynasty

    What about Marquis Ambles?

    • Evil Robot

      Well, he reverted back to his first name, Markeith and graduated a year earlier than these guys. He was ranked as the #3 WR in the country and after turning down a scholarship to UCLA he flamed out at SC, largely because he was an idiot. As his Twitter feed is an emotional touch-stone for most of the Bfruin fans, I would think that you would have his bio down pat.

  • timtrojan

    Scotty’s mom had a real bad crack problem. Him and Bucket found each other in program for gender confused kids who have unhealthy attraction to soccer balls.

  • Cheap seats

    Speaking of Farmer, I saw that he didn’t participate in 7-on-7s a few weeks ago. Anyone know how his recovery is coming along?

    • gotroy22

      How about doing some of that reporting you are always clamoring for, Gary Klein?

      • Cheap seats

        I just stated that he wasn’t in winter workouts.

        That’s one more piece of info than you have provided, Scott.

      • Gollum-Wolf

        Did you forget to take your Metamucil Trojan Reach Around/marvgoux or are your knees more sore than usual?

  • Evil Robot

    If only those scouts would have known, like Wolf, that he would blow his ACL out in back to back seasons. I’m sure this is somehow Kiffin’s fault. I’ll go with too much stress on his knees from making hard cuts on bubble screens.

  • Fred Sampson

    I’m not sure I buy into the fact that injuries are the only reason George Farmer has not seen the light of day .

  • Ray Reyes

    What is the point of this article? To bash current USC players? Even my Canadian girlfriend spots a stinker. Geesh.

  • Ray Reyes

    I think gargamel is only keeping this blog up because of all the responses. And I think the “UCLA” folks are fake and created by either Scott or the Daily News to keep interest here.