USC-Oregon Dunk Of The Day

Naturally from an Oregon player, forward Richard Amardi.

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  • Joseph B. Lowe

    At first I thought Kevin O’Neil was at Galen….Thought your post headline was
    “USC-Oregon DRUNK of the Day.”

    • Larry Harris

      I saw your post about an hour ago…and still haven’t stopped laughing.

  • Good Golly Miss Molly!!

    the Sheik shouldda bought a ticket if he’s just gonna stand around and WATCH!!

    thanks for the GUMBALL, wolfman!!

  • ThaiMex

    Happy to see the huge turnout (3,743 of the TorganFamily) tonite to honor the “Wait Till Next Year” Seniors at the last home game of the season. You guys sure know how to put on a show… favorite part was the clever way you had all those fans dressed up as Empty Seats….they looked like the real thing!

    Next season is gonna be different, provided Phaden can get you knuckleheads in to the Big West conference. The Shoe actually fits. You fools play Hawaii every year in football, so why not give them a chance for payback in Basketball? On second thought….if you knuckleheads make the move and lose to Cal (Poly), you’d still have to come away with a SPLIT against U.C. Riverside in order to match this seasons in conference record! That might be a lot to ask in Seinfelds second year.
    fit Un!

    • Larry Harris

      Point of clarification. We were honoring the “Get the fug outta’ here” Seniors. Actually it was quite sad…as we won’t see any of them again…much less in the NBA.

      • marvgoux1

        We will be seeing Omar Oraby as the next president of Egypt.

        • Gollum-Wolf

          And you will be the next president of GLAAD, Trojan Reach Around/godouche22/Guest

  • B.Miller

    That was it? I was expecting something exciting.. Wolf you’re a LAME!