USC Morning Buzz: QB Max Wittek Scheduled To Visit Hawaii


USC quarterback Max Wittek is going to visit Hawaii tonight as he continues his tour of colleges to visit before he transfers. Two weeks ago Wittek visited Texas. Louisville and Texas Christian are also in the mix. And Virginia Tech’s also contacted him about making a visit.

Hawaii is a perfect destination for Wittek because he stand a better chance of playing than at Texas. His competition would be last year’s starter, Taylor Graham, and then Jeremy Higgins, Adonis Phillips and Ikaika Woolsey.

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  • Wayne Lusvardi

    Wittek has a rifle arm and may be the best bet to make the NFL of the entire stable of QB’s if he gets experience.

    USC will have to give Max Browne considerable playing time during the first two games. That is because if Kessler gets knocked out of the third game of the season against Stanford, USC will have no QB replacement with any experience.

    There is a possibility of Kessler and Browne splitting minutes as Sarkisian moves to a hurry up offense to keep the QB’s fresh. Kessler is an athlete so it might be interesting how he performs under a up tempo offense. Browne’s height, downfield vision, and ranginess could work out well for an up tempo offense.

    If Jalen Green is the third QB he will have to see considerable time during spring games.

    • Booyakasha

      Stanford is game 2.

    • TDOG

      Splitting minutes with the QB’s, a Denny’s dinner menu, a head coach refusing to relinquish play calling duties… Holy Carp, please say I am having a bad episode of deja-vu and it’s just a dream! No wait, Lane is in Tuscaloosa, and Sark is in charge (the one guy post Carroll that made me nervous when he got away, pulled UDub out of the depths of despair, and actually beat Pete Carroll) Everything is gonna be ok! Oh man, you scared the carp out of me

      • gotroy22

        Our field goal kicker gave that game to Sark….remember?

        • TDOG

          Oh my – I forgot he also wears a visor — I hate visors

  • Gollum-Wolf

    “Hawaii is a perfect destination for Wittek because he stand (sic) a better chance of playing than (sic) at Texas.”

    And Andy Enfield should be embarrassed, Smeagol-Wolf? No shame, no pride and no credibility – the three pillars of Gargamel’s “blogging”

    • gotroy22

      And the three pillars of Golly-Nerd’s performances in the best costume competition at Comic Con conventions.

      • ScottWolfSniffsHisOwnFarts

        Do you realize that your comment does not make any sense?

        • gotroy22

          Do you realize everyone knows you are Golly-Nerd’s sock puppet, Sniffer?

      • Gollum-Wolf

        The irony-I post in response to Gargamel’s incoherent sentence and his rah rah responds with a Wolfian sentence of his own. As for your Comic Con obsession, every time you post some riff on that you are only revealing your own ignorance. The next time you are looking down at Gargamel’s head maybe the dim bulb will go off in your head…

        • gotroy22

          The irony – Golly-Nerd thinks he is cool when he makes Smurfs references and obsesses about a writer for the Daily News. What a pathetic dork!

  • Cheap seats

    What does this have to do with Pete Carroll?



    • gotroy22

      What do you have to do with journalism, Gary Klein? You are a disgrace.

  • Fred Sampson

    They have average talent at Hawaii and Norm Chow is struggling to establish his system . So if Max Wittek wants to be part of that , then he has no intention on taking it to the next level . No offensive line =’s no production at the Quarterback position .

    • gotroy22

      It worked for ruin castoff P.J. Loseman at Tulane- get your 50 passes a game and impress the scouts with your arm strength and accuracy.

  • TDOG

    Come on out to HI Wittek, take a load off! You like spam masubi and Asian women? I am pretty sure Wolf-Garg would have none of either one!

  • Independent_George

    At least at Hawaii Wittek will take a good number of snaps under center.

    Not to mention that, well Hawaii, versus, um, Texas.

  • B.Miller

    Norm Chow is on the hot seat..
    Not sure this would be the best bet, but who wouldn’t want to go to school in Hawaii..
    Its Hawaii!

  • Rick

    Hawaii is perfect for Witteck, he will play better against the competition in the Mountain West Conference allowing him to gain some confidence !

    Reuniting with Norm Chow would be good for him also !

    Good fit for you Max and good luck…