Andy Enfield Odds

This morning the gambling website,, posted odds on different college basketball questions. Here’s one:

Which NCAA coach will get fired first? Andy Enfield (USC) 10/11 Mike Brey (Notre Dame) +110, Tom Crean (Indiana) 8/1

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  • TrojanFan3.0


  • rusoviet

    Any odds on Weis keeping his job @ KS?

  • B.Miller

    I sense a classic Scott Wolf Poll coming up soon! So excited!

  • TrojanFamily

    If USC fires Enfield after one season, without his own recruiting class, after O’Neill so destroyed the program, then Haden deserves to be fired himself. Let the man get what he needs to succeed before you make a judgment on him.

    • rusoviet

      Enfield’s not going to get fired – Haden isn’t that reactive – if he were to get fired they couldn’t hire anyone worth a darn

    • Nile Kinnick

      Why can’t he make players he has now better? Current USC players can all dunk (most of them anyway). This excuse is cheap and tired. Floyd didn’t need “his guys” to turn things around his first year. Alford is doing pretty well without any of “his recruits” over in Westwood. Man, this must mean Alford will go undefeated with “his recruits” next year or two.

      • ProbationU

        Alford inherited a lot more talent the Enfield. UCLA has 4 McDonald’s All-Americans on its roster and SC has 4 guys that will end up working at McDonald’s.

        The SC point guard is a guy that cannot shoot the basketball and makes poor decisions, which is not a good combo

        Now, I do think that Haden hired the “flavor of the month” and nobody really knows if the guy can coach a lick. He also inherited a horrible bunch of players. Should they only have 1 league win? You would think they could do better, but he certainly does not have the personnel to run the system that he wants to run.

  • sureshot32

    I still think the Enfield hire will prove to be a good one. They looked decent enough in non-conference. They’ve looked pretty dreadful since. But he really doesn’t have any of his own recruits, so I’d wait at least two more years before rendering judgement on Enfield or Haden.

    Speaking of LA coaches, has anyone seen the 30 for 30 special on Reggie Miller? When Indiana picked him over Steve Alford, I thought Alford was going to cry. It was hilarious. There was also a lot of good stuff on Reggie’s big sister, USC’s own Cheryl Miller, whooping his tail – and dropping 105 points in one game. 105 points? Whoa!

    • SUCC de trop

      And yet UCLA swept the two BB games with SUCC’s chump BB Team by an average of 22.5 points. There’s a new Rap Tune about SUCC BB. It’s titled “More bricks and turnovers than points.”

      • sureshot32

        As well they should. The bruins basketball team is much better than the Trojans right now. If I was a bruin, I’d be embarrassed that USC has beaten ucla as many times as they have. I know that losing a whopping 3 times in a 15 year span (in football) doesn’t sit well with me.

        In fact, the USC football team has an all-time winning percentage of 60% vs the bruins, while the bruins’ men’s basketball winning percentage is only 56% against the Trojans. You’d think “the best program in basketball history” would have a better winning percentage against their football-playing big brothers.

        • Hogsman

          You’d think that Southern Cal’s winning percentage vs. UCLA would be higher since their football and basketball programs have been in existence 31 and 14 years longer than UCLA’s (a head start in football equal to practically an entire generation’s time), plus they haven’t been hamstrung by public university funding constraints. Embarrassing indeed.

          • sureshot32

            Haven’t been hamstrung by public funding constraints? You mean haven’t been handed loads of free taxpayer cash. USC relies on donors. ucla relies on donors and free tax money. It seems like the school with true constraints is the one that’s not suckling on the taxpayer’s teet.

          • Hogsman

            USC is a private university that isn’t held accountable to taxpayers, so it has more leeway to spend its budget on football than any UC school does.

    • Nile Kinnick

      No new hire has his “own recruits” ~ because they are the new guy! Oneil? No. Floyd? No (he did get OJ though). Steve Alford across town? No. So this a weak excuse/justification. I remember Pete Caroll coming in without any of “his guys” and turning things around fairly quickly…including a win over UCLA?

      • sureshot32

        No, you’re right. Every new coach is coaching his predecessor’s players. And of course, that means all newcomers are playing with a level playing field right? The ucla program under Howland was exactly the same as the USC program under O’neil. The teams were virtually indistinguishable from each other. That Alford could get so much more out of essentially the same group that Enfield was coaching just proves how much better he is at coaching.
        And Pete Carroll was the same, I guess. I’m sure inheriting a team that was ranked as high as #8 in the nation the year before and returned a QB who would eventually win the Heisman Trophy and another guy named Troy Polumalu at safety had nothing to do with CPC wowing the nation with his 7-6 record that first year.

        I don’t know if Enfield is a great coach or not. All I know, is that he’s been successful everywhere he’s gone and his brand of basketball is exciting to watch (once he gets better players – after all, he had a 8-10 Atlantic Sun Conference record his first year there). Give him three years. If the basketball team is still garbage, let him be on his way and get somebody who will do better.

        • Nile Kinnick

          USC has definitely regressed. I am just concerned about the lack of improvement – even with inferior talent – at a minimum, the players should get better and the team overall should get a little better. For USC? They went from a 2.0 GPA to a 1.0; no improvement, no identity. Nobody expected Andy to compete for a Pac-12 title, but they did expect some improvement, even with cheap talent. Forget about 4-5 star recruits or who has better talent – the question is: are they getting better or worse?

          • sureshot32

            Agreed. They’ve been a decided disappointment since conference play started. I expected them to shoot better since that’s Enfield’s forte.

  • Nile Kinnick

    Haden’s 2nd big mistake….hiring Andy after two wins in the NCAA tourney. Often times, its just luck to win a few games in the Tourney…especially if your opponent expects less of you if you are a team like … Florida Gulf Coast – who??

  • Isaiahdolan

    Enfield deserves more time…