USC 16, No. 13 Cal Poly SLO 0

The Trojans (8-2) win the nightcap as pitcher Bobby Wheatley struck out 10 and allowed only two hits in seven innings.

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  • TrojanFan3.0

    Hurry wolf, log in under bucket or thaimex and give us another lame as$ comment!

    PS….what does “fit Un” mean?

  • SUCC de trop

    Wow, SUCC slaughters Cal Poly SLO – BFD. In other sports rah-rah news, SUCC’s Basketball team is 1 – 15 in big league Pac 12 competition.

    • Republicanslackfacts

      what a terrible attempt to troll. lol

    • timtrojan

      Guys like this spend there whole life trying to knock other people down. Really something to strive for i’m sure your kids will be proud of you. Keep up the good work.

      • ScottWolfSniffsHisOwnFarts

        Kids? Do you think a female would come within 30 feet of this guy? Gargamel has a greater chance of reproduction than this dork.

    • TrojanFamily

      Cal Poly was #13 in the nation and took the weekend series at UCLA last weekend. It is a likely tournament team and a very good program (having previously beaten Kansas State).

      But since you’ve got nothing on baseball, you shift your post to basketball. Way to go. Get back to more familiar territory.

      • Mike 70

        wow – does succ look like an idiot. Slo #13 and beat the little brubabes. What to expect from IE, dual wide, Jc education, hamburger slinger. Succ please stay around, what entertainment!!

        • SUCC de trop

          Senility marches on.

        • FightON

          He has to deflect when UCLA was 1-2 again Poly. The others have to complain that USC scored too much. Yawn. It’s boring here when football isn’t in season.

      • SUCC de trop

        Proving what? CP was # 13 in div II or III competition?

    • Mike 70

      What does it feel like to be so stupid? Are you able to cook your own meals? Can you go to the bathroom by yourself? How do you make ends meet when the unemployment ran out?

      • SUCC de trop

        Yawn. Senility marches on.

  • UCLA Dynasty

    Going for the 2 pt. conversion while shutting a team out? No class.

    • TrojanFamily

      What’s your deal?


      COuld have been a safety though.

  • Joseph B. Lowe

    4 of SLO’s players, from PORTLAND, had to catch an early flight.

    • SUCC de trop

      SUCC BB 1 – 15 * 10 – 19 overall. Sweet. SUCC recruits itself. Joey K, who has Andy signed for 2015?

  • B.Miller

    NO Comments from Charlie Bucket, I see.. Still trying to remove that foot from his mouth.. you bRUIN CLOWNS! ╭∩╮(︶︿︶)╭∩╮