USC Morning Buzz: Sunshine State Remains Important To Recruiting

Last week USC assistant coach/recruiting coordinator Peter Sirmon spoke to boosters and mentioned the importance of Southern California and the West Coast for recruiting. But as of last night, USC’s offered scholarships at least 15 recruits from Florida for the Class of 2015.

USC’s offered scholarships to 65 players overall, so Florida accounts for 23 percent of the offers. California might be the key and the bedrock of the program’s recruiting. But Florida remains a big target under Steve Sarkisian, even if USC eventually lands only one or two players.

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  • Booyakasha

    Florida’s been good to USC.

    • Ben Factor

      And Williams and Agholor are getting acclaim and press, which helps going forward.

      • Booyakasha

        Hope Buck Allen is in the conversation by the end of the year.

  • NOBSisdaMAN


    • it’s a shame your ID and all your posts were deleted…..i noticed me, Thai and SUCCS’ comments all remained INTACT!!

      and to make it funnier, you got banned trying (unsuccesfully) to defend Helen!! what a romantic fuzzy bear!!!


      you behave now, little guy!

      • NOBSisdaMAN

        The explanation is SIMPLE: YOU ARE SCOTT!

        • very funny, wolfman….

          see??? the wolfman deleted MY comment!!

          NO ONE messes with the wolfman, not even the CADRE!!

          POINT TAKEN, wolfman!!!

          • NOBSisdaMAN

            Tisk Tisk

    • Larry Harris

      Be still my heart!
      Guess you can’t be all bad if you:
      1) Live in Manhattan Beach
      2) shake Mr. Bucket’s cage to the extent that it results in having his retort

  • timtrojan

    Sark is already been declared Governor of California and now he’s going for dominance in Florida.

    • Larry Harris

      **…already been declared Governor of California**

      …and that is a good thing?
      When I was a little nipper I was taught that, “If it is BROWN, flush it!

      • timtrojan

        Sark proved he can lock down California hence the Gov. Mora is still licking his wounds from his Feb 5th disaster.


    The Wolman is the sunshine in the Cadre’s life! That’s why the Cadre will always be around this blog!

  • Golden Trojan

    Getting some talent out of Texas should be in the plan as well!

  • Fred Sampson

    Pete Carroll dipped into the state of Florida and found success , so why can’t Steve Sarkisian ? Most University’s can’t recruit nationally but USC is one of the exceptions , because a good coach must exhaust all of their resources . As prominent a program as the University of Washington is , I don’t think Sarkisian had free reign to players in places like Florida or Pennsylvania , New Jersey etc etc when he was there . Only Schools that are rich in tradition can pull recruiting coups off like that .

    • jimmd

      Tradition, but also I think most kids would find the weather and image of So Cal more appealing than Seattle, Penn, NJ, etc.

      Florida is just dripping with talent, as opposed to the thinly spread California talent, so makes sense to be there. Utah pulled in a few under-the-radar recruits this year using Dennis Erickson’s connections.

      • Troy Rod

        Thinly spread California talent ha. Give me a break guy. Florida tries to pick off CA kids as much as CA schools try and get Florida kids.

      • rusoviet

        Sounds like a bel-air tech fan i.e. can’t keep in-state talent and has no success pulling such from out of state.

    • B.Miller

      Wolf is just looking to start stuff.. Don’t pay this fool any mind..

    • Ben Factor

      Without the W’s and coaching stability, it won’t happen. With the W’s and stability, there are tradition, weather, image, academic rank, and all kinds of selling points.

    • Ben Factor

      Hey, gang, let’s ask Scott for another chat session. That’s his best
      media venue, and I really think he’s struggling with the blog before Spring practice.

      Consider today:

      There’s actually a photo of a fallen tile–but nobody got hurt. Dog bites man!

      Then Scott made two Florida entries, with implied criticism of recruiting strategy, even though we all know that Florida produces a disproportionately large share of D1 players for its population. Plus, right now, USC has an All-America DL and #1 WR/returner from there, not to mention a very talented safety and very talented LB. Apologies if I’ve forgotten anybody.

      Finally, he reversed his provocative remarks about Cody Kessler, to stir things up some more. Just yesterday, Scott implied that the “open competition” is a sham, and today he asserts that maybe Kessler isn’t good enough to win big games. Thus, it’s evident that Sark and Helton will find themselves in a hopeless bind, forced to make a lose-lose decision. Darn, there’s just no point in recruiting at all. You can’t come out ahead, whether it’s the Under-Armour MVP from 2011 (it was one of those all-star games) or the #1 QB recruit from 2013. Which brings us back to why there are way too many 2014 offers in Florida…and in California, too. Total waste of coaching time. These coaches should be auditing classes in the Business School, so they could learn to use their time better. I’m blaming Haden–some Rhodes Scholar businessman he turned out to be!

      Come on, Scott. Enough with these blog doldrums. Cheer up. We want more chat, where we can get your best material, and see your wit and humor. Or, you could do a video interview, in which a hot coed asks you questions. I’ll bet you’d have fun.

      How ’bout it, Scott? Something, anything…

  • Linda

    You guys do know that Leonard Williams was born in Bakersfield, his mama in Hollywood, and only lived in Florida a few years? He has family in L.A., Trojans and Bruins? Don’t think he counts as a Florida boy.