Josh Rosen To Announce March 20

RosenSt. John Bosco QB Josh Rosen said today he would announce his college choice on March 20. It is almost funny to say but Rosen, who some consider the No. 1 QB in his class, seems to be low on local options.

Stanford doesn’t want him. USC already took Ricky Town, who many consider the top QB in 2015. And that leaves UCLA. I already mentioned last week that people at St. John Bosco I know believe it is a foregone conclusion he will be a Bruin.

28 thoughts on “Josh Rosen To Announce March 20

  1. Yes, makes perfect sense Wolfy – he will a bRuin because neither Stanford or SC wants him – maybe he should play for Cal instead? At least they have good academics

        • Yeah..this kid was short on offers. Rated as high or higher than Town. We will see down the road who’s better.

          • Bottom line is he will be a bRuin by default. Just like all of the bRuins over the last 3 years due to schollie restrictions at SC. I’m sure he grew up a Trojan fan. Deep down inside everyone wants to be a Trojan!!

          • You are simply wrong on your facts. He has been a strong Bruin lean for a very long time. I know facts can get in the way sometimes, but there are actually people that prefer UCLA over USC. It’s great that you love your school. No shame in that, but you may want to put aside the bias every now and then an familiarize yourself with facts.

          • Lets see a guy that hangs out on USC site is claiming everybody does not want to be a Trojan. Makes sense.

          • This site is crawling with Bruins and the other site you can’t even get anybody to even comment. So you do the math and tell me which University has the greater pull? Sad story but you guys worry/care more about what Trojans do than you own School.

          • Our site is run by a guy that posts something every one or two days that went to Cal. Didn’t used to be that way, but now it sucks. Has nothing to do with the school. Wolf generates interest and controversy. Wang generates silence…like the basketball posts here.

          • The Daily News has the same apathy as your Bruin faithful towards your school. Show me one Bruin site that has 20% of the traffic as any of the many USC sites? Nobody cares about UCLA. As for not hating the Trojans your screen name says it all. Typical Bruin hiding behind things hoping for Trojans to fail. Really a great value in life. Make sure to teach your kids your outstanding values.

          • LOL, This is the first post in comments section.
            “Apathy: I’m Not the Only One Who Doesn’t Care About Our Hoops Team”

            I rest my case.

          • Just not coach there that’s all, ha!!

            Del Rio
            Harbaugh… .

          • He’s short on offers because someone needs to sit him down and school him on how to talk to the media. He’s a good match for UCLA and I still like his tape better than Town so far. We’ll see how next season goes with a few o-linemen leaving and some new receivers for Rosen. I’m not sure what the situation for Town is, but I’m interested in the progress.

          • Short on offers was sarcasm. He has a ton, but he has been to UCLA many times to visit. I hope he is as good as advertised. All 5 stars are not created equal. Rivals and ESPN have him slightly ahead of Town and Scout slightly behind Town. Sounds pretty even to me.

          • Well, let’s put it this way, he’s short on offers to the school he really wants to go to which is Stanford. Maybe he has changed his mind since then for a new flavor of the month, but I know a few months ago he was upset that they had not offered. He sort of slighted Cal in a couple interviews to say he wanted Stanford.

      • Half of the kids on your roster are only there because USC couldnt take them with the sanctions..
        so you are welcome.. bRuins!

    • I thought SUCC put huge emphasis on championship players FDog. Ricky Towns has won what as a QB? What is Towns playoff record? Rosen was the 2013 CA State 5A Champions QB. While SJB was beating Concord D L S, Ricky Town was working nights at a local Wendy’s.

  2. Ugh! The Wolf Whammy. Nice reverse jinx Mr. Wolf, your red and yellow panties are showing.

  3. “people at St. John Bosco I know believe it is a foregone conclusion he will be a Bruin”
    You mean what you read up on twitter?

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