The Top 25

Here is my ballot for this week’s Associated Press college basketball Top 25 poll:

1. Wichita State
2. Florida
3. Arizona
4. Villanova
5 Syracuse
6. Virginia
7. Kansas
8. Wisconsin
9. Duke
10. Iowa State
11. Creighton
12. Louisville
13. Michigan
14. Cincinnati
15. San Diego State
16. Saint Louis
17. Michigan State
18. Connecticut
19. North Carolina
20. Memphis
21. SMU
22. Iowa
23. New Mexico
24. Texas
25. Oklahoma

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  • carter

    Love the Pac-12 representation.
    UofA @ #3, otherwise, nada, zilch, zip – as it should be.
    No team reaches the Sweet 16.

    • Larry Harris

      Do you think that Zona, after walking through the play in, would not be odds on to take the #8/9? Granted the Wildcats are a tad mercurial, but you are really going against Vegas on this one. As far as the other P-12 teams not making the S-16, probably right, however the Bruins might be in position to do it. So much hinges on the bracketing. Alford does not impress me but he has many very talented players who can be deadly in spurts.

  • ThaiMex

    Kentucky…..just like SUC…..#1 to Un!…… both with great big dummy’s as Head Coach.
    fit Un!

    • so TRUE, THAI!!!! two of the most crushing modern day COLLAPSES!!!

      although i have to give the edge to the trXOans!!

      recall, they had the HEISMAN lock, the Pious Passer, not to mention Marquise Lee and a team FULL of vereran players!!!

      Kentucky has a bunch of diaper dandies!!!! at least they HAVE an excuse!!

      NO OTHER SCHOOL can even COME CLOSE to the trOXans recent HISTORY or HUGE CHOKES, whether it be FROM 1 to UN, 13-9, 4th & 2, the Trees 40 pts dog upset, the Beavers….

      the LIST goes ON and ON and ON!!!!!!!

      must really BLOW to be a trOXan!!!!