USC Offers No. 1 Player In Nation

Defensive tackle Trenton Thompson of Albany, Ga., is ranked No. 1 by Considering USC defensive line coach Chris Wilson coached at Georgia last season, this is hardly shocking news. But if USC got him away from Georgia, Alabama and the rest of the SEC, it might be.

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  • john wolcott

    Huh. Scottie, do you give much thought to your posts, or are you simply obsessive about getting as much material on your blog as you can?

    Let’s break down your present masterpiece:
    This particular player is ranked No. 1.
    Because Coach Wilson coached at Georgia last year, this is hardly shocking news.


    Because Wilson coached at Georgia last year, it is hardly shocking that this kid is ranked No. 1. What does that mean, Scottie?

    Only the 2-Faced Ugly Bucket would claim Wolf brilliance with this latest gem

  • rusoviet

    Uhhh John Wolcott why do you mock?

    If Troy snares this player it truly is a cannon shot right across the bow of the entire FBS schools – all 128 of the others (I included UNC-Charlotte-they’ ‘in-bound’ 2015).

    ‘If’ Troy does get this player well, so much for the: SEC, Big 12 & Big 10….uhhh let’s just say the ‘ACC’ is where Notre Dame belongs…. five easy opponents and let’s spread the risk of the other six elsewhere and hope we defeat Troy each year right?

    This will truly be a shock wave as it will make all notice what PC was able to do on his stint has now been replicated by a ‘HC’ that has yet to coach a game for Troy and more telling sports fans…this confirms what the NFL ‘knows’ – the best want to play for USC!

  • B.Miller

    First your post doesn’t make sense.. did you forget a few words in there?

    BUT.. this would be a HUGE GET for Wilson, but I admire him just going after him..
    go hard or Go Home.. FIGHT ON!