Win Forever!


One thing about this Win Forever philosophy delivered by Caesar: If it is so foolproof, why hasn’t Steve Sarkisian or Lane Kiffin simply followed it and won games?

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  • steveg


  • G Man

    Oy vey.

    • Larry Harris

      Most intellegent post of the day.

  • B.Miller

    It didn’t always work for Pete either.. Experience and hard work.. Both Sark and Kiff, are very young coaches… you forget that Kiffin did have a 10 win season, Shoot it didn’t always work for coach O and he managed a 10 win season..

    So please stop with all the sarcastic post.. Think before you write, and stop writing crap to try and get a rise out of people..


    The “Win Forever” philosophy cannot fail. It can only BE failed.

  • SaferInWestwood

    Scott “Wolfman” Leonard, all those synchronized crotch kicks have the rah-rahs yelling “No mas”… .

  • Sarknado

    And it obviously hasn’t worked for you either, Scott.

  • Larry Harris

    To paraphrase FDR, “Feb 27th, a date that will live in infamy.” So far, 6 topics. They begin with ‘USC Morning Buzz’ which elicits over 80 comments, having to do with the Cardinal /Gold and Wussie Powder Blue/Gold panties of the majority of posters getting into a wad…and goes downhill after that. These are grownup discussions? Todays topics currently culminate with asking why Sark and Kiff hadn’t followed PC’s book so they could have won games. Beyond inane!
    Guess if one is truly interested in meaningful dialogue re: local sports, you are forced to seek out WeRSC/Trojan football/ USC hoops or bz.
    Your only saving grace appears to be when you have one of your rare 2-hour

    • Toejam For Life

      Lame Kitten followed his book by paying recruits, deflating his balls, switching numbers and Sarkiffen followed his book with drug arrests and paying recruits for exam prep. At least Snoop Dogg didn’t get arrested during the Kitten / Sarkiffen regimes wearing a Matt Barkely or Maurice Lee jersey like he did during the Sneaky Pete era (he got arrested in a Dwayne Jarrett jersey)! Lack of Institutional Control On!

      • Larry Harris

        **deflating his balls**???
        Must have been quite painful!!

  • rusoviet

    B. Miller nailed it – Pc was a joke with the Jets and not much better with New England. He took stock of his misfires and remade himself with the sole college football power that was in such straits they considered who had declined and gave him a shot. He succeeded beyond his own dreams – ‘but’ B. Miller nailed it – it took a long time plus a lot of mistakes to create what he (PC) did at USC.

    Individuals become ‘acceptable’ motivators after they win.

    • Toejam For Life

      He only won for two years but the record books will never show it! After that it was losing to Oregon St repeatedly, losing to Stanford as a 46 point favorite at home, and of course 13-9, 13-9, 13-9!!

      • rusoviet

        Best Troy has had sinceMcKay – no one can take that away from Pete – as for ucla since Sanders – just Tommy Prothro – the rest either win and leave (Vermeil) or are completely forgettable.

  • Cheap seats

    Since Scott would rather report his tantrums than news, here’s the spring football schedule is as follows:

    March 11-13-15-25-27-29

    April 1-3-5-8-10-12-15-17-19

    USC Spring Game: April 19, 1 p.m., Coliseum

    Pro Day: March 12

    Practices on the weekdays will mostly be held at Howard Jones field which can be viewed from the Dedeaux platform. Access will likely be similar to last 2 seasons under Lane Kiffin: “invitation only” — which really means a few of the representatives from the ticketing/athletics staff will ask you to sign in and ask if you’re interested in becoming a member of the Trojan Athletic Fund.

    A few games (usually the weekend ones) will be held in the Coliseum.

    • Toejam For Life

      It looks like it is back to “Lunch with the agent’s runners” again, except there is no one worse wasting money on!

      • Cheap seats


  • gotroy22

    Look how it worked for Spaulding.

  • Toejam For Life

    Most coaches get fired rather then praised for having two good season (which were wiped out due to being a cheat) and four mediocre seasons!

    • Toejam For Life

      Sarkiffen just went to the four mediocre seasons!

  • RF Lee

    Its NOT foolproof, rather it is a philosophy that JUST WINS for PETE CARROLL (who is Caesar?) Sark has HIS philosophy that incorporates his beliefs.

    John Wooden had a great philosophy, SO why didn’t OTHER ucla bb coaches simply follow it and win games?

    SMH at you Wolfie :/

    • betomas

      Your post is Goofy : )

  • UCLA Dynasty

    Pete Carroll wrote Win Forever.

    Mr. Wolf writes Whine Forever.

    And that comes from a Bruin fan. Do some homework, Mr. Wolf.

  • Arturo

    A philosopher Wolf is not.