Todd McNair Update

Here’s a good story by CBS Sports columnist Dennis Dodd updating the Todd McNair case.

“The NCAA argues in defense of an ongoing defamation suit that possible “factual errors, inadequate investigation and overt hostility” by the association should not help the case of former USC assistant coach Todd McNair,” Dodd writes.

Full story here

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Win Forever!


One thing about this Win Forever philosophy delivered by Caesar: If it is so foolproof, why hasn’t Steve Sarkisian or Lane Kiffin simply followed it and won games?

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Quick Thoughts On USC Basketball

When a player violates team rules like Byron Wesley or Pe’Shon Howard, instead of suspending them, shouldn’t the punishment for this team be the opposite during this forgettable season. In other words, for violating team rules, you must endure playing the entire game!

Here’s a chart courtesy of a reader comparing USC and Florida Gulf Coast:

USC 2012-13:  9-9 in Pac-12, 14-18 overall
USC 2013-14:  currently 1-13 in Pac-12, 10-17 overall

FGCU 2012-13:  13-5 in league, 24-10 overall pre-NCAA tourney (26-11 afterward)
FGCU 2013-14:  13-3 in league, 19-10 overall

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Former USC Coach Paul Hackett Gets A Mention From Ex USC Coach Pete Carroll

Pete Carroll said at last night’s USC event that when he took the job former coach Paul Hackett gave him a list of 20 reasons why USC couldn’t win. Now maybe Hackett was offering help by mentioning things like facilities. Or maybe it was a bitter list (his personality would suggest that).

But the modern-day philosopher overcame those obstacles of course. Who would guess Hackett would get a prominent mention and not Lane Kiffin?

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Pete Carroll . . . Modern Day Philosopher

Here is one of the “Win Forever” Carrollisms delivered Wednesday night at USC.

“You have the power. Nobody controls what’s going to happen to you. You have the power to control what you’re doing and where you’re going,” Carroll said.

I prefer this gem from an assistant coach who worked with Carroll for many years and felt Carroll’s upbringing influenced him.

“Money means nothing to him,” the coach said. “He’s always had it.”

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USC Morning Buzz: Pete Carroll Critical Of NCAA

Pete Carroll

Photo/Associated Press

Perhaps as much as reliving the glory days at USC, Pete Carroll also wanted to keep his reputation intact last night as he once again addressed NCAA sanctions

“I never felt it was dealt with properly,” Carroll said. “I thought it was dealt with poorly and very irrationally and done with way too much emotion instead of facts.”

Carroll said USC’s error was being unaware of everything going on outside the program.

““We just didn’t know what was going on,” he said. “Had we known I would like to think we would do the right thing and would have stopped everything and fixed it by doing what we should have done. But unfortunately, because we didn’t know, the university gets killed over the deal.”

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Pete Carroll On NCAA Sanctions

Former USC coach Pete Carroll spoke to the media after his public speaking engagement at Bovard Auditorium. Asked about NCAA sanctions, Carroll said, “They tried to make it out like it was something else. They made a terrible error.”

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Pete Carroll Speaks, Part II

Steve Sarkisian has joined Pete Carroll on stage at Bovard Auditorium.

“I tried to get the administration to guarantee (Sarkisian) would be the next coach if I was leaving,” Carroll said.

Not Lane Kiffin?

Carroll’s relationship with Mike Garrett was frayed at best by the time he left so it’s doubtful his recommendation carried any weight.

Will Ferrell just showed up. Now it’s officially jumped the shark. Or Sark.

UPDATED: Ferrell kicked a field goal into the crowd with Carroll holding. Those were the days . . .

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