Shouldn’t The NCAA Respond?

Pete Carroll made sense with many of his comments last night about NCAA sanctions. Shouldn’t some of the members of the Committee on Infractions respond in some manner? The chairman, Paul Dee, is dead but there are plenty other of committee members, including Missy Conboy of Notre Dame.

Especially because the NCAA never came close since the USC sanctions to punish a school in a similar manner.

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  • UCLA Dynasty

    The NCAA claims not to read the contents section.

    • Jack B

      Pretty funny.

    • TrojanFamily


    • Cheap seats


  • Joseph B. Lowe

    Scott, for once, STFU.

  • JS

    nice you finally got around to this story.

  • FightON

    Isn’t the legal case still coming up? I’m sure their lawyers have told them to STFU. Plus, the whole Miami debacle has been a slap in the face to their credibility.

    • ThaiMex

      You sc guys are bringing up “CREDIBILITY”? As Chickie burger used to say….”We gotta get off the Air”!
      fit Un!

  • Helen

    No, the NCAA shouldn’t respond.

  • anno nimus

    I thought they responded by slapping usc with sanctions, are you calling for the death penalty?

  • Toejam For Life

    No other school has ever laughed at the NCAA and dragged their feet for 4-5 years like Sneaky Pete and Southern Cal did! Even during that time, guys like Joe McFumble, Dillon Baxter, and Marc Tyler were snubbing their noses at the rules and nothing ever came out of those!

  • Toejam For Life

    Here is the thing to do now. Take all this to court and get all the coaches and players under oath to tell the whole and complete truth of everything that went on! At the conclusion, Southern Cal will only be a water polo school!

  • Spond

    wouldn’t it be nice if posters slamming SC would announce the institution they support? Reason I ask is there are a lot of stones being cast, it would be nice to know which ones were lobbed by sinners.

    Just say’n

  • oh NCAA, UNSEAL the records!!! shut these trOXans up for once and for all…..i have already MEMORIZED your report dated June 10th, 2010. i want MORE dirt to sift through!!!!

    i want to see those McNair phone records! receipts for travel, cash, clothes and plane tickets! photos! car repair estimates! home lease agreements! etc etc etc!!!!

    oh NCAA, UNSEAL the records!! puh-LEEEEEEZE????

  • B.Miller

    THE NCAA is its own judge, jury and executioner.. They could care less, and dont need to respond.. They are a high price institution with WAY to much power..

  • Isaiahdolan

    Paul Dee, RIP. Perhaps Mr. Dee would have served Miami better as the A.D. if he had kept Nevin Shapiro away from the team – 12 who were suspended for taking Mr. Shapiro’s money. However, the NCAA went very easy on the team and for this Mr. Dee can be proud.