USC Morning Buzz: More On Max Wittek

Dave Reardon, a columnist for the Hawaii Star Advertiser, said his brother ran into Max Wittek at a restaurant with some Hawaii players and an assistant coach. What did his brother say? “You better not just be here for a free vacation.”

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  • FightON

    Sounds like something you would say, Scotty.

    • Cheap seats

      Actually, if Scott ran into ANY player, he wouldn’t say anything and just stalk him from distance as usual.

  • tostevinUSC

    I read an article posted on the NBC sports page and mentioned this blog. The author actually said “I know, hold your comments.”

    • Cheap seats

      Link or article name?

      • tostevinUSC

        I’m sorry links do not work but the article name on NBC Sports is

        Reports: Hawaii playing host to ex-USC QB Max Wittek

        “Friday, the Honolulu Star-Advertiser reported that the former USC quarterback had finalized his travel arrangements and would be visiting the Rainbow Warriors this weekend. The Los Angeles Daily News‘ Scott Wolf (yes, I know; save your comments) followed that up by reporting Saturday that Wittek took in a Rainbow Warriors volleyball game as part of his trip.”

        • Cheap seats

          Thanks. The radio shows have similar smart remarks. The Daily News is regarded as lowly as TMZ — except TMZ actually breaks stories.

  • bazinga

    You better not, or else what? Take the trip and tell ’em to pound sand if that’s what you want, Max.

  • B.Miller

    Why not.. ITS HAWAII and your coach wont be there long!